Miscellaneous British Tokens and Medallions.
No. Date
Metal Diameter Condition Price

M.1 1837-1897 Victoria Diamond Jubilee medal, official RM issue, BHM 3506 AE 55mm GVF/+ £35
M.2 1897-1837 Victoria Diamond Jubilee medal, official RM issue, BHM 3506 AR 26mm AEF £15
M.3 1902 Edward VII Coronation medal, offical RM issue. BHM 3737 AE 55mm AEF £30
M.4 1902 Edward VII Coronation medal, offical RM issue. BHM 3737 AR 31mm GEF £15
M.6 1911 George V and Queen Mary, Coronation. BHM 4035 AR 31mm VF £17
M.7 1935 Silver Jubilee medal for George & Mary. BHM 4249 AR 32mm EF £15
M.8 1935 Another, in its red card case of issue AR 32mm EF £20
M.10 1937 George VI Coronation medal, official RM issue, BHM 4314 AR 32mm GEF £20

M.17 1864 Prize medal from General Agricultural Association of Ayrshire, to Alex Oswald

of Auchineruive for pair of Ayrshire Queys. Rustic scene with cow, pig..... Cu 45mm AEF £35
M.18 1900 Prize medal from London Fox Terrier Club. Unnamed. Hallmarked B'ham. AR 51mm GVF+ £50
M.20 1984 Baldock Parish Church. View of church / For seven centuries......." Hmkd AR 35mm EF £15
M.21 1964 Opening of Sterling House, 8th Oct. A Sintering by SMC Sterling Ltd. CuNi ? 45mm GVF+ £8
M.22 1971 American Express - 75 years in Britain. 1850-1971. Red/Blue colours AR 33mm EF £15
M.23 2018 The Queen's Birthday Parade 9th June. Regal star / Nulli Secundus CuNi 38mm BU £8
M.24 2000 London Heathrow Youth Games 2000 / floral wreath. Top loop CuNi 50mm GVF £5

M.26 ND I flew London's Emirates Air Line. View of cable car over Thames. CuNi 32mm AEF £5
M.33 1935 Silver jubilee, George V. Conjoined busts l. / Arms of Sarum (Salisbury).Pin AR 32mm NEF £15
M.36 1972 Guernsey - The Little Chapel Les Vauxbelets. ; Cambria Products. St P.Port Alu 30mm EF £10
M.37 ND Sunderland - JP Chapman & Sons, Tea dealers, The Coffee Pot. Bracteate Tin 32mm VF £4
M.38 1831 London Bridge, 1st stone laid, 1st Aug. John Garratt, Lord Mayor. Details Brass 29mm VF £8
M.41 ND Prof. Andre's Alpine Choir, his bust l. / Matrimonial Society : No tippler need apply Brass 25mm VF/+ £5
M.42 ND The Official Disc of the Shove Ha'penny Control Association. Uniface. Silvered 25mm VF £5
M.43 1875 Samuel Plimsoll laudatory medallet BHM 3015, top loop ; bust / coffin ship AE 25mm GVF £18
M.44 1897 Earl's Court - Gigantic Wheel. View of wheel / 12 lines of details, etc. AE 30mm GVF £5
M.45 1904 Earl's Court. Gigantic Wheel. An early London Eye / Dimensions. AE 30mm GVF £5
M.46 1902 Another, as above, but different date AE 30mm GVF £6

M.47 1837 To Hanover - so-called Cumberland Jack. Victoria's bust l. / George & Dragon Gilt 20mm VF+ £4
M.68 1951 John Bull tyres - St Christopher safe travel. England to Lapland & back Alu. 32mm VF+ £5
M70 ND Parkins & Gotto, wholesale & retail... Stationers, 24/25 Oxford St / Cheapest ... Brass 27mm EF £10
M71 ND Royal Sovereign Whisky. Margot's Klondyke, 2d / Bust of Victoria, cmkd 40 AE 23mm VF £10
M72 1994 Sotheby's 250 years. Founded 1744, view of building / coin sales: 1755, etc WM 33mm FDC £9
M73 ND (1905) British & Foreign Sailors Soc'y. Nelson in uniform, his death 21/ Oct/ 1805

