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A 7+ WW2 Military Medal mounted group of seven to - 901314 Bombardier

Frank TAYLOR, 65 Fd Regiment, Royal Artillery, as : Military medal,

1939/45 star, Africa star / bar 8th Army, Italy star, Defence and War medals,

plus Territorial Efficiency medal Geo VI. LG 26/11/1942 - citation reads :

"in Munassib .. enemy shelling was heavy ... all communications with RHQ

were cut ... Bmbr Taylor, normally a driver immediately volunteered to mend it

... a shining example to his comrades". His recommendation for the MM was

signed by 5 Majors and Generals, including Montgomery !!

Sold to us by the family, it includes original LG copy, six photographs of him

in uniform at the time in North Africa, a postcard of Pompeii sent by him to a

lady friend in Hayes, Bromley, 3 photos of his father, mother and him as a toddler;

his WW2 medal award slip and the letter forwarding him his TA medal,

addressed to him at his home in Oaktree Gardens, Bromley, Kent.

Also the Buckingham Palace congratulatory letter from the King.

Plus three colour photos of him in later life, wearing his medals. He also

was awarded a Dunkerque medal (Diploma 65752) by the 1940 Dunkirk

Veterans Assoc'n, and went on at least one pilgrimage back there. AEF £1,600

B 4+ WW1 Military Medal mounted group of four to 471727 Sapper

Stephen E. STOKES, R.E., as - WW1 Mililtary, plus WW1 pair, and WW2

Defence medal. LG 18/10/1917 (not specified for which operations, but

many were awarded for Ypres, E. Africa, Egypt, Mesopotamia and Italy).

Comes with a file of copied papers, including his MiC, and extracts from

various censuses. From Surbiton. EF £365

C 5+1 WW2 Court-mounted group to Lieutenant-Colonel W.N. DEVONSHIRE,

East Lancashire Regt., as : OBE, military with 1939/45 star, Burma star,

Defence & War medals (this last with MiD oak-leaf.) With hallmkd silver medallet

(Mappin&Webb) 1874-1974 named to him from Imperial Continental

Gas Association. With a file of copied papers, confirming entitlements.

William Nagle Devonshire received his MiD on 5 April 1945 as Temporary

Major for "Gallant & Distinguished services in Burma & on the Eastern

Frontier of India". LG for his OBE was on 17 January 1946 - this citation

reads " ... Services performed at Comilla & Central Burma". Much original

paperwork, documents and a b/w photo of him at the time in uniform. £325

D 4+ WW1 Meritorious Service medal group of 4 to M2/032889 Private

Charles STREET, RASC, as : WW1 1914/15 trio, plus MSM (Geo V)

His LG is dated 16/ 10 / 1919. From Woking, Surrey. With copies of

his data and service. (A storeman at Aircraft factory in 1939). EF £285

E 3 WW1 Meritorious Service medal trio to WR-10379 A/Corporal

W.R. BASKET, E.E.S., Royal Engineers, as : WW1 pair plus MSM

No further details as to the LG reference for his MSM, but the pair is named

to him as : 3751 A/Cpl W R Basket, 5th London. £275

F 4 WW1 court-mounted MSM group to - W.O. Class 2 John G. BUTCHER,

Royal Engineers, as : WW1 British War medal (his only entitlement),

- 17615 S/Sjt, WW2 Defence medal, Army LS/GC medal Geo V and

Meritorious Service medal, Geo VI. (Both of the last 2, as WO Cl.2

1852249). With copied papers, confirming entitlements. EF/+ £325

G 3 Court-mounted Military WW2 BEM group to a Canadian - Flight-Sergeant

Austin Chesley CRUICKSHANKS, R.C.A.F., as : British Empire Medal,

Geo VI (LG 1/1/1946, twice recommended for the BEM), with WW2

Canadian Voluntary Service medal in silver, and silver War medal.

R50148, at Station Botwood, " outstanding Aero Engine Mechanic...

