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                      Gothic Crown of 1847

John Bradley
                    ten shilling note of George V

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Welcome to our web site, which contains details of many items from our latest coin, medal, and token lists.

The latest update contains details of our Ancients and Antiquities List 19.

Life has slowly been getting better since the dark days of the Covid pandemic and lock-downs nationwide.  We managed to put together a number of our printed lists during that period, both coins, medals and tokens, the contents of which also appeared on the website.

This is our latest list of Roman and Greek coins and antiquities that we have acquired over the past few months.  Fairs have begun again, and we have exhibited at Coinex, York, London Bloomsbury and the monthly Motorcycle Museum Birmingham since regulations were relaxed.  It is good to meet up again with collectors and fellow dealers in person.

Many  coins and antiquities  in this list are illustrated, and will appear in colour too on the website,  but we can also email (with an attachment) a close-up of any item, that you are keen to purchase and would like to see in more detail.   We have left out the books section this time, but still maintain a large inventory of titles for sale.  Many of the books listed last time we have multiples of, so please ask.


Orders over £100 will be posted out via insured Registered post at no further cost to you; under that  amount we will add either £3 for Recorded delivery (insured only up to £30)  or £7, which covers loss up to £500.

Happy Christmas, keep safe and Carry on Collecting !

We still have an exclusive book available, The Chinese Labour Corps by Gregory James

We are very careful to keep all our records confidential; no-one else has access to our name and address database, and we hope this way to send the correct list(s) to the right collector; it is a waste of resources to send you the wrong list, if you do not collect what’s listed in it.

We are, as always, happy to receive your wants lists , and we may well have just what you’re after. As there is usually only one item per description, it would help if you could state any alternatives that would be acceptable, if your first choice has gone; otherwise, please telephone me with details of those items you wish to order - they will be reserved for you for three days, to allow your payment to arrive.

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