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ANTIQUITIES, as illustrated. (Not to scale)

Most of these were sold by us to the same collector over a

period from 1992 to 2000, who is now selling them back to us,

for another generation to enjoy.


1 Neolithic pot, from Dawenkou culture, 5th to 4th millennia BC. (ie

early Chinese Han dynasty). 16 cms high with attractive coloured

motifs. With letters to and from British Museum (in 1992), confirming

and 2 further copies of illustrations of pots from the era, with chinese

descriptions. Scarce and pleasing £200

2 Bronze Age funerary jug, 7.5 inches high (5" diameter), featuring a

bird's head, tail and wings(?) wrapped around neck. C 2000 BC.

Small repaired section to rear of top neck. Otw intact. £120

3 Bronze Age vessel (juglet), c 1200 BC from Jordan. 5.5 inches tall,

flat base, looped handle with pricked decorative line across. £95

4 Bronze Age socketed axe head. 10 cms long; some nibbling to

cutting edge, from usage ! £250

5 Stone arrow-head, brown, 2" long; found in the Eifel area of Germany

by local collector, pre 1995. £40

6 Egypt wooden funerary mask - face from a Ptak-Sokar-Osiris figure,

26th dynasty (BM suggested 700 - 400 BC). 9+ cms tall, c 4.5 cms

wide. Some colour remaining - face white with black top.

Traces of old wood-worm on rear. Eminently desirable. £350

7 Egypt - ushabti, pale blue colour. 26th dynasty. 7 cms tall. Intact £100

8 Egypt ushabti, light brown colour, 5th-3rd C BC, 5 cms long.

Known as "jelly babies". Traces of white colour £65

9 Egypt - alabaster make-up pot with matching carved lid. 7 cms

diameter. 1000 BC £175

10 Egypt - old Kingdom grey stone vessel, unfinished, with vestigial

lug handles. Later 3rd millennium BC. 5 cms tall. (Bought in

Nottingham Ancient & Oriental) in 1998 with listing £165

11 Egypt - brown glazed amulet of Anubis, striding forward and wearing

a pleated skirt. (one ear chipped, other lost 'in antiquity'). Set on

perspex stand. 4.3 cms tall. £125

12 Egypt - faience amulet of Shu (god of air and sunlight), pale blue

and white colour. Set on wooden stand for display. 3+ cms £125

13 Egyptian bronze "bull" figure, c.500-400 BC, with top knot to

animal's head. Probably a votive offering. 5.5 cms tall, and

3 cms long, with integral bronze base and stud. Some corr. £125

14 Egypt - blue faience amulet of a reclining lion, 26th dynasty, ie

664-525 BC. (although BM thought maybe later). 2.5 cms long £55

15 Egypt - pale blue faience amulet - eye of Horus, late Dynastic.

3 cms high. £65

16 Egypt - papyrus sceptre or Wadj in very pale blue faience. This type

of amulet was placed at the throat of the deceased, guaranteeing

rejuvenation. Top loop for suspension. £75

17 Egyptian scarab, bought from Castle Antiques in Leigh-on-Sea in

1992 - "small phaque scarab"; cost £60 then. £75

18 Egypt - brown scarab, with beetle imprint seal. £75

19 Egypt - blue/green scarab , early Dynastic £95

20 Egypt - pale blue scarab, with hieroglyphs . £65

21 Egypt - little bone hair-pin, 6 cms long, with finger grip at top £45

22 Roman terra-cotta head, from the "Faiyenne" area of Egypt;

1st/2nd century AD. (Bought in Blackheath in 1986) £75

23 Roman bronze spoon bowl, 2nd Century. 4 cms long. £30

24 Another, smaller, with traces of gilding at bottom by ring. 2.5 cms £35

25 Roman bronze statuette of a horse, one leg missing. 3.5 cms high

and 3.5 cms long. Attractive tone. £50

26 Roman pin brooch, featuring four keys, two interlocking. Pin gone £25

27 Roman bronze tweezers, still useable ! 4.5 cms £15

28 Roman bronze hair-pin, 6 cms long, with decorative design £25

29 Roman to medieval - lot of 4 bronze items : strap end with engraved

designs to front, shoe buckle, round brooch ornament (green)

and buckle end strap (bottom hook gone). £50

30 Medieval hook ornament, pretty green tone. £15

31 Medieval terracotta red bowl, 4" diameter, 1.25" high. Excavated at

Blackheath pre-1991. 15th Century. Intact. £60

32 Medieval (16th C) rider's spur, traces of original gilding. £35

33 Medieval hand manacle (ie early hand-cuffs) 16th/17th C. £45

34 Medieval (17th C ?) powder horn, made from animal horn, with wooden

base and screw-top. 12 cms tall. £70

35 Medieval dagger (possibly 17th C), blade 7 cms long, with

short handle grip made of alternating brass and wooden rings. £50

36 Late medieval herb cutter (could also be an early pizza-slicer !)

very decorative handle made of two birds facing each other. £75

37 Late medieval animal trap in blackened bronze; stamped SCOTSMAN

at top and on brass securing clip (this too marked 50). Still

useable (!!!), but dangerous in the wrong hands. 18th C ? £100

38 African Kissi Penny, 45 cms long; twisted metal lucky

charm ("Coin with soul") - if broken, witch doctor must

repair and restore soul!) £10
39 Another, this one shorter - 28.5 cms £8

40 Japanese brass incense bowl, with two carry handles, blackened

inside from use. Stamped on bottom in Japanese. 15 cms dia. £50

41 FOSSILS - Glazed wooden frame, containing 28 various fossils,

all dated 45 - 70 million years old. Frame measures 25 cms

by 15 cms. Mostly teeth and bone fragments. £50