HMS Victory at Trafalgar, England expects every man to.... Lustrous AE 28mm GEF £30
M75 ND Cording's Waterproofs, 231, Strand, ship sailing / Warranted for all climates AE 32mm VF £5
M76 ND Canterbury & Whitstable Railway Co. 1825 Britannia std l./ Invicta 150,

World's 1st passenger steam railway 35d May 1830. (Modern issue) Brass 37mm EF £5
M77 1908 Daily Mail Ideal Home Exhibition, London. View / Prize medal, awarded to

Ernest A. Rowe, 3rd prize for Landscape in watercolours. Judged by ... AE 39mm GVF £10
M79 ND Bovril, 50 times more nourishing than meat extract / ....... AE 21mm VF £5

M85 ND Quaglino's Hotel Meurice, St James, Whitehall, London SW1 / Restaurant,

Ballroom, allegro etc, L'Aperitif Grill Buttery, top loop. Plated AE 31mm GVF £10
M87 2020 The O2, Tutankhamun & the Golden Age of the Pharaohs / priority tickets.... AE 35mm VF £4
M88 ND (1920s) St George & Dragon / sailing ship - in tempestate securitas. (Becker) Gilt AE 18mm GVF £13
M89 ND (1930s) Another, similar, but larger and silver plated. AE 28mm GVF £8
M91 ND 1d, by W.J. Taylor, Medallist, London / rev. - 70, Red Lion Sq. Hol WC Brass 28mm GVF £10
M95 ND London, views of St. Paul's, Nelson's column, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Eros,

Westminster Abbey / City of London - Domine Nos Dirige. Arms. Gilt AE 38mm GEF £10
M96 ND Southee's Practical System of Book-keeping - Shilling / Bust of YH Victoria Silvered 23mm VF £5
M98 ND Padley, Church of the Martyrs, view / two busts in frame : Garlic & Ludlam Brass 26mm GVF £10
M104 1903 Bar Gate, Southampton. Uniface medallet, featuring the Bar Gate. (B'ham hmk) AR 17mm GVF/+ £10
M107 ND Golden Medal Gum (twice) - boy blowing gum / 2 Basketball players Brass 25mm VF £4
M108 ND Frank Penfold, Tent Evangelist. / "He has come to seek & to save the lost" Gilt AE 23mm GVF/+ £6

1940-2015 Battle of Britain - Men & Machines :

Lord Beaverbrook - Saucepans for Spitfires. Silver-plated AE 36mm Proof £5
Robert Watson-Watt - Three steps to Victory. Silver-plated AE 36mm Proof £5
Air Chief Marshall Dowding - We will remember them. Silver-plated AE 36mm Proof £5
M120 1924 British Empire Exhibition, Seated Art Deco figure with mallet. (Nobel Ind. Ltd) AE 36mm GVF+ £9
M252 1896 Victoria, 60th year of Her Majesty's Reign, "Four generations of the

British Royal Family" Four busts conj. L / Remington Typewriter AE 32mm GVF £5
M253 1897 Victoria Diamond Jubilee - Four generations of Royal Family / conjoined busts AE 32mm VF £5
M271 1969 Investiture of Pr. of Wales, Caernarvon Castle; bust r. / welsh dragon, gilt AE 32mm EF £8
M325 ND HMS Calliope, British Seamanship and Captain H.C. Kane, from an admirer;

The Marquis de Leuville / Arms 7 supporters, no legend. Holed Pewter 30mm GVF £14

M362 ND Portsmouth Navy week. Bust of Nelson / HMS Victory. Holed WM 32mm GEF £15
M365 1888/1588 Great Drury Lane Drama. The Armada 1588. Augustus Harris Coy, holed Brass 25mm GVF £8
M368 1922 London Water Polo League Junior Championship. "Won by A.G. Frost" AR 32mm EF £7
M384 1895 Military Cavalry Division ticket. Crowned CD 1/2d Rare AE 25mm VF £24
M390 ND The Royal Mint, London. View of Mint building / Britannia Moneta,