... reconnaissance work over the North Atlantic". Plus file of papers. EF £300

H 5 WW2 mounted BEM group to Thomas Joseph PEARSON, as : British

Empire Medal (Civil) "Rolling Stock Technician, Perth, Scottish Region,

British Railways". (LG 26/6/1979), mounted with 1939/45 star, F&G star,

Defence and War medals. Plus copy papers and 2 b/w photos. AEF £200

J 2 Egypt pair, mounted as worn, to 1065 Private Edward DARKE, 2 / DoCLI

ie Duke of Cornwall Light Infantry, as : Egypt medal / bar The Nile 1884-85

and Khedive's Egypt star, dated 1884-6. Plus set of copied papers,

confirming bars and entitlements. From Worcester. GVF++ £300

K 3+1 Boer War pair and WW1 to 9381 Private William SEVIOUR, Coldstream

Guards, as : QSA / 6 bars - Belmont, Modder River, Driefontein, Johannesburg,

Diamond Hill, Belfast, KSA / 2 bars - SA1901, SA1902, plus WW1 British

War medal. (This last named as - 4453 Pte, 4/Somerset LI.) Naming on

KSA is "Serviour". Plus Boer War Christmas tin 1900. He is also entitled to

a SWB, being discharge in July 1917 for sickness. (The 4th SLI served in

India & Andaman islands, thus his BWM is his sole entitlement for WW1.

He cam from Leigh on Mendip, near Frome. GVF++ £425

L 2 Boer War pair to 6808 Private J. BOUSFIELD, 1 / D.L.I., as - QSA / 3 bars:

CC, OFS, Tr and KSA / 2 bars : SA1901, SA1902. Plus papers. GVF £210

M 2 Boer War pair to 5837 Private J. WALLACE, 2 / Northumberland Fusiliers,

as - QSA / 3 bars : CC, OFS, Tr and KSA / 2 bars : SA1901, SA1902.

With paperwork confirming bars and noting QSA no. as 7279. GVF/+ £210

N 2+3+ FAMILY medals to the HERBERT family, father and son.

Father : D.A. Herbert, a high-ranking Buffalo member, with two cased

medals - 1934 dated Services Rendered medal (no 256) for the Duchy of

Cornwall Lodge 205, and Founder's Jewel 1935 for the Duke of Kent

Lodge (no 272). Both these are hallmarked silver and gilt, the latter one with

raised buffalo's head & 2 ruby eyes, surrounded by 22 "Best Paris Brilliants".

With 82 page RAOB illustrated catalogue of jewels available, by Simpson & Co

Battle Bridge Works, King's Cross. Plus a b/w photo of him in 'uniform'.

Son : WW2 Casualty 7363752 Private David James Herbert, RAMC, as

1939/45 star, Africa star and War medal. KiA on 14th November 1942

and buried in El Alamein cemetery (on the Memorial, column 82).

With his condolence medal award slip and box of issue, sent to his

mother (?) Mrs B. Herbert at 2, Camlan Road, Bromley, Kent. £150

P 3+4+ FAMILY medals to the COOK family, father and son.

Father : WW1 Mons bar trio to 990 Private Alfred Ernest Cook,

Northumberland Fusiliers. (Later M.F.P.), together with his matching

ribbon bar (& rosette)

Son : WW2 group of 4, as 1939/45 star, Italy star, Defence & War medals,

to A. Cook, Queen's Bays (Calvalry). With a photo of him in uniform,

dated 1943 on back, and the box of issue, addressed to him at

76, Midleton Rd, Guildford. Plus copies of censuses, confirming dates

of birth, marriage, dwellings and address for both. £225

Q 1+2+3+3 Medals and medallions to three generations of the ROSHER family, as:

Large public school silver award medal, named on reverse to Frederick

Rosher, 1st April, 1851. (48 mm, set top loop)

Gilt and silver prize medals awarded to F. Rosher & Co., dated 1892 and

1893, as : AE gilt 42mm medal from International Horticultural Exhibition

London 1892, Group H, Silver 42mm medal from Gardening & Forestry

Exhibition, london 1893, Group 14.

WW2 group of 3 medals, attributed to Michael Rosher, of Coonbeswell,

Haslemere, Surrey, as : 1939/45 star, Atlantic star / bar F & G, and War

medal, with the award slip and box of issue.

Three life-saving medals, awarded to the later Mrs Rosher, but named to her

as S. Nicoll, or S.M. Nicoll. Sheila Nicoll married Michael, above. £200

R 4 WW1 Casualty group to - 8313 Private Edward Henry WILLMOTT, 10th

Royal Warwickshire Regt., as : 1914/15 trio, plus Memorial Plaque.

