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Medal Books (May 2022 addendum)

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MEDAL Yearbook 2022 - NEW EDITION. 450 pages, plus 100 pages of Appendices. The must-have catalogue, with separate sections for : Orders, Decorations, Campaign medals, LS/GC medals, Coronation and Jubilee medals, Life-saving medals, Ireland and unofficial issues - colour-coded sections for ease of reference. Soft-back. £19.95
MEDAL Yearbook 2022 - as above, but the Deluxe Hard-back edition, with colour-coded sections for Australia, New Zealand, Canada and South Africa. 592 pages, plus 100 pages of Appendices. Indispensible, if you collect these Commonwealth countries too. £29.95
Medal Yearbook 2021, softback version, 450 pages, as above, Mint condition. Was £19.95... £12
Medal Yearbook 2022 , softback version, 448 pages, as above. A few left ............. £8

The Chinese Labour Corps, by Gregory James. 2013. 1284 pp in A5 format. Covers the history of this intriguing Corps from their bginnings in the Boer War to their heroic but unsung deeds in WW1. With many b/w illustrations from Punch and London Illustrated news, and lists. We are the sole UK & Europe distributors, published in HK. Plus £8 postage, or collect from us £30.99

British Battles and Medals - NEW 7th edition - by Spink Long out-of-print and sought after, now an updated version is available - 800+ pages. Edited by Hayward, Birch and Bishop. (Postage is an extra £5 only for UK; Europe, add £15 postage) RRP £85, but from us..... £40

The Great War Medal Collector's Companion, Volume 1, by Howard Williamson, now out-of-print. Reports of up to £100 being paid on Ebay, but we have a few copies. 2011, 571 pp, hardback. £70

Odds and Ends, and just-in items.
WW1 sweetheart pin badge in shape of German dagger, engraved "Antwerpen" on blade, cased £25
WW1 sweetheart pin badge in shape of German dagger, engraved "Zeebrugge" on blade, cased £25
WW1 sweetheart pin badge in shape of German dagger, engraved "Hill 60" on blade, cased £25
WW1 sweetheart tie-pin badge in shape of German dagger, engraved "Ypres" on blade, cased £25
WW1 Trench-art - German 2 Mark coin, reverse smoothed off, and engraved 1914 - 1919 with a
windmill, below "249 S.B.A.C.; around the edges " Ypres, Mons, Cambrai, Arras". We are
informed that this refers to Siege Battery Ammunition Column. (53rd Batt'y, RGA, 1st Army). £20
WW1 "On War Service 1915" lapel badge, various, with number stamped on rev. Each ... £6
WW1 "On War Service" round lapel badge, with blue enamels - "The Fastnet Surgical Dressing Co" £10
Medallet in red enamels - "Wigmore Harriers"; central cross in red & blue enamels, uniface. £8
WW1 Peace medal - South Africa - Johannesburg 1914-1919 : Peace with Honour, top loop £12
Blue & black enamelled round pin badge - "The Children's League of Pity", dove in flight £8
Bentall's For Long & Loyal Service, silvered, to A.J.Rimmer. View of the shop building. £12
ATA silver medal - Watch & Be Sober. Army Temperance Medal India, 2 women under palm tree £20
Silvered Prize medal to 915 Squad. Mne. JE Luck, Physical Training; obv naked man wrestling lion £10
1935 bronze News Chronicle medallet - Happy Band of Arkubs celebrate Silver jubilee; conj busts £10
Silvered and blue enamelled lapel badge - "Young Farmers' Club Worcestershire". By Fattorini £10
Ribbon bar for medal no. 65 - King's medal for Courage in the Cause of Freedom. Period item £7
WW2 lapel badge "Civil Defence" in blue enamels, INSTRUCTOR, King's crown, by JR Gaunt £12
WVS Civil Defence square pin badge, by L Simpson & Co, lettering in red. £8
ARP Women's Voluntary Services pin badge, same size as above, by HB Sale, B'ham £8
StJJ member's badge, 1960s issue, in CuNi, bright Mint, black/white striped ribbon, on pin £15
WVSM - Women's Voluntary Service medal, set bar "Long Service", in RM green case of issue £25
WW2 cloth service chevrons (3) and wound stripe (A/F), plus letter to 1112959 NI Hill, Pte, RA £15
Boxed "set" of four medals to the Ancient Order of Foresters, in their case of issue - Hllmkd medal
to Bro TH SHOWLER, Court 3644 1937-1958, another (silver ?) to Sister M. SHOWLER from
Court 3644, plus 2 further hllmkd medals, unnamed, green enamels, and ornate ribbons/top bars. £45