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A 2 Two cased medals to a woman - Edith Rose MANNALL, as : British Empire

medal, plus her Imperial Service medal, EIIR. BEM medal is in LG, dated

8 June 1950 - "Forewoman, Printing Works, HM Stationery Office" -

Rotherhithe, SW16, and ISM is LG 31 July 1964. Both EF/AEF £300

B 2 Crimea pair to Lieutenant George W. WEBBER, 17th Regt. (Leicesters)

as - Crimea medal / bar Sebastopol, with Turkish Crimea medal (La Crimea

1855). Together with supporting set of copied papers. GVF/+ £400

C 2 Egypt pair, mounted as worn, to 1065 Private Edward DARKE, 2 / DoCLI

as - Egypt medal / bar The Nile 1884-85 and Khedive's Egypt star, dated

1884-6. Plus set of papers confirming bars and entitlements. GVF++ £340

D 2 Egypt pair to a Marine - Egypt medal / bar Alexandria 11th July, plus

Khedive's Egypt star dated 1882 to : Gunner T. COPPER, RMA,

HMS "Temeraire". Some contact marking to 1st medal, as usual. VF+ £450

E 2 Egypt pair to 1456 Corporal W. KAY, 2 / Royal Irish Fusiliers, as : Egypt

medal / bar El Teb_Tamaai (undated reverse), plus Khedive's Egypt

star 1884. AEF £350

F 5 China Wars and WW1 medals to - 171599 Able-Bodied (Seaman)

S.C. THOMAS, Royal Navy, as : 2nd China medal (SC Thomas, AB)

this with brooch-mount marks on obv, and later suspender; 3rd China

War medal, in silver no bar - ( HMS Isis), Naval LS/GC medal, Edw VII

(HMS Diamond), plus WW1 pair. Research now reveals that the first

medal is either his father's, or (more likely) one that Samuel Charles Thomas

had renamed for himself. His papers confirm that he was on HMS Isis for

the 3rd China War and that he was on HMS Aboukir on 22/9/1914, when a

German submarine sunk 3 armoured cruisers; luckily he was one of the 837

men to be rescued. He was born in 1876 in Charlton, South London, and

signed up in 1894 for 12 years, re-joining again till 8th Feb'y 1919. £425

G 5 China and WW1 group to PLY. 9694 Private Frank RENDELL, RMLI, as:

3rd China War medal, no bar (Pte F. Rendall), WW1 1914/15 trio and

Naval LS/GC medal. (Last one has his christian name in full). Mounted on

a pin with new ribbons. GVF/++ Royal Marine Light Infantry. £450

H 2 Boer War / WW1 "pair" to L. ARNOLD, as : QSA / 2 bars - Tr, SA1902,

7093 Private, Essex Regt. (initial L altered), plus WW1 1914/15 star

to Driver L. Arnold, SAS CMT. (South African Service Corps of

Mounted Transport). WW1 pair evidently missing. QSA dark, Star ok £130

J 2 Boer War pair to 6808 Private J. BOUSFIELD, 1 / D.L.I., as - QSA / 3 bars:

CC, OFS, Tr and KSA / 2 bars : SA1901, SA1902. Plus papers. GVF £250

K 2 Boer War pair to 5228 Private G. LEVERETT, 1st / Suffolk Regiment, as

QSA / 3 bars : CC, OFS, Tr and KSA / 2 bars : SA1901, SA1902.

With original ribbons (sl frayed). Initial on KSA is J. GVF £240

L 2 Boer War pair to 5837 Private J. WALLACE, 2 / Northumberland Fusiliers,

as - QSA / 3 bars : CC, OFS, Tr and KSA / 2 bars : SA1901, SA1902.