He died of his wounds on 27th March 1918, F & F. Medals all have

"Willmot", and plaque reads "Edward Harold" !! GVF £275

S 5 WW1/WW2 mounted group to 438 Gunner Horace Warder EDWARDS,

R.H.A. As : 1914/15 trio, WW2 Defence medal and Imperial Service meda,

EIIR (1st obverse - Br:Omn:Regina). He served with 1/1st (Berkshire)

Battery, RHA (TF) with the Yeomanry Mounted Division in Egypt and

Palestine. His ISM was awarded on 26th October 1956, as Assistant

Inspector, Post Office, Reading. Comes with much copied paperwork,

including his MiC, and details of the action seen by the 1/1st Berkshires.

ISM is named as Horace Mander Edwards. AEF £95

T 4 Mounted WW1 group to K.10684 H. LEA, Royal Navy, as : WW1 1914/15

trio, plus Naval LS/GC medal Geo V. He was a STO.1 on Star, Acting SPO

on pair, and M.36314 RPO on LS (HMS Columbine). Last confirmed. GF £125

U 4 WW1 and later ISM mounted group of four to K.2308 Leading Stoker

W.T. CARD, Royal Navy, as - 1914/15 trio, and Imperial Service medal

EIIR (1st obverse - Br:Omn:Regina). Comes with a complete set of copied

papers, noting his service for 12 years from 1909 to 1919 on various ships.

William Thomas Card was awarded his ISM on 23/4/1954 (LG) as

Works Oversees, grade IV with HM Stationery Office. AEF £110

V 5+ WW1/WW2 group to 408593 Acting-Sergeant E.L. BURDEN, Canadian

Engineers, as : WW1 pair, plus WW2 silver Defence and War medals and

silver Canada Voluntary Service medal. (Last 3 medals unnamed as issued)

Together with C.E. cap-badge. GVF/+ £145

W 5 WW1/WW2 court-mounted group to 1966 Sapper H.C. WARWICK,

Royal Engineers, as : 1914/15 trio, plus WW2 Defence medal and Geo V

Territorial Force Efficiency medal. (This last as no, 528098).

As worn. Silver medals nicely toned. GVF++ £145

X 4+ WW1/WW2 court-mounted group to 28678 Sapper William BUTCHER,

R.E., as : 1914/15 trio, plus WW2 Defence medal. His MiC notes that

he later transferred to the RFC and then RAF as No. 125117.

Comes with a number of original documents, a b/w photo and his dog-tags.

He has an RAF War badge certificate no. 1209 (issued 26/8/1918),

discharge memorandum dated 12/9/1918 for disability, plus 2 registered

envelopes addressed to him (Bromley, Kent & Blackburn, Lancs)

Also, much copied paperwork, incl. attestation and service papers. GVF+ £125

Y 3 WW1/WW2 group to 2995 Private Frederick J. GRAY, Somerset L.I.

as : BWM and Victory medals, plus WW2 Defence medal. With file of

copied papers, noting he was from Cirencester. MiC notes later change

of service number from 2995 to 201120. GVF/+ £55

Z 4 WW1/2 mounted group to S4-218089 Private G.F. CARVELL, RASC as :

WW1 pair, plus WW2 Defence medal and Special Constabulary LS medal

Geo VI Ind:Imp / set 2 bars - Long Service 1945 and Long Service 1955.

George Frederick Carvell enlisted on 24/10/1916 and was discharged on

20/1/1919. Plus copied papers, noting his serive and census details. £85

A1 7 WW2 mounted group of seven to K.66232 Petty Officer R.P.E. WOOD,

Royal Navy, as : Naval GSM / bar Palestine 1936-1939, WW2 1939/45

star, Atlantic star / bar F & G, Africa star, Italy star, War medal plus

Naval LS/GC medal - HMS Inglefield. (GSM has rank of KX.SPO) £300

B1 4 WW2 and later Court-mounted RAF group to 532847 Flight-Sergeant

W.B. HILL, RAF, as : Defence and War medals, plus GSM / bar Malaya

(George VI) and RAF LS/GC medal EIIR. ('B' of initial officially corrected

on the LS medal. EF, bright £115

C1 6 WW2 mounted group to - 6346376 Private G.W. COLLINS, Royal West

Kent Regiment, as : 1939/45 star, Africa star, Italy star, Defence and War

medals, plus Territorial Efficiency medal Geo VI (Ind-Imp), bar

Territorial. GVF++ £110

D1 5+ WW2 group to 22269685 Sergeant A.H. CARTER, Royal Engineers, as:

