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ANTIQUITIES, as illustrated. (Not to scale)


1 Neolithic period - Vincha (4500-400 BC) : hard-fired ceramic

stylised head, traces of black, 6 cms high. £120
2 Another, smaller (3.5 cms high), most of black decorative colour

remaining; 7 holes at back of head for hair insertions, plus

one ear-ring hole. From Jugoslavia in the early 1980s. £100
3 Vincha white pottery decorative object, with vertical hole for

threading with others as a necklace. 4cms. £50
4 Vincha small red pottery pot, from same collection. 3 cms dia. £35

5 Syro-Hittite period (2000 BC) figure of a fertility goddess, 15 cms

tall, set on perspex base. Sold by us originally over 20 years

ago. Conical head, bulging eyes, arms folded across chest. £100

6 Syro-Hittite set of three white pottery dogs (2000 BC); could

conceivably be calves or goats. 9cms, 7cms and 6cms in

length, each with some minor repairs or little chips. £90

7 Greek buff terracottoa figure of a standing goddess Demeter,

wearing a himation and with her right hand to her chest. 13cms

tall, set on black perspex stand. Slight damage to nose,

ptherwise intact and attractive. 4th/3rd C BC. £100

8 Roman red pottery jar, in smooth finish, with handle for pouring

13 cms tall. Slight hair-line central crack, otw intact. 3rd C. AD £45

9 Roman red pottery jug, with rough unglazed finish, 15 cms tall.

With handle. Intact. 3rdC AD £60

10 Roman cream-coloured pottery jug, rough unglazed finish, 10cms

tall, presented as a container with about 20 late Roman bronze

coins (all unidentified, but identifiable), set on perspex sheet. £75

11 Roman glass - pleasant tear bottle (unguentarium) in clear glass,

iridescence in several places. 9cms tall. 2nd/3rd C AD £50

12 Syria-Palestine black painted pottery vessel, 6cms tall, with

rounded top (3 cms wide). Intact. 1st/3rd C AD £25

13 Syria-Palestine cream coloured bowl, 15 cms in diameter and

5.5 cms high. 1st-3rd C AD. Intact. £35

14 Syria-Palestine two-handled pot, with 4 protuberances around the

edge. Cream-coloured buff unglazed. 6cms tall. £40

15 Siam partially glazed funeral bowl with lid - Sawankalok era,

14th / 15th C AD. Lid and outer decorated with partial glaze

and colouring, inner of base with clear glaze. 7 cms tall,

with circumference of 11 cms. Intact and scarce. £75

16 Chinese Buddhist head, flat at the back. 6th Century AD -

Wearing a crown with elaborate ear-rings. Pale red sandstone £45

17 Ching period coin-sword - made of 100+ cash coins, all from the

Ching period (Ching Lung, Chai Ching and Dao Kwang) -

1736-1796, 1796-1821, 1821-1851). 50 cms long, and strung

on central metal rod with red thread. Given for auspicious

occasions, and often hung on the wall. GVF/+ £75

18 Egyptian - pale blue glazed faience Djed pillar amulet - late

Dynastic period (c.1000-332 BC). 3 cms tall. (The symbolic

backbone of the god Osiris, representing stability) £45

19 Egyptian - turquoise glazed faience Eye of Horus amulet, with

incised details to the front. 2.9 cms. With suspension loop £45

20 Altar Niche -14th Century from Eastern Europe in carved

light-brown stone 24cms high x 22cms wide x 9cms deep. £50

(Postage on this is £20 (for UK), or collect from us at shop/fair).

21 African Kissi Penny, 45cms long; twisted metal lucky

charm ("Coin with soul") - if broken, witch doctor must

repair and restore soul!) £12
22 Another, this one shorter - 28.5 cms £10



(Pictures not necessarily to scale).

