PETER MORRIS Dealer in Coins & Medals

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(Pictures not to scale).
L1 1st century pale-brown lamp, featuring a mythical sea-horse with

lively tail - marked MVO on base. Intact 10 cms £325

L2 1st century red-clay lamp, featuring a goat (?) advancing to the

right, in butting pose. Intact 9 cms £145

L3 1st century darkish lamp, featuring eagle with outspread wings,

seated on a globe. Intact (once orange/light brown). 9 cms £275

L4 2nd/3rd C. Red-brown lamp, featuring a lion left crouching as if

to pounce. Repair visible on bottom, maker's mark. 10cms £150

L5 2nd/3rd century pale red lamp, featuring a Pan-like figure advancing

to the right, looking back. Intact; maker's name on bottom -

Mnovius * Attractive. £265

L6 3rd C. Erotic depiction of an amorous couple; female crouching,

with male standing behind …. slighly encrusted. 11.5 cms £400

L7 3rd century red terracotta lamp, featuring a lively scene with a

lion and two other animals fighting with a slave (or gladiator ?)

Repair to bottom; with old ink stamp on base. 14 cms £225

L8 Late pale red lamp, Danubian source; plain. 7.5 cms £25

ANTIQUITIES, as illustrated. (Not to scale)

A1 African Kissi Penny, 45cms long; twisted metal lucky

charm ("Coin with soul") - (if broken, witch doctor must

repair and restore soul!) £15
A2 Another, this one shorter - 28.5 cms £12

A3 Ashanti gold weight, in the form of a bronze couple, in an amorous

embrace; 4cms wide by 4.5 cms tall. £40
A4 Another, as above, but a different position (!) 3 cms wide by 5.5 tall

(Both of these are Ghanaian in origin). £40

A5 Ayudhya period (old Siam) gambling chips or PEE; glazed

tokens, mostly heptagonal and colourful……. Each £10

Byzantine / Medieval.
B1 Altar Niche -14th Century from Eastern Europe in carved

light-brown stone 24cms high x 22cms wide x 9cms deep. £50
B2 Another, 23 x 17, & 11 deep. Cream sandstone. £50

(Postage on these 2 items is £20 each (for UK), or collect

from the shop, or at a show for free !)

B3 Detectorist's treasures - mixed lot of buckles, thimbles, cloak

attachments, rings, loops, etc. All local finds. Per 10 items…. £25

B4 Cuff-links / collar links ; a selection of 7 different, all with attractive

motifs and designs. Each ….. £15

C1 TANG dynasty horse and rider; AD 618-906 striking pose as

rider has arms outstretched and horse in full gallop - set on

its own perspex stand. 26 cms tall, 30 cms long. £600
C5 Green glazed owl, Han period. 11 cms high. (Mau-Tau-Ying) £60