1939/45 star, Africa star / bar 1st Army, Italy star, War medal with Army

LS/GC medal EIIR (post 1953), set bar Regular Army. Presented court-

style for display. With photo of him in uniform, and the WW2 transmittal

box, addressed to him at 15, Hadley Avenue, Worthing, Sussex. GVF+ £100

E1 4+ WW2 group, attributed to G.P. GOODAIR, RAF, as : 1939/45 star,

Burma star, Defence and War medals; all in the card box of issue,

addressed to him at 1, Constance Road, Sutton, Surrey. Mint £40

F1 5 WW2 court-mounted group to D/MX 67573 Stoker/Petty Officer

G.N. CLAXTON, Royal Navy, as : 1939/45 star, Atlantic star, Italy

star, War medal and Naval GSM / bar Palestine 1945-48.

Re-mounted with new ribbons (no reverse pin). GVF/+ £165

G1 6++ WW2 Court-mounted group, presented in a glazed frame, attributed to

S/260930 Corporal W. WYNNE, 334 Coy, RASC, as : 1939/45 star,

Africa star / bar 8th Army, Italy star, F & G star, Defence and War medals -

Together with another large framed glazed plate, commemorating 50th

anniversaray of the Battle of El Alamein 1942-1992, by the 8th Army Vets.

Assoc'n, picturing all 18 formation cloth badges of the divisions and

brigades who took part. Plus W.Wynne's invitation (him & his wife) to

attend the Westminster Abbey Service of Thanksgiving on 14/10/1992. £150

H1 4++ WW2 Court-mounted group to Lt-Colonel John Kenneth OWENS, RASC,

as : 1939/45 star, Burma star, Defence medal, War medal / set MiD oak-leaf.

Lt-Col Owens was also awarded the CBE (LG 11/6/1977) as Director

National Council of Social service. He was awarded the Mid oak-leaf twice

(LG - 9/5/1946, and 19/9/1946) and we have all the original documentation

and letters announcing these - ("in recognition of Gallant & Distinguished

services in Burma". Plus ribbon bars, shoulder pips, photos of him in

uniform, award letters, etc. From Llanvair, Abergavenny. EF £200

J1 6+ Palestine and WW2 mmounted group to 4534457 Private W. HITCHEN,

2 / West Yorkshire Regt., as : GSM / bar Palestine, plus WW2 1939/45

star, Africa star, Burma star, Defence & War medals. Plus his cap-bagde,

and a file of papers relating to his service. And a b/w photo of him. AEF £165

K1 4 WW2 mounted group, attributed to Stan PRATT, Army, as : 1939/45 star,

F & G star, Defence & War medals. (Last 2 medals mounted b-2-f) AEF £40

L1 6+ WW2 court-mounted group to 6407364 Private 'Ron' TINDALE, 2nd Bn,

East Yorks Regt., as : 1939/45 star, F & G star, Defence and War medals,

plus French Legion of honour (intact white enamels) and unofficial Normandy

Campaign medal / bar Normandy (Mdls Yrbk U6). Plus 2 photos of him

in uniform at the time, a home-made illustrated "Best Wishes for 1945"

card he sent to his wife in Roman Road, Bow, E3. He later served with

Ryl Sussex Regt and Queen's (15th Scottish Div'n). New issued medals £165

M1 5+5+ WW2 mounted group to 2073739 Private H. MASSEY, Royal Scots, as:

1939/45 star, F & G star, Defence and War medals, plus Territorial Efficiency

medal / bar Territorial, Geo VI. Defence and War medals are mounted

back-to-front ! With matching set of mounted miniatures (same mounting

error !). Plus WW2 medals award slip and letter from Infantry Records

in Perth, 1949, addressed to him at 13, Yorkton Street, London E2. AEF £125

N1 2++ Court-mounted pair to A/M Russell F. JASPER, StJJ, as - WW2 War medal

plus StJJ serving brother's medal / set 2 extra LS bars; with his bronze

StJJ annual badge with bars for 1951 / 52 / 53 / 60 / 61 / 62. (A/138169).

Plus copies of census reports, etc, confirming his age and address.