With paperwork confirming bars and noting QSA no. as 7279. GVF/+ £240

M 4 WW1 group to a Marine - 1914/15 trio plus Naval LS/GC medal Geo V :

PO 16553 Pte A. MARLOW, RMLI. (LS/GC medal has "MNE, RM"). GVF £175

N 4 WW1 group to a Marine - 1914/15 trio plus RFR medal Geo V, to : RMA 9167

Gunner H. GRAY. RFR Long service medal has RMA 9167 (PO.A.401166)

MNE. GVF++, with new ribbons. £175

P 4 Mounted WW1 group to K.10684 H. LEA, Royal Navy, as : WW1 1914/15

trio, plus Naval LS/GC medal Geo V. He was a STO.1 on Star, Acting SPO

on pair, and M.36314 RPO on LS (HMS Columbine). Last confirmed. GF £150

Q 3+4++ FAMILY medals to the FELTHAM family, father and son -

Father - WW1 trio to 924 Pte J.W. Feltham, RAMC, with their boxes of

issue. James William Feltham ran a tobacconists shop in the Kent area.

Son - WW2 group of 4 - 1939/45 star, Italy star, Defence & War medals to

W/O 1803376 Navigator J.W. Feltham, 104 Squadron, RAF. John Walter

Feltham was involved in several bombing raids over Italy in 1943 and 1944

Includes a whole host of original photos, paperwork, photo album, his bible,

box of issue for medals (from Maidstone, Kent), RAF service & release book,

RAF log-book, SAAF observer's log book, group pictures of D flight,

No. 4 squadron, many annotated dinner invites, etc etc ....... £500

R 7++ WW1/WW2 Naval PoW Casualty group to 62812 Able-Bodied Seaman

Arthur Robert BARNES, Royal Navy, as : WW1 pair, Naval LS/GC medal

Geo V (awarded in 1935), plus WW2 1939/45 star, Atlantic star, Africa

star and War medal. He was sunk at Tobruk whilst on HMS Sikh, rescued

by the Germans and taken prisoner to Italy, where he died of TB on 8th

February 1943. Comes with a huge amount of original paperwork, photos

and letters, including several sent by him from his time as a PoW; one

letter notes to his wife "we had a bit of bad luck at Tobruk"..... Further

letters of condolence to his widow, 3 telegrams stating variously ...

"he's missing ... he's a PoW ... he's dead". Many photos of him, his ship-

mates, his ships, HMS Sikh veterans' Ass'n, etc, etc. £400

S 6 WW1 / WW2 court-mounted group to K.24535 Stoker 1 W.J. LAMBLE,

Royal Navy, as : WW1 1914/15 trio, plus WW2 Defence and War medals

and Naval LS/GC medal, Geo V. (Last is a L.S.A. on HMS Osprey.)

Plus a file of papers, confirming service and his ships. GVF overall,

but BWM and Victory are more polished. £165

T 9+ WW1 / WW2 mounted group to Marine Walter DUDLEY, RM, as :

WW1 pair (PLY-1327-S RMLI) and WW2 1939/45 star, Atlantic star,

Africa star, Defence and War medals, plus Naval LS/GC medal Geo V

this last PLY 21380 Mne, RM. Also mounted at the end is the Russian

1945-1985 Russian Convoys jubilee medal. Comes with his own

Arctic emblem and the King's badge "For Loyal Service". A copy of his

service record notes his service from 1923 till 1944, and wounded twice

(shrapnel and gun-shot ). Plus a big file of copied papers. GVF/++ £275

U 6 WW1 / WW2 mounted group to K-18884 Stoker 1 W.J. JONES, Royal

Navy, as : WW1 1914-15 trio, plus WW2 1939/45 star, Africa star and

War medal. Original ribbons, and a whole file of copied papers. AEF £135

V 5++ WW1 / WW2 group to 396 Sergeant T.L.H. SNOW, Essex Regiment, as :

WW1 1914/15 trio, plus WW2 Defence medal and Geo V Territorial

Force Efficiency medal (200029 Sgt, 4/Essex Regt). Comes with his

silver 'Services Rendered' wound badge (No. 01614), his sergeant's

stripes, cap badge, buttons, collar-dog, ribbon bars, lump of shrapnel (!)

