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Miscellaneous British Tokens

No. Date
Metal Diameter Condition Price

M.1 1837-1897 Victoria Diamond Jubilee medal, official RM issue, BHM 3506, cased. AE 55mm GEF £60
M.2 1897-1837 Victoria Diamond Jubilee medal, official RM issue, BHM 3506 AR 26mm AEF £15
M.3 1902 Edward VII Coronation medal, offical RM issue. BHM 3737, cased. AR 55mm AEF £90
M.4 1902 Edward VII Coronation medal, offical RM issue. BHM 3737 AR 31mm GEF £15
M.5 1902 Edward VII Coronation medal, official RM issue. BHM 3737 AE 55mm AEF £35
M.6 1911 George V and Queen Mary, Coronation. BHM 4035 AR 50mm GVF+ £75
M.7 1935 Silver Jubilee medal for George & Mary. BHM 4249 AR 32mm EF £15
M.7a 1935 Another, in its red card case of issue AR 32mm EF £20
M.8 1937 George VI Coronation medal, official RM issue, BHM 4314 Bronze 32mm EF £6
M.9 1937 George VI Coronation medal, official RM issue, BHM 4314 AR 32mm GEF £20
M.10 1977 Queen Elizabeth II, silver jubilee 1952-77. Westminster Abbey Trust. AR 45mm GEF £30
M.11 1977 Queen Elizabeth II, silver jubilee, Rev. The Queen's Silver Jubilee Trust. AR 45mm GEF £25

M.12 ND Salisbury Cathedral, splendid view with trees / the Choir. By Bennett

BHM 1469. Nicely toned and attractive. WM 50mm EF £35
M.14 1867 Christ's Hospital School, instituted, 1552, Bust of Edward VI / open book

HEAR.READ.MARK.LEARN written around edge, Wm HG Morris. AR 34mm AEF £40
M.15 .(1864) ND Tercentenary of the birth of William Shakespeare ; his bust and date

of death (23.4.1616) / coat of arms and birth date. Cu 45mm GVF+ £40
M.28 1996 Unofficial 25 Euro Lord Nelson - HMS Victory. Britanniarum Dei Gratia

Helmeted bust r. / Ship with Nelson's bust in cameo. Piedfort issue. Silvered 36mm BU £10
M.29 ND The Official Disc of the Shove Ha'penny Control Association. Uniface. Silvered 25mm VF £5.00
M.39 1875 Samuel Plimsoll laudatory medallet BHM 3015 with top loop ; his bust

left; / ship sinking - 'coffin ship'. AE 25mm GVF £20
M.41 1897 Earl's Court - Gigantic Wheel. (the first London Eye !). View of wheel /

dimensions and statistics in 12 lines. AE 30mm GVF £5
M.42 1904 Earl's Court. Gigantic Wheel. An early London Eye / Dimensions. AE 30mm GVF £5
M.46 1837 To Hanover - so-called Cumberland Jack. Victoria's bust l. / G & Dragon Gilt 20mm VF+ £4
M.47 1837 Another, as above, but this one on smaller flan. Gilt 16mm GVF+ £3
M.54 1863 Marriage of the Prince of Wales to Princess Alexandra 10.3.1863 Holed Brass 22mm GVF £4
M.55 ND The state of Exit - this repeated 3 times around edge, circle in centre Gilt 18mm EF £3
M.66 ND St. George - Equitum Patronus / In Tempestate Securitas. Top loop AE 22mm GVF £4
M.68 1951 John Bull tyres - St Christopher safe travel. England to Lapland & back Alu. 32mm VF+ £5
M.69 1984 International Health Exhibition. 1884-1984 London-Brighton. Helfex '84 Silvered 37mm EF £8
M.120 1924 British Empire Exhibition medal, "Struck at the B.E. Exh" Seated Art Deco

figure with long mallet. (By Nobel Industries Ltd). AE 36mm GVF+ £9
M.200 1850s Whist Playing counter - Obv - Victoria YH / 3 cards intertwined. Gilt 21mm EF £5
M.201 1850s Whist Playing counter - 3 cards (all diamonds) intertwined; same obv/rev AE 21mm VF £4
M.252 1896 Victoria, 60th year of Her Majesty's Reign, "Four generations of the

British Royal Family" Four busts conj. L / Remington Typewriter AE 32mm GVF £5
M.271 1969 Investiture of Pr. of Wales, Caernarvon Castle, Bare hd. of Prince r./

Welsh dragon, legends in Welsh by RM Gilt AE 32mm EF £8
M306 1830 Death of George IV, bare head left / two figures weeping at tomb. Kettle Brass 25mm GVF £7
M308 1844 Opening of the New Royal Exchange by Prince Albert - Bust of Victoria YH /