From 174, Bethnal Green, East L ondon. EF £40

P1 4 WW2 and later group to Lieutenant F.W. LUDLAM, RNR, as -

1939/45 star, F & G star, War medal and Cadet Forces LS medal EIIR

(This last named as Ty.Lieut, S.C.C.) GVF+ £125

Q1 5 WW2 group to 2038033 Gunner R. CALEY, RA, as - 1939/45 star, Africa

star, Defence and War medals, plus Territorial Efficiency medal, bar

Territorial, Geo VI (Indiae Imp). GVF £70

R1 4 Mounted group of 4 to 642868 Sergeant J.W. NICHOLS, RAF, as :

Defence and War medals, plus GSM / bar Malaya EIIR and RAF

Long Service & Good Conduct, (EIIR, 2nd obv). GEF £140

S1 4 WW2 and later group, to W 1233179 Chief Technician S.J. ASHDOWN,

RAF, as : WW2 Defence and War medals, GSM / bar Cyprus and RAF

LS/GC medal EIIR post 1953. GSM is only marked 1233179 with rank of

Sergeant. (Service number indicates enlistment in April/May 1940). £125

T1 6+ WW2 mounted group to a Canadian - attributed to R-69900 Sergeant (A/G)

Ted GOLDSMITH, Royal Canadian Air Force, as : 1939/45 star, Burma

star, Italy star, Defence meda, Canadian WW2 for Voluntary Service / bar

for extra LS and War medal. (Last 3 medals are silver). Plus his photo

album from the war, with about 50 b/w photos of him, his planes, fellow

airmen and places he was in. Plus copies of his service record, etc.

He was with 244 Squadron (RAF) in Iraq. £175

U1 4+ WW2 group to 4128142 Lance-Sergeant E. JONES, Royal Engineers, as:

1939/45 star, Italy star, Defence medal, War medal / set MiD emblem.

Together with his 2 dog-tags, a coloured photo of him in uniform, award

certificate and box of issue to him at 48, Remer Street, Crewe, Cheshire.

Medals have big rings, indicating 1980's issue. LG 29/11/1945 and

again 23 May 1946. EF, as issued. £90

V1 2 WW2 pair, awarded to an Australian, as - War medal with Australia Service

medal, both named to VX 66631 A.K. JAMES. EF. Arthur Kingston

James was born 2nd March, 1907 in Marino, Victoria, and enlisted at

Royal Park, Marino. (Next -of-kin listed as James Rubina). £70

W1 3 WW2 unattributable mounted trio to RAF, as - 1939/45 star, Air Crew

Europe star / bar F & G, War medal. Nicely toned, and rare. £340

X1 5 WW2 unattributed mounted group to a New Zealander - 1939/45 star, Pacific

star, Defence and War, plus NZ War medal. Defence medal is set a red

enamelled "84 Returned Services Association" badge. £145

Y1 2+ Mounted pair to Cyril H.T. COOMBE, as : WW2 Defence medal and

Special Constabulary medal EIIR, with bar Long Service 1968. Plus the

card case of issue (from Exeter). Also his ribbon bar and 2 sets of silvered

letter 'S' and 'C'. And copied papers, noting his dates, etc. EF/+ £40

Z1 3 WW2 trio, attributed to an Indian - 3130473 Sepoy Bakh TAWAR,

6th Battalion JAT Regt., as - India Independance medal (named), plus

WW2 War medal and WW2 India medal (map & dates 1939-45). AEF £30

A2 4 WW2 mounted group to an Indian - 3632798 Platoon-Naik Faqir KHAN,

13th F.F. Rifles, as : Indian Independance medal, named as listed, plus

Service medal / set bar Kashmir 1948, WW2 War medal and India WW2

service medal. (Only first medal is named). GVF, ribbons slightly faded £40

B2 2 Mounted Police pair to Constable Neville B. SHOPLAND, as : WW2

Defence medal, plus Police LS medal EIIR (2nd obv). From Neath, South

Wales. Plus copies of his birth, marriage and death. EF/+ £45

C2 2 Mounted pair to Constable Stanley E. WEAVER, as : WW2 Defence

medal, & Police LS/GC medal EIIR (1st medal unnamed, as issued). EF £50

D2 7 WW2 unattributed mounted group, as - WW2 1939/45 star, Africa star, Italy

star, F & G star, Defence & War medals, plus 1977 Silver Jubilee medal £220

E2 6 WW2 unattributable group, as - 1939/45 star, Italy star, Defence & War medals