and hallmkd spoon engraved Sjt TLH Snow, 17 Col, with 2 cloth 17Col. £250

W 4 WW1/2 mounted group, to 2468 Driver C.J. BRICKNELL, 7th Brigade,

RFA / RA. With photo and further papers. Wounded 3/7/1917. VF

1914/15 trio, as Star, BWM and Victory, plus WW2 Defence medal. £85

X 4+++ WW2 attribouted group to S/7636569 Lance-Corporal J.L. CLARK,

RASC, as : 1939/45 star, Africa star, Defence and War medals. Together

with a large accumulation of personal ephemera and original documents -

his pay-book, soldier's release book, many b/w photos, service book in its

leather wallet, corporal's stripes, canvas knap-sack, Civil Defence cloth,

civil defence black jacket and trousers, with CD Croydon logo sewn on,

on shoulder "Headquarters Intelligence & Operations" embroidered, plus

his ribbon bar. WW2 medal box of issue, addressed to him in East

Dulwich, London SE22. Booklets - "Hebrew for a shilling" - "Specially

prepared for HM Forces in Middle East, Cairo Services Sailing Club

Rule book. Many photos are of him in Egypt, Israel and Nathaniya. £250

Y 5 WW2 group to 911623 Gunner W. (Bill) HARDING, RA, as : 1939/45 star,

Burma star, Defence and War medals, plus Territorial Efficiency medal

Geo VI IndImp. (Only this last named, and as Harping). Typed note with

the group states he was with 362 and 503 Batteries, 139th (TA) Field

Regiment, RA in France, India and Burma from 1939 to 1945. GVF £90

Z 4 WW2 mounted group to 14649335 Private S.V. RECORD, East Yorks.

Regiment, as : 1939/45 star, F & G star, War medal and GSM / bar

Palestine 1945-8. EF/+, GSM with mellow tones. £140

A1 4 WW2 and later Court-mounted RAF group to 532847 Flight-Sergeant

W.B. HILL, RAF, as : Defence and War medals, plus GSM / bar Malaya

(George VI) and RAF LS/GC medal EIIR. ('B' of initial officially corrected

on the LS medal. EF, bright £150

B1 4 WW2 Court-mounted group, attributed to T/217679 Driver A.L. WAY,

1561 Pln (Artillery) RASC (Light), as : 1939/45 star, F & G star, Defence

and War medals. Plus his soldier's service book, noting his service. EF

Together with Alfred Leonard Way's dog-tags on old string. Plus papers £50

C1 5 WW2 court-mounted group to D/MX 67573 Stoker/Petty Officer

G.N. CLAXTON, Royal Navy, as : 1939/45 star, Atlantic star, Italy

star, War medal and Naval GSM / bar Palestine 1945-48.

Re-mounted with new ribbons (no reverse pin). GVF/+ £170

D1 4 WW2 mounted group, attributed to Stan PRATT, Army, as : 1939/45 star,

F & G star, Defence & War medals. (Last 2 medals mounted b-2-f) AEF £45

E1 5 WW2 group to 2038033 Gunner R. CALEY, RA, as - 1939/45 star, Africa

star, Defence and War medals, plus Territorial Efficiency medal, bar

Territorial, Geo VI (Indiae Imp). GVF £80

F1 3 Mounted WW2 trio, as - Defence & War medals, plus Special Constabulary

LS medal, EIIR (post 1953). Last medal named to Sergeant Douglas

W. READ. GVF, Sp. Constab. Medal EF with lustre £35

G1 6 Mounted group to 562967 Flight-Sergeant R.J. COOPER, RAF, as -

1939/45 star, Africa star / bar North Africa 1942-43, Defence & War medals,

GSM / bar Palestine 1945-48 and RAF LS/GC medal Geo VI. EF £185

H1 7+ WW2 group of 6+, attributed to JX 368575 K.W. PARKER, Royal

Navy, as - 1939/45 star, Atlantic star / bar F & G, Burma star, Italy

star, Defence and War medals. Together with the award slip, suitably

annotated, and box of issue, to him at Langton Road, Falmouth. EF £95

J1 5 WW2 group, awarded to 1235552 Corporal R.L.. TURNER, as :

