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ANTIQUITIES, as illustrated. (Not to scale)

Most of these were sold by us to the same collector over a

period from 1993 to 2000.


1 Bronze Age socketed axe head. 10 cms long; some nibbling to

cutting edge, from usage ! £250

2 Egyptian bronze figure of Osiris, late dynastic period (700-400 BC),

ie Ptolemaic. Only the upper figure, set in a perspex stand.

5 cms. Face quite sharp. £150

3 Egyptian bronze figure of Osiris, late dynastic period (700-400 BC),

ie Ptolemaic. Full figure, 8 cms tall, slim body. Seen by British

Museum staff and confirmed. £250

4 Egyptian bronze "bull" figure, c.500-400 BC, with top knot to

animal's head. Probably a votive offering. 5.5 cms tall, and

3 cms long, with integral bronze base and stud. Some corr. £125

5 Egyptian bronze pin with animal top terminal, possibly a rodent.

500 BC. 6.5 cms; seen by PF Rea of the British Museum, who

showed it to J Spencer in the Egyptian Antiquities Department..

With letter date 28 Jan'y 2000 suggesting it might be a gaming

piece. Interesting. Comes with BM letter. Greenish hues. £150

6 Egyptian glazed amulet of Ptah, or Pataikos, late dynastic period,

green faience. 3 cms. Pleasing condition. £180

7 Egyptian glazed amulet of Thoth, 1.8 cms, light blue/turquoise

faience. Attractive. £65

8 Egyptian glazed Udjat-eye amulet (Eye of Horus) pale green/brown

coloured faience. 2.5 cms, seen by BM's Neal Spencer, who

dated it as New Kingdom (1550-1069 BC). Letter available. £75

9 Egyptian amulet / seal or scarab, 2.3 cms, featuring Anubis on

the front, with an amorphic animal god on the reverse. Late 2nd /

early New Kingdom. £90

10 Egyptian amulet in the form of a lion, 1.5 cms long, dated by BM

to late period (746-332 BC), as per BM letter. Pale blue colour. £65

11 Egyptian amulet mould, rarely seen, brown coloured outer

round mould, measuring 3.5 cms by 3 cms. Interesting motifs. £125

12 Egyptian scarab, white faience, with curious motifs, has the

appearance of wood. 2.5 cms by 1.5 cms. £50

13 Egyptian scarab, bought from Castle Antiques in Leigh-on-Sea in

1992 - "small phaque scarab"; cost £60 then. £75

14 Graeco-Roman faience amulet, in the shape of a dwarf with

grotesque face. Has overtures of Egyptian , with hole through

back for wear. 2 cms high. Light blue colour £85

15 Roman small pottery pot, 1st/2nd Century, 5 cms high, with two

dark red striped decorations around the middle. £30

16 Roman little jar / jug, in unglazed pottery. 1st/2nd Century AD

7+ cms tall. Bought from us in 1994. Intact £40

17 Roman bronze Celt. 14.5 cms, with typed descriptive note, dated

1.7.1964, affixed to same, explaining its use. (By soldiers as a

pick, to loosen stones in walls under attack). 2nd C. £125

18 Roman translucent stone letter seal, with central hole, featuring a

man standing with staff. 2nd/3rd C. Intact and pleasing £125

19 Roman bronze spoon bowl, 2nd Century. 4 cms long. £35

20 Another, smaller, with traces of gilding at bottom by ring. 2.5 cms £40

21 Roman bronze statuette of a horse, one leg missing. 3.5 cms high

and 3.5 cms long. Attractive tone. £60

22 Roman pin brooch, featuring four keys, two interlocking. Pin gone £35

23 Roman cloak clasp, in the form of two serpents, nicely engraved,

hole each side for eyes, and central larger hole for affixing. 6.5cms £85

24 Roman bronze tweezers, still useable ! 4.5 cms £25

25 Roman bronze bull's head, an embellishmnt for a bigger ornament.

With hole through nose for affixing. 2nd/3rd C. 2 cms. £45

26 Roman key, quite small, for a casket. 3.3 cms. Attractively aged. £30

27 Medieval hook ornament, pretty green tone. £15

28 Late Roman . Medieval lot of three pins, possibly as hair fasteners. £40

29 African Kissi Penny, 45 cms long; twisted metal lucky

charm ("Coin with soul") - if broken, witch doctor must

repair and restore soul!) £12
30 Another, this one shorter - 28.5 cms £10

31 Siam (Thailand) funeral bowl, Sawankalor era. 11th Century.

3 cms high; cute shape, with dark brown-ish slip. £30

32 Venetian marble book, probably part of a larger statue; 10 cms by

7 cms by 2 cms thick; edge shows pages. Weighs 380 grams.

Bought from us in 1993. Minor damage to bottom of rear cover. £40



(Pictures not necessarily to scale).

A 1st Century lamp, in pale cream terracotta, featuring the figure of

a naked Pan, holding his pipes and a staff. Sharp depiction

with hairy legs and a stern face. 9.5 cms. Intact £190

B 1st Century red-slip lamp, featuring a lively horse galloping to the

left, with maker's name on the base. 11cms. Similar to the one

illustrated in Deneauve no. 608/609. From an old German coll'n £210

C 1st Century lamp in deep red slip, featuring a lamb (or large dog?)

standing to the right. Touch of smoke at spout. Has been

repaired - cracked discus replaced. 9.5cms. £80

D 2nd Century darkish terracotta oil lamp, featuring two dolphins;

voluted nozzle and with to the base a maker's mark of a

sandal. From an old Oxfordshire collection. 11 cms. £325

E 2nd/3rd century pale terracotta oil lamp, decorated with a dolphin

in front of a rudder. Border of concentric circles. Maker's mark

MNOVIVST on base. Similar to one illustrated in Dejean's

book, planche 72. From the Ludwig museum, Koln. 9 cms. £275

F 2nd/3rd Century pale red lamp, depicting a Roman Empress

with flowing hair. 10.5 cms, intact. With maker's name on

base - Mnovius I £210

G 2nd/3rd Century lamp, with female figure walking to the right,

holding a round cymbal aloft. 10.5 cms, intact. Similar

maker's name on base - Novius £170

H 2nd/3rd Century lamp, depicting an ithyphallic figure striding to

the right, and looking back, with head-dress and holding arms.

10.5 cms, with maker's name on base - Maioraco. Similar one

in Dejean's "Lamp Antiques", plate 88. Intact. £280

J 2nd/3rd Century lamp, with Luna, the goddess of the moon in the

central discus, surrounded by concentric circles. Maker's name

on base - Imino Rf in retrograde letters. 10.5 cms. Intact

Similar one illustrated in "Lamp Antiques" by Dejean, plate 88. £275

K 4th/5th Century red terracotta lamp, featuring an antelope leaping

to the right, surrounded by an array of geometric patterms to

the outer shoulders. 13cms. Intact. £255

L 4th Century deep red lamp, featuring a heron with outstretched

wings. (a variation on Deneauve XII). Handle repaired. 11cms

From the same old German collection, formed in the 1980s. £190

M Byzantine-era lamp, depicting a horse and rider, walking to the left.

Pale red colour, with slightly indistinct design on base. 9.5cms £85