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British Tokens

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Miscellaneous British Tokens and Medallions
No. Date
Metal Diameter Condition Price
M.0 1831 Coronation of King William IV and Adelaide. BHM 1498 WM 45mm GVF £25
M.1 1837-1897 Victoria Diamond Jubilee medal, official RM issue, BHM 3506, cased. AR 55mm GEF £100
M.2 1897-1837 Victoria Diamond Jubilee medal, official RM issue, BHM 3506 AR 26mm AEF £15
M.3 1902 Edward VII Coronation medal, offical RM issue. BHM 3737 AR 31mm GEF £15
M.4 1911 George V and Queen Mary, Coronation. BHM 4035 AR 50mm GVF+ £75
M.5 1935 Silver Jubilee medal for George & Mary. BHM 4249 AR 32mm EF £15
M.6 1935 Another, in red card case of issue. BHM 4249 AR 32mm EF+ £20
M.7 1937 Edward VIII, proposed Coronation, in gilt AU on AE 35mm EF £9
M.8 1937 George VI Coronation medal, official RM issue, BHM 4314 Bronze 32mm EF £6
M.9 1937 George VI Coronation medal, official RM issue, BHM 4314 AR 32mm GEF £20
M.10 1977 Queen Elizabeth II, silver jubilee 1952-77. Westminster Abbey Trust. AR 45mm GEF £30
M.11 1977 Queen Elizabeth II, silver jubilee, Rev. The Queen's Silver Jubilee Trust. AR 45mm GEF £25

M.12 ND Salisbury Cathedral, splendid view with trees / the Choir. By Bennett

BHM 1469. Nicely toned and attractive. WM 50mm EF £40
M.13 1912 Talgarth Agricultural Soc'y. Presented by J. Bibby & Sons -

rustic scene with horses, cow, pig, sheep, turkey, hay-stacks ..... AR 39mm GVF+ £30
M.14 1867 Christ's Hospital School, instituted, 1552, Bust of Edward VI / open book

HEAR.READ.MARK.LEARN written around edge, Wm HG Morris. AR 34mm AEF £45
M.15 .(1864) ND Tercentenary of the birth of William Shakespeare ; his bust and date

of death (23.4.1616) / coat of arms and birth date. Cu 45mm GVF+ £50
M.16 1881 Centenary of the birth of Stephenson, 1781-1881. His bust l. / first

passenger train (rocket?) BHM 3096 by TP Chapman WM 45mm GVF+ £25
M.17 1863 Royal Wedding - Prince of Wales & Alexandra, their busts r. / dates. WM 51mm GVF £20
M.18 1887-1837 Golden Jubilee medal - young and old heads facing in circlets / dates. WM 38mm GVF £15
M.19 1911/12 Abingdon School prize medal for Gymnastics to Charles Marsh Reed

1563 / school set in ornate wreath. Named on edge Gilt AE 52mm GVF £20
M.24 1902 The Dickens Fellowship Founded. BHM 3871. Charles Dickens left. Hllmkd 22mm GVF+ £25
M.26 1982 Epcot Centre (Walt Disney World). Souvenir medallion. Silvered 40mm EF £5
M.27 1670-1970 Hudson's Bay Co. Arms. Rev. The Nonsuch'. BR 48mm EF £7.50
M.28 1996 Unofficial 25 Euro Lord Nelson - HMS Victory. Britanniarum Dei Gratia

Helmeted bust r. / Ship with Nelson's bust in cameo. Piedfort issue. Silvered 36mm BU £12
M.29 ND The Official Disc of the Shove Ha'penny Control Association. Uniface. Silvered 25mm VF £7.50
M.39 1875 Samuel Plimsoll laudatory medallet BHM 3015 with top loop ; his bust

left; / ship sinking - 'coffin ship'. AE 25mm GVF £25
M.41 1897 Earl's Court - Gigantic Wheel. (the first London Eye !). View of wheel /