View of the Royal Exchange "The first stone laid, etc. " (Holed) WM 23mm EF £7.50
M309 1924 British Empire Exhibition, Wembley - souvenir of visit. Lion /

Nelson's column. Top loop. Gilt Au on AE 25mm A.Unc £7
M314 1893 Marriage of Duke of York & Princess Victoria May; facing portraits in oval

frames, plumes above / Inscription. By J Carter. BHM 3441. Holed WM 39mm EF £12
M325 ND HMS Calliope, British Seamanship and Captain H.C. Kane, from an admirer;

The Marquis de Leuville / Arms 7 supporters, no legend. Holed Pewter 30mm GVF £14
M326 ND (1844) Victoria, Model Penny, by Joseph Moore - white metal centre (Rogers 203) AE 22mm GVF £6
M343 1999-1911 Death of Arnold Machin, sculptor; 3/4 facing bust of him / Machin stamp

effigy, 1967, celebrating 40 years. (He designed UK coinage 1968-84) CuNi 38mm Proof £10
M350 1838 Victoria Coronation, YH l. / Britannia crowning Queen on horseback Brass 29mm VF £10
M351 1822 George IV visit to Scotland. Rev - two thistles. Brass 25mm GVF £10
M352 1847 Jenny Lind, Swedish soprano - 1st appearance in London. / Swan Brass 19mm GF £15
M353 1897 Victoria Diamond Jubilee - Four generations of Royal Family / conjoined AE 32mm VF £5
M354 1862 Victoria International Exhibition / view of building with statistics. Brass 22mm VF £5
M355 1928/1828 Stoke & Melford Union Association / Busts of George IV & V. BHM 4223 AE 32mm GVF £25
M356 1854 Napoleon III and Victoria - his visit to England. Brass 20mm VF £5
M357 ND Prof. Andres Alpine Choir. Matrimonial society. "No tippler need apply" Brass 25mm VF £8
M358 1914 George V Royal Visit to Shrewsbury. / Royal Agricultural Soc'y in wreath

BHM 4105. Scarce and attractive. WM 39mm EF £30
M359 1935 George V silver jubilee - "Daily Mail" - Teddy Tail league. (top loop) AR 32mm VF £12
M360 1937 George VI coronation medal / Britannia & wreath and Wetsminster Abbey

by Turner & Simpson Ltd. BHM 4350 AR 29mm GVF £15
M361 1924 British Empire Exhibition. Vulcan std. Nobel Industries. Struck at the Exh. AE 36mm GVF £8
M362 ND Portsmouth Navy week. Bust of Nelson / HMS Victory. Holed WM 32mm GEF £18
M363 1901 Naval & Military Exhibition Crystal Palace Jubilee of the Great Exhibition.

Hyde Park. 1851 Sydenham 1901 View of Palace. WM 39mm VF £8
M364 1924 HRH Prince of Wales President of the British Empire Exhibiton. His bust l.

Rev. Three feathers. Ich Dien Gilt WM 28mm NEF £12
M365 1888/1588 Great Drury Lane Drama. The Armada 1588. Augustus Harris Coy, holed Brass 25mm GVF £8
M366 1831 William IV & Adelaide, Coronation. Pair at table "People's love guarded

by a nation's loyalty, etc. (Stained). Brass 28mm GF £6
M367 1990 Royal Automobile Club Veteran Car Run. Chariot. "For punctual arrival..." Gilt WM 39mm GVF £10
M368 1922 London Water Polo League Junior Championship. "Won by A.G. Frost" AR 32mm EF £7
M369 1880 Robert Raikes Sunday School Centenary celebration. Holed WM 34mm EF £5
M370 1858 Marriage of the Princess Royal and Prince of Prussia, by Hinks.

Conjoined busts / shields of England & Prussia. Rare. WM 39mm EF £30
M371 1858 Another, as above. Scratched WM 39mm VF £15
M372 1852 Death of Duke of Wellington, by Allen & Moore Birm. His bust left /

Britannia & angel weping at tomb. WM 50mm GVF £35
M373 ND Christ's Hospital School, Bust of Edward VI / MERIT within wreath WM 39mm VF £20
M374 1966/1716 Westminster Hospital 250th anniversary. View of Hospital in 1734 /

Shield of Arms. Hallmarked. AR 51mm EF £40
M375 1822 George IV visit to Scotland. His bust l. / Star of Garter above Rose,

Thistles and Shamrock. BHM 1192 WM 45mm GVF £30
M376 ND Manufacturers metal label HJH King & Co. Engineers Nailsworth, Glos.

Oval shape. (Last used in 1941, firm closed in c. 1965) Brass 28 x 50mm GVF £8
M377 1916 Battle of Jutland - the German Fleet : Glorious memory of those who fell.