1939/45 star, Africa star, Italy star, Defence and War medals. Recently

issued medals, each in its own official black plastic case, named up on

the lid. With award certificate. Mint condition, stars have a pinkish hue. £50

K1 2 WW2 pair, awarded to an Australian, as - War medal with Australia Service

medal, both named to VX 66631 A.K. JAMES. EF £80

L1 2 WW1/2 'pair', award to South Africans - WW1 BWM Sjt W. MARSHALL,

S.A.M.C. (this has had the top suspender torn off!), plus WW2 silver

Africa Service medal to ACF 148893 S.G.B. MARSHALL. (Active

Citizens' Force). They came together, and quite possibly are father & son. £35

M1 4 WW2 group to a South African, all four medals named up to him, as is

usual - 58131 E. FINN. 1939/45 star, Africa star, War medal and

Africa Service medal, in silver. (Stars gilded, as often). GVF+ £45

N1 3 WW2 trio, attributed to an Indian - 3130473 Sepoy Bakh TAWAR,

6th Battalion JAT Regt., as - India Independance medal (named), plus

WW2 War medal and WW2 India medal (map & dates 1939-45). AEF £35

P1 4 WW2 mounted group, attributed to father of S.P. Lacey, of Croydon -

1939/45 star, F&G star, Defence and War medals. AEF £40

Q1 7 WW2 unattributed mounted group, as - WW2 1939/45 star, Africa star, Italy

star, F & G star, Defence & War medals, plus 1977 Silver Jubilee medal £215

R1 6 WW2 unattributable group, as - 1939/45 star, Italy star, Defence & War medals