Britannia striking coins. AE 37mm EF £10
M393 ND Masonic Penny - Lodge Greenock St. John's No. 175 / Key stone -

They received every man a penny. St Andrew & Cross AE 30mm GVF £10
M395 ND Molin's Canteen token 1 1/2d. (Manufacturers of tobacco machiney) Brass 22mm GVF £10
M407 2000 Blood Donor Thank you. 20th within large letter C Brass 38mm GVF £5
M409 2005-1945 WW2 60th anniversary of end of war, ring of bells / Union flag & dates Gilt 29mm Unc £5
M418 1991 Pentref Llechwedd Village - coalminer in coal truck / One penny & date AE 30mm EF £5

M420 1993 London Transport 60 years - 1933-1993, 55, Broadway. View of Building AE 39mm EF £6
M421 ND Beer token - large letter Q inside floral wreath, both same sides ( 1 quart ?) CuNi 30mm VF/+ £16
M422 ND Buy Orlando Jones Starch - Woman ironing, sheets hanging behind her. AE 22mm VF/+ £12
M423 ND Filmer's Faversham - Flour in centre / Bread in centre Brass 29mm AEF £25
M425 ND London & Newcastle tea Co. Uniface - 1/2lb check. Ardill Leeds. AE 26mm VF/+ £7
M426 ND The Villiers Model de luxe Free Wheel - easily worth an extra Shilling. View CuNi 25mm GVF £9
M427 ND Hildyard's Meat Biscuit - For Dogs / Dog's head eating biscuit : Try it AE 33mm VF £10
M428 ND Pair of THAMES - River Bus tokens : issued by the River Bus Partnership for the

journey from Greenwich to the Tower Pier, struck by King's Norton, B'ham

mint. - 1 Token (CuNi) and 2 Tokens (Brass). The pair .....

BU £5

M501 1897 St. Gabriel's Church, Pimlico. Large bust of Queen Victoria, left / view of the

church. Rev Rupert H.Morris, Vicar. Large medal, dark patina. Cu 75mm GVF/+ £70
M502 1974 General Election, 28th February, Harold Wilson. Details of the voting : No overall

majority gained. / View od houses of Parliament with Big Ben. Cased Silver 45mm BU £30

1966 Royal Visit to N. America. Bust of Prince Philip / Youth Charity Athletics. Fearon 417.3 AR 35mm GEF £25
M503 2000 Sundridge Parish Council, St. Mary's. / Sundridge : Ide Hill. View of both churches Gilt 38mm EF £10
M504 1975 1st Referendum of the British People, June 5th. Bust of Harold Wilson / Britannia

seated left on map of Europe : "United Europe". Gilt Silver 38mm EF £25
M505 1960 Opening of the Maidstone By-pass. View of Bridge over Chatham Road / Bridge over

River Medway. Presented by the Kent Messenger. Ali 50mm VF/+ £10
M506 1970 350th anniversary of the Sailing of the Pilgrim Fathers, 1520-1970. Arms of

Southampton / Harbour view of people poading boats. RM plastic case. Gilt 38mm GVF/+ £8
M507 1851 Great Exhibition medal . Bust of HRH Prince Albert l. / Arms and inscription.

London, 1 851. "Struck in the Building of the Exhibition". AE 38mm VF £12
M508 1901-2 Eden Theatre, Brighton. Pantomime - Mother Goose & the Golden Eggs. Conj busts AE 24mm VF £8
M509 ND Sir Frances Burdett, his bust right. / The Independent Champion of British Freedom AE 24mm VF £8
M510 1992/3 Royal Mint Fleur de Coin Club members large silver medal - The Collector

named on the edge to Keith J. Aldridge. Man with loupe examining coins /

Van Gogh's vase of sunflowers with 1992/93 50p coin obv and rev. Silver 50mm BU £75
M511 2012 BITCOIN - ROCS approved - MJB 2012. Large B with dollar double vertical lines /

Bitcoin - Decentralized - Peer-to-Peer. MJB monetary metals. Swirls & Connectors Copper 38mm EF £10