Trident between flags / inscription. By Spinks. WM 45mm Unc £30
M377a 1916 Another, as above, but smaller, with top loop. Silver 23mm VF £8
M378 1937 George VI Coronation medal. Conjoined busts / Britannia stdg in arch WM 44mm GVF £18
M379 1937 Another, similar, but rev. - United British Empire : 5 figures around globe Gilt WM 39mm GVF £15
M380 1892 British & Foreign Sailors Soc'y - patron Prince George RN, his bust facing

rev. Ship Baccante 1882-1892. WM 32mm EF £25
M381 1844 Church of St. Giles, Camberwell. The First Stone Laid ... / view of church WM 48mm GVF £25
M382 ND Pub check - Birmingham, Aston Road, North. Albion Hotel Val Watkins 3d Brass 25mm VF £20
M383 ND Manchester Victoria House Musical Gallery, proprietor Benjamin Lang,

near Manchester. Old Church Musical instruments. Brass 26mm GVF £25
M384 1895 Military Cavalry Division ticket. Crowned CD 1/2d Rare AE 25mm VF £25
M385 1773 Medallet - Duke of Gloucester. His bust r., by Kirk AE 25mm VF £10
M386 1830 Death of George IV, bust l. / Born 1762 Died 1830, within branches wreath Brass 25mm VF £7.50
M387 ND Card counter - Prince Edward of York, facing bust as a boy / diamond Brass 18mm EF £4
M388 1809/10 Vimiera Chrarging Cavalry / Passage of the Dourd & Talavera 1810 Brass 10mm VF £12
M389 1848 Victorian card counter / Man seated at table playing cards, with legend

"Keep your Temper". (Whist counter ) Brass 22mm VF £8
M390 ND The Royal Mint, London. View of Mint building / Britannia Moneta,

Britannia striking coins. AE 37mm EF £12
M391 ND Good for a copy of the Glow Worm; a glow-worm in the grass / One penny AE 31mm GVF £10
M392 1820 Ireland Dublin; crude bust of George III / harp and date. 1/2d ?? Brass 27mm VF £16
M393 ND Masonic Penny - Lodge Greenock St. John's No. 175 / Key stone -

They received every man a penny. St Andrew & Cross AE 30mm GVF £10
M394 1924 British Empire Exhibition - ship at quayside & crane / Head of Mercury AE 27mm EF £10
M395 ND Molin's Canteen token 1 1/2d. (Manufacturers of tobacco machiney) Brass 22mm GVF £12
M396 1913 Masonic medal - set-square & compass above shields : Audi Tace Vide

Rev. Group of figures under arch. Gilt Brass 37mm EF £10
M397 1906 Matchless metal polish. Britannia polishing helmet / Calendar for 1906 Alu. 39mm VF £10
M398 1937 George VI coronation medal - conjoined busts of King & Queen left /

Five figures around globe : "United British Empire" CuNi 40mm GVF £10
M399 1851 New London Bridge. The First Stone laid .... / View of bridge & St. Paul's Brass 27mm GVF £12
M400 ND Eugen Sandow competition coin. 7 1/2d. Sandow's cocoa & chocolate Alu. 29mm VF £8
M401 2000 Greenwich official millennium mint medallion / bust of Churchill. AE 32mm EF £5
M402 ND Mary Wakefield Westmoreland festival. / wreath Top loop WM 32mm VF £3
M403 ND The Royal Malvern Well Spa - view of spa. / royal arms "The marvellous... Brass 35mm EF £8
M404 1975 Harold Wilson, Prime Minister his bust. / First Referendum of the British

people. Bitannia & globe. "United Europe". AR 39mm Unc £18
M405 1999/2000 Julius Reuter, 1816 - 1899 facingbust / Clock & stars. "Through the

euro to the millennium" AR 39mm EF £18
M406 1892 Sefton the horse, by T. Cuineo. Man with horse & laurel branches. Gilt 24mm Unc £5
M407 2000 Blood Donor Thank you. 20th within large letter C Brass 38mm GVF £5
M408 ND Royal Mint Canteen ticket 1/2. Uniface, with rounded corners. CuNi 25mm GVF £10
M409 2005-1945 WW2 60th anniversary of end of war, ring of bells / Union flag & dates Gilt 29mm Unc £5
M410 1901 1000th anniversary of the death of King Alfred the Great Winchester 901 AD

Edward VII King & Emp. 1901. Town Arms, Alfred Bowker, Mayor WM 32mm EF £12
M411 1844 Royal Exchange London, Busts of Victoria & Prince Albert / View + legd AE 22mm VF £6
M412 1851 Crystal Palace - for the Great Exhibition - view of Palace / statistics Brass 22mm VF £7
M413 1862 Exhibition of the Arts & Industry - view of exhibition bldg + statistics, holed WM 25mm VF £6
M414 ND Tossing coin - Obv "YES", Rev "NO". ( as per Heads or Tails) AE 27mm EF £10
M415 1953 Elizabeth II coronation souvenir medal - National Playing fields Ass'n,