dimensions and statistics in 12 lines. AE 30mm GVF £5
M.42 1904 Earl's Court. Gigantic Wheel. An early London Eye / Dimensions. AE 30mm GVF £5
M.46 1837 To Hanover - so-called Cumberland Jack. Victoria's bust l. / G & Dragon Gilt 20mm VF+ £5
M.47 1837 Another, as above, but this one on smaller flan. Gilt 16mm GVF+ £4
M.54 1863 Marriage of the Prince of Wales to Princess Alexandra 10.3.1863 Holed Brass 22mm GVF £5
M.55 ND The state of Exit - this repeated 3 times around edge, 5-ptd star in centre Gilt 27mm EF £5
M.56 ND Another, similar to above, but with circle in centre. Gilt 18mm EF £4
M.59 1924 British Empire Exhibition. Lion's head / Industry & Commerce. AE 26mm VF+ £5
M.66 ND St. George - Equitum Patronus / In Tempestate Securitas. Top loop AE 22mm GVF £4
M.68 1951 John Bull tyres - St Christopher safe travel. England to Lapland & back Alu. 32mm VF+ £5
M.69 1984 International Health Exhibition. 1884-1984 London-Brighton. Helfex '84 Silvered 37mm EF £10
M.87 N.D. Tom Gill medal. Bust left Uniface, Plated AE 38mm GVF £5
M.90 1984 Lancaster House - London Economic Summit. 7-9 June. AE 38mm Proof £10
M.95 N.D. Hines Wells & Co's "pens are the best", bust of Edward VII r. / The

Latem Rob Roy easy-going Cambridge Westho pens etc. Gilt Brass 25mm BU £6
M.104 N.D. The Villiers Model de Luxe free wheel / Easily worth an extra 1s/- CuNi 25mm EF £7
M.120 1925 British Empire Exhibition medal, "Struck at the BE Exh" Seated Art Deco

figure with long mallet. (By Nobel Industries Ltd). AE 36mm GVF+ £10
M.121 1925 Another, as above, but lesser grade AE 36mm GF £5
M.153 N.D. London (Soho), Bernardo Baglonis, Italian Restaurant,

cross / keystone "They received every man a penny" AE 29mm GVF £7.50
M.191 1910 London (Soho), Bernardo Baglonis, Italian Restaurant,

26 Old Compton Street, Shaftesbury Avenue. W. "Special 2s/6d

Dinner from 5 till 9 p.m." Wine bottle (holed) Alu 38mm GF £5
M.200 1850s Whist Playing counter - Obv - Victoria YH / 3 cards intertwined. Gilt 21mm EF £5
M.201 1850s Whist Playing counter - 3 cards (all diamonds) intertwined; same obv/rev AE 21mm VF £4
M.252 1896 Victoria, 60th year of Her Majesty's Reign, "Four generations of the

British Royal Family" Four busts conj. L / Remington Typewriter AE 32mm GVF £5
M.271 1969 Investiture of Pr. of Wales, Caernarvon Castle, Bare hd. of Prince r./

Welsh dragon, legends in Welsh by RM Gilt AE 32mm EF £10
M302 1800 George III, preserved from assassination, by P Kempson. Angel

protecting King from arrow. BHM 486 WM 38mm GVF+ £35
M306 1830 Death of George IV, bare head left / two figures weeping at tomb. Kettle Brass 25mm GVF £10
M308 1844 Opening of the New Royal Exchange by Prince Albert - Bust of Victoria YH /

View of the Royal Exchange "The first stone laid, etc. " (Holed) WM 23mm EF £7.50
M311 1930-1780 Robert Raikes, 150th anniversary, Founder of Sunday Schools. His bust /

Inscription. Top loop and pin. Gilt AU on AE 22mm A.Unc £5
M314 1893 Marriage of Duke of York & Princess Victoria May; facing portraits in oval

frames, plumes above / Inscription. By J Carter. BHM 3441. Holed WM 39mm EF £15
M323 1898 Marriage of Count and Countess Andre de Casteja / Liver bird and

lion crest over coronet. Plated. AR on AE 36mm VF £10
M325 ND HMS Calliope, British Seamanship and Captain H.C. Kane, from an admirer;

The Marquis de Leuville / Arms 7 supporters, no legend. Holed Pewter 30mm GVF £15
M335 1937 United British Empire medal - conjoined busts of Geo VI & Elizabeth /

