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Communion Tokens

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All are White Metal, oblong with cut-corners and the legend,
"This do in remembrance of me", unless otherwise stated
English Communion Token reference catalogue: H = Herdman
Scottish Communion Token reference catalogues: K&L = Kerr & Lockie; Br. = Brook; Cr. = Cresswell
Ref. Number Condition Price


CT.1 London, Kensington, Presbyterian Church, 1863 (Oval) Rare Bz.3617 BU £25
CT2 London, Belgrave Presbyterian Church, 1874, Communion Cup / Burning Bush

Very Rare (Upright Oval) H.110 GVF £21
CT3 Liverpool, Presbyterian Church, Canning Street stained on rev. Rare (Oval)
GVF £18
CT4 Liverpool, Presbyterian Church, Mount Pleasant (AE) Bz.4298 EF £35
CT5 Liverpool, Rodney Street, St. Andrew's. 1824 / Sacramental token. Round Cr 123 GVF £25
CT6 North Middleton (Northumberland), N.M.W.B. 1818, (for North Middleton, William

Bell, 1st Minister 1817-43) Very Rare (oval) H.177 EF £25
CT7 Southampton, St. Andrew's Presbytarian Church, 1852, Burning Bush, V. Rare (Oval) H.190 VF £21
CT8 Sunderland, United Presbytarian Church, Bethany, Rare (Oval)
VF £13
CT9 Embleton, U.P.C. Revd. Wm Ross 1850 / "Do this in Remembrance of me" (Oval)
GVF £13


CT10 Aberlemno, Free church. 1859. communion Token / ..."but let a man examine..."
GVF £12
CT11 Airth, Parish Church, William Park M.A. 1868. Rectangular, corners cut.
GVF £12
CT12 Arbroath, 1843, sideways oval. Bz.442 GF £14
CT13 Barry, J. Kirk 1830. sideways oval. "Let a man examine himself"
GVF+ £14
CT14 Edinburgh, First Asso. Cong. J.Jameson, Min. 1797 oval Bz. - VF+ £14
CT15 Northesk, Parish Church, 24th Nov. 1859, John Falconer, Minister. Rev Tabel 2 (Oval)
VF £10
CT16 St. Cuthbert's, ( Edinburgh). 1818. / 1.Corin. XI 28.29 Hexagonal.
VF £13
CT17 St. David's. Table 5, 1837 Slightly oval, more round Bz. 6456 GVF+ £20
CT18 St. David's. Table 7, 1837 Slightly oval, more round Bz. 6457 GVF+ £17
CT19 South Leith, Parish Church, Table 1 (upright-oval)
EF £8
CT20 South Leith, Parish Church, Table 2. (Upright oval)
GVF £8
CT21 South Leith, Parish Church, Tercentenary Token, 1609 - 1909, Ministers' initials,

DL 1609 and JW June 1909 (Octagonal) VF+
Unc. £12
CT22 Tayside, Montrose 2nd U.A. Cong. Bz. 4962 GVF £15
CT23 Ullapool (Highlands), Church of Scotland, 1929
EF £8