Patron HM Queen. Obv Bust of Queen r. / Rev Crown Alu. 35mm VF £5
M416 ND Masonic Provincial Grand Lodge of MMM Hertfordshire. Stag on key stone

Masonic tools & inscription. AR ? 30mm VF/+ £18
M417 ND Masonic penny no. 963 Lodge Whifflet St. John, masonic tools /

Key stone and "They received every man a penny". AE 29mm VF £8
M418 1908 Edward VII - Entente Cordiale - crossed flags of France & England. AE 16mm VF £4
M419 1991 Pentref Llechwedd Village - coalminer in coal truck / One penny & date AE 30mm EF £5
M420 ND Trimley St. Mary (Suffolk) / 1/2d within laurel wreath. Brass 26mm VF £8
M421 "1825" Canterbury & Whitstable Railway Company. Female std., rail trucks behind

Invicta 150. First passenger steam railway, 1830. (Modern issue) Gilt 39mm EF £6
M422 1857 Manchester Exhibition of Art Treasures, opened by Prince Albert. View of

exhibition building with official brass 2-part case, by Pinches. WM 45mm EF,dmge £50
M423 1953 Elizabeth II coronation medal / A souvenir from W.E.. Butlin to the

Butlin Beavers. WM 39mm GEF £18
M424 1970 S.S. Great Britain, Ship at sea. Statistics below. / Rev "To commemorate

the safe return to Bristol". Propellor between rose & apples. AE 39mm GEF £20
M425 ND Macbeth medal - Macbeth with witches and cauldron / Rev "Blood will have

blood" within wreath of roses. Gilt AR 45mm GEF £21
M426 1978 The White Tower in the Tower of London. Royal Mint issue 1078-1978

View of Tower / William II on throne with latin legend - Hoc Anglis..." AR 51mm GEF £35
M427 1887-1837 Victoria Golden Jubilee medal. Veiled head of Queen left. / Shields of

Arms in wreath ..... "Born May 24 1819 ......." Bronzed WM 39mm VF £12
M428 ND Tower Bridge, uniface, in Art Deco style. Tug sailing under bridge. AE 64mm VF £25
M429 1993 London Transport 60 years - 1933-1993, 55, Broadway. View of Building AE 39mm EF £6
M430 1994 HRH Prince of Wales - 25th anniversary of his investiture in 1969, his

bare head left / Three feathers with motto "Ich Dien". AE 62mm GVF £25
M431 1903 Art Nouveau medal - City of London International & Commercial Ass'n -

French & English ladies looking across English Channel,

anchor below, by Loudroy. AE 53mm VF+ £40
M432 1877 Fleetwood - 1st Dock opened 8th October 1877, Ship & Train / Coat of Arms WM 37mm GVF £25
M433 1929 Shropshire & W. Mids Agricultural Soc'y, prize medal awarded to "Mr. H.

Hampson, Wrexham - For Best Loaf in Show 1929". / City Arms Silver 42mm AEF £24
M434 1887 Golden Jubilee medal - Borough of Lewes, June 20th. Mayor Farncombe Cu 45mm GVF+ £15
M435 1897 Diamond Jubilee - The British Empire : celebratory medal, with circlet of

4 clasped hands - "Peace, Love & Union"; Queen's bust left, by Spinks

Royal coat of Arms - 2 rows of shields (28 and 27 ) around edge with

names of the Empire's dominions - including Labuan & Socotra ??? WM 75mm EF £60
M436 1897 Church Diamond Jubilee series - BHM 3582 : St Saviour's Church,

Pimlico, Vicar Rev H Washington. View of Church & trees. AE 78mm GVF+ £50
M437 1897 Another, similar, but not listed in Brown. St. Gabriel's Church, Pimlico,

Vicar Rev. Rupert H. Morris. View of Church & trees. Victoria Regina. AE 78mm GVF+ £75
M438 1840 Victoria Temperance Society Halfpenny token - Coat of their Arms - rev.

circular legend - "Children trained in habits of temperance will never ..." Copper 29mm GVF £20
M439 1990 Philip Grierson - bust 2/3 bust facing / view of museum, books & coins Copper 63mm EF/+ £20
M440 1796 Engraved Anglesey penny; rev smoothed off, obv "Henry Montague 1796" Copper 35mm GVF £30
M441 1840s Gilt Brass 2-part container, with 8 WM minimedals of Victoria, Albert, and

6 of their children. Case with Windsor Castle / Royal Arms. Gilt / WM 23mm EF £35