A 1st Century red-slip lamp, featuring a lively horse galloping to the

left, with maker's name on the base. 11cms. Similar to the one

illustrated in Deneauve no. 608/609. From an old German coll'n £225

B 4th Century deep red lamp, featuring a heron with outstreched

wings. (a variation on Deneauve XII). Handle repaired. 11cms

From the same old German collection, formed in the 1980s. £200

C 2nd/3rd Century lamp, depicting an ithyphallic figure striding to

the right, and looking back, with head-dress and holding arms.

10.5 cms, with maker's name on base - Maioraco. Similar one

in Dejean's "Lamp Antiques", plate 88. Intact. £300

D 2nd/3rd Century lamp, with Luna, the goddess of the moon in the

central discus, surrounded by concentric circles. Maker's name

on base - Imino Rf in retrograde letters. 10.5 cms. Intact

Similar one illustrated in "Lamp Antiques" by Dejean, plate 88. £300

E 4th/5th Century red terracotta lamp, featuring an antelope leaping

to the right, surrounded by an array of geometric patterms to

the outer shoulders. 13cms. Intact. £270

F 1st Century pale-brown lamp, featuring a Hippocampus (mythical

sea-horse), with lively tail, swimming to the right. Maker's

initial MVO on base. 10 cms. Intact. £300

G 1st Century dark red lamp, featuring an eagle with outspread

wings, seated on a globe. Intact. 9cms £265

H 2nd/3rd Century pale red lamp, depicting a Roman Empress

with flowing hair. 10.5 cms, intact. With maker's name on

base - Mnovius I £225

J 2nd/3rd Century lamp, with female figure walking to the right,

holding a round cymbal aloft. 10.5 cms, intact. Similar

maker's name on base - Novius £175

K 2nd/3rd Century lamp, in pale cream with traces of darker colour

depicting a female bust, facing, with long hair and wearing a

flat crown. Maker's name on base in retrograde letters. 11 cms £175

L 1st Century lamp, in pale cream terracotta, featuring the figure of

a naked Pan, holding his pipes and a staff. Sharp depiction

with hairy legs and a stern face. 9.5 cms. Intact £200

M 1st Century reddish lamp, featuring an elongated cornucopia,

swirling from bottom right to top left. 9.5 cms. Intact. £175

N 4th Century heavy pale red lamp, with sun-flower decoration in the

central discus, surrounded by interesting patterns; on the base

a fern, with curling leaf pattern. Touch of smoke at spout. 12cms £150

P 1st Century pale red lamp, depicting a lively crocodile advancing

to the right, with three heptagonal flowers on stalks. 8.5 cms

Hint of smoke at spout.. Slight damage at base. £175

Q 1st Century lamp in dark red slip, with patches of original black

paint. (Base is an array of underlying pale terracotta, with

patches of red and black. With two circular flower patterns on

the shoulder. Attractive. Intact. 8.5 cms £150

R 2nd/3rd Century pale cream lamp, with four (sometimes three)

rows of raised dots around the edge of the discus. On base a

floral decorative pattern would indicate the maker. Intact. 9cms £125

S 1st Century lamp in deep red slip, featuring a lamb (or large dog?)

standing to the right. Touch of smoke at spout. Has been

repaired - cracked discus replaced. 9.5cms. £95

T Cute pale grey lamp, from 1st/2nd Century. Features a man's

head, facing. Traces of black colouring at handle. Old

encrustations leave head's details indistinct. 8cms. £75

V Byzantine-era lamp, depicting a horse and rider, walking to the left.

Pale red colour, with slightly indistinct design on base. 9.5cms £95

W Syrian/Palestine lamp in unglazed red terracotta, looks like a

candle-stick holder, in unused condition (probably funerary item)

with large central hole for flame and side filler-hole.

10 cms in diameter, and 5 cms high. Intact. £75

X Early Syrian primitive-shaped lamp (1st Century ?) - pale red.

basic design : circular dish with two sides pushed to the centre.

Smoke stains at rim. 12.5 cms in diameter. £75