plus 1935 Silver Jubilee medal and 1937 Coronation medal. Court-style £85

F2 3 Court-mounted unattributable WW2 trio, as 1939/45 star, Atlantic star

and War medal. On Firmin pin. AEF £35

G2 4 WW2 mounted group of four - 1939/45 star, Burma star, Defence and

War medals. Unattributed. GVF £40

H2 3 WW2 group of 3 - unattributable, as - 1939/45 star, Africa star and War

medal. Mounted as worn. GVF+ £25

J2 3 Mounted WW2 and Korea group to C/MX 569329 E.R.A. 3

R.W. D'ARCY, Royal Navy, as - WW2 War medal, plus Korea

pair, ie UK and UN Korea medals. (1st obv Britt.Omn.Reg) GVF £150

K2 2+ Korea pair to 19040216 Fusilier J. ALTON, 1 / Royal Northumberland

Fusiliers, mounted as worn : UK Korea medal with UN medal for Korea /

bar Korea. Plus b/w photo of him and a fellow soldier. (His service number

indicates National Service from 1946/7 and on the Reserve list

from 1950 - 1952. (UK Korea medal is 1st obverse Britt:Omn:Regina). £185

L2 2 Korea pair to 22497851 Pte W.A. SMITH, Welch Regt. 1st obv. EF £220

M2 2 Korea pair to B/SSX 832485 Able-Bodied R.E. EDWARDS, Royal

Navy. 1st obverse. EF £125

N2 4 Court-mounted group to 23704638 Driver G.F. COLLINS, R.C.T., as :

CSM / 2 bars : Borneo, South Arabia, unofficial Voluntary Service medal

(named Sgt, Ryl Signals), unofficial General Service Cross (Hallmkd '94)

and Pingit Jasa medal. EF/+ £200

P2 2 REME pair to 23858006 L/Corporal L.J. HICKLING, Royal Electrical &

Mechanical Engineers, as : CSM / bar South Arabia, plus Army LS/GC

medal, EIIR, 2nd obverse. Mounted as for wear. EF £135

Q2 2 Court-mounted pair to : J.8182994 Corporal S.J. GARTLAND, RAF, as :

CSM / bar Northern Ireland (S.A.C.), plus RAF LS/GC medal EIIR. EF £120

R2 3+ Court-mounted trio to a Para - 24274298 S-Sergeant K.J. STYLES, Para

as : CSM / bar Northern Ireland, UNFICYP medal and Army LS/GC medal

EIIR, bar Regular Army. With his "Red book", which details his service.

Kenneth John Styles served from 1971 until 1987, and served at home and

in Cyprus, kenya, BAOR, Singapore, Australia, Falklands, and Canada.

Finishing up with 9 Para Sqn, RE : " outstanding career..." EF/+ £400

S2 2 Gurkha pair to - 21149167 Rifleman Tilbahadur MALL, 1 / 2 Gurkha

Rifles, as : GSM / 2 bars : Malaya, Brunei and CSM / bar Borneo.

Regiment on the GSM is 2 G.R. EF £300

T2 2 Green Jackets pair to 23742909 Lance/Corporal E.G. GRANT,

Rank on the GSM is Rifleman. EF £380

V2 ..... Lance-Corporal E.G. CASTLE, 104110, Royal Army Medical Corps.

We don't have his medals (the vendor says he sold them to us a "year or two

ago" !!! ???) But we do have : over a dozen b/w photos of him from a

fresh-face medic in uniform (dated December 1915 at Royal Victoria Hosp.)

through to after the Armistice (16th November 1918). Several are annotated

on the back. His Mid certificate 'signed' by Winston Churchill dated 18/1/1919,

although he was MiD'ed for the period 15th Sept to 31st Dec 1919, as per

another original letter "for distinguished service and devotion to duty in the

field", mentioned in the Dispatch of General Earl of Cavan, C-in-C, British

Forces in Italy. Large British Red Cross Society award Certificate to Eric G.

Castle for "valuable services rendered during the war". WW2 Certificate

'signed' by George VI to Eric Gwynne Castle "who served from 12 June

1942 to 31 December 1944", ie for his Defence medal. His wife's post-

war ration books for 1953-54 (Kathleen Castle). And last but no means least

his three hand-written war diaries from WW1 - one from Jan'y 2 to Dec'r

31, 1915, one from Jan'y 1 to Dec'r 9 1916 and finally from Boxing day 1917

to May 23, 1918. On Boxing day he wrote "Had a very lovely time. Fritz bombing.

H5 aeroplanes came over about 9am. 5 brought down. 12 came over at noon.

11 brought down in flames".

He was attached to HQ, 23rd Division. The collection ....... £250