5 figures dancing around crowned globe : names of Commonwealth AR on AE 38mm VF+ £15
M338 1969 Investiture of Prince of Wales; his head r. / dragon, welsh legend. AU on AE 30mm BU £8
M339 1872 Health restored of the Prince of Wales, St. Paul's Cathedral, Royal

Thanksgiving, Victoria YH / inscription. Brass 22mm VF £6
M342 1905-1805 Centenary of Nelson's death by Sailors' Society; bust of Nelson in cocked

hat / HMS Foudroyant, his flagship. BHM 3924 AE 38mm BU £15
M343 1999-1911 Death of Arnold Machin, sculptor; 3/4 facing bust of him / Machin stamp

effigy, 1967, celebrating 40 years. (He designed UK coinage 1968-84) CuNi 38mm Proof £15
M360 1751 One Doubloon (film-maker's props) A bust l. / Ship Brass 30mm GVF £3
Per 10 (Doubloons) .......


Local tokens (South-East London and Kent).

18th Century.

LT.1 1795 Deptford. Thomas Haycraft, 1/2d. Kentish men meeting William the

Conqueror at Swanscombe. DH 13 AE
EF £50

19th Century and later.

LT 2 ND Bermondsey. S. Heywood, Duke of Sussex, Grange Walk. 2d.

(Samuel Heywood, Beer Retailer, 46 Edward St., 1879) Brass
GVF £20
LT3 ND Bexley. Butchers and Farmers of Bexley, E.B.K. For Edward Bailey

Kelsey, 1 1/2d (issuer was a butcher at 50, High St, Bexley). Bracteate Zinc GVF £15
LT4 ND Another,as above, but with small letter D in value. Bracteate Zinc GVF £15
LT5 ND Deptford. Thomas Haycraft, 1/2d. Kentish men meeting William the

Farmers at Long Lane Farm, Bexleyheath). By R. Neal Brass
GVF £25
LT6 ND Greenwich. London & Greenwich Railway. Arms of London and Kent,

circa 1840. (Railway was opened in 1838). Rare AE
VF £45
LT7 ND Greenwich. Andrew Holmes, 127, South Street, Trousers 13s/6d,

Bust of Queen Victoria. Bell 1700 Brass
VF £12
LT8 ND Ruxley. Vinson 1 1/2d same both sides, milled edge. (William and

Edwin Vinson were Farmers at Ruxley Farm, North Cray 1895). AE 28mm VF £15
LT9 ND Sidcup. John Sutton 6d same both sides, by R. Neal, central hole.

(John Sutton was a market gardener, Church Road, Sidcup). Brass 27mm VF £12
LT10 ND Sidcup, John Sutton, 10s/-, by R. Neal, holed (Elliptical). AE
VF £18
LT11 ND Welling. T. Chaplin 1 1/2d (Thomas Chaplin of Westwood Lodge

Farm, Bellgrove). AE
VF £8
LT12 ND West Croydon. J. Sainsbury, Provision Merchant, opposite West

Croydon Station. (in the form of an imitation 'spade' guinea). Brass
EF £10
LT13 ND West Greenwich, Co-operative Society Ltd. £1 by Ardill of Leeds.

(This one not listed in Rains catalogue). Brass
VF £12
LT14 ND LONDON, Old Kent Road. 3, Alfred Place. William Tremlett, Tea Dealer,

Farthing - Teas neat as Imported ; 3 sugar-loaves over tea-chest. Bell 4700
EF £16
LT15 1865 LONDON, East India Road, Presbyterian Church Communion token

Herdan 121. White metal
GEF £20
LT16 ND Southwark. Holland Street, Castle Yard Factory. Sennett Bros. Hatters,

Furriers and Silk Merchants. A rabbit. Brass
Unc £15

NOT LISTED .......

We have recently acquired a large collection of tokens and medallions ,

including several from Manchester (merchants'private issue tokens, etc)

Plus a huge array of all sorts, coin weights, fruit pickers, royal commemorative

medals for coronations, jubilees, marriages, deaths......

Also weird and wonderful issues, commemorating various events, openings,

happenings, products ....... The list could go and on, but we have run out

of time and possibly too energy, for the time being.

You can see all of our new and recent stock by either coming to the shop

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