plus 1935 Silver Jubilee medal and 1937 Coronation medal. Court-style £95

S1 3+3 WW2 Mounted trio, unattributable, as : Defence and War medals, plus

Territorial Decoration, George VI, with extra LS bar, dated 1950 on

reverse. With matching set of miniatures. (TD has no top bar). EF £125

T1 3 Court-mounted unattributable WW2 trio, as 1939/45 star, Atlantic star

and War medal. On Firmin pin. AEF £45

U1 2 Court-mounted WW2 pair, India Service medal and War medal, unnamed. £18

V1 3 Mounted trio to (F)4048047 Sergeant J. TULK, RAF, as : GSM / bar Cyprus

EIIR (with rank of Corporal), CSM / bar Borneo and RAF LS/GC medal

EIIR 2nd obv. Nicely toned. GVF/+ £250

W1 2 Pair to CH / X 4332 Corporal W. HANNAH, Royal Marines, as : Naval GSM /

bar Cyprus, with Naval LS/GC medal EIIR, 2nd obv. (1st medal has had

original rank of MNE altered (or corrected) to Cpl.) AEF £250

X1 2 Mounted pair to PO 39422 T Corporal N.R. HANNIGAN, Royal Marines,

as : CSM / 2 bars - Northern Ireland, N.Iraq & S. Turkey, plus Naval

LS/GC medal EIIR, 2nd obv. CSM rank is Marine. EF/+, bright £500

Y1 2 Court-mounted pair, to 2440375 Guardsman C.P. BUNDZA, Coldstream

Guards, as CSM / bar Northern Ireland and UNFICYP medal. CSM is

marked Duplicate, hence price. (Red backing cloth is marked "SIG PLTN

2 (SP) COY. (ie Support Company). AEF £75

Z1 2 Mounted pair to 22525718 Staff-Sergeant P. BLUNT, Royal Signals, as -

UNFICYP medal with Army LS/GC medal, EIIR, bar Regular Army. EF £85

A2 3 Mounted WW2 and Korea group to C/MX 569329 E.R.A. 3

R.W. D'ARCY, Royal Navy, as - WW2 War medal, plus Korea

pair, ie UK and UN Korea medals. (1st obv Britt.Omn.Reg) GVF £165

B2 2 Korea pair to 22497851 Pte W.A. SMITH, Welch Regt. 1st obv. EF £250

C2 2 Korea pair to B/SSX 832485 Able-Bodied R.E. EDWARDS, Royal

Navy. 1st obverse. EF £130

D2 2 REME pair to 23858006 L/Corporal L.J. HICKLING, Royal Electrical &

Mechanical Engineers, as : CSM / bar South Arabia, plus Army LS/GC

medal, EIIR, 2nd obverse. Mounted as for wear. EF £145

E2 4+4+ Mounted group to RM 8143 Sergeant Cecil John CHEGWIDDEN, Royal Marines,

as : Naval GSM, Geo VI / 3 bars - Malaya, Cyprus, Near East, CSM / 2 bars -

Radfan, South Arabia, 1953 Coronation medal and Naval LS/GC medal

EIIR 2nd obv. Plus a matching set of miniatures (CSM with only Radfan bar)

his ribbon bar and a bronze basket-ball winners medal "NHLBBL 1959-60

Winners". With card box addressed to him as C/S at Catterick barracks.

A Marine on the Naval GSM, he was Sgt on CSM and LS/GC medals.

Sold by the family, who also had related MASON brothers' medals. AEF £650

F2 1 Naval GSM / 3 bars : Palestine 1945-48, Malaya, Canal Zone to CH/X

5000 Marine R.V. MASON, Royal Marines. With his Certificate of

Service and Discharge Certificate, showing his 12 years of service from

1947 to 1959. Ronald Valentine Mason came from Plumstead. On pin £400

G2 4++ WW2 Marine Casualty group to CH / 22355 Corporal John Frederick MASON,

Royal Marines, as : 1939/45 star, Atlantic star, Africa star, War medal.

Also awarded a Distinguished Service medal (LG 16/12/1941) for

"Gallantry & devotion to duty in service in Greek waters" whilst on HM

Transport Bantria. - However, the family gave his DSM to the Marine

Museum. We have 3 silver and 2 bronze prize medals, named to him -

RM Depot Deal : PT March 1919 and BT Sept 1919 to Pte JF Mason, in

bronze, and silver HMS Dunedin Whalers Inter Part for 1925 and 1926,

and Winners of Warren Shield 1928 A.22355 JF Mason.

Plus his RM Discharge certificate, showing he did 12 years service from

23/9/1918 to 1931, earning a WW1 BWM. He died on July 20th 1942,

aged 41, on MV Indus, which was attacked by the German raider 'Thor'

in the Indian Ocean. With medal condolence award slip. EF £200

H2 3 Modern mounted trio to a Prison Officer, as - 2002 GJ medal, 2012

DJ medal, plus Prison Officer's Exemplary Service LS medal, EIIR

to - Off. P. BROWNHILL, GH 183. EF+ £225

J2 3+2+ Fire-brigade mounted trio to Fire-fighter Andy BRANT (Soho), as :

2002 Golden Jubilee medal, 2012 Diamond Jubilee medal, Fire Brigade

LS/GC medal EIIR (Andrew Brant); case for LS/GC spells Andy.

Plus cased gilt LFB large medal for 2012 "Safe in the Hands of London

Fire Brigade" by T,K&S; Cased CuNi medal from Prime Minister for

"helping to deliver a safe & secure Games 2012". His ribbon bar and a

photo of him receiving his medal from the Commissioner on 16/4/2009,

as well as the awards ceremony booklet, with his name printed. EF £250

K2 2 Pair to a Sepoy - WW1 BWM plus GSM / bar S. Persia (Geo V) to :

4660 Sepoy Nur ABDULLAH, 1-55th Coke''s Rifles, Frontier Force.

He saw service in India, China and South Persia. GVF £110

L2 2 WW1 Mercantile Marine pair, to James FALCONER, as : BWM and

Mercantile Marine medal. Both mint, in their card boxes of issue, and posted

to him on S/S Graziella, at Blyth, Northumberland. Much copied paperwk. £85


M2 2 Court-mounted pair to PC W. STEVENS, 'E' Division (Holborn), as :

1902 Coronation medal in bronze and 1911 Coronation medal in silver.

(Only 1st medal states which division). GVF++ £90

N2 2 Mounted pair to Constable Stanley E. WEAVER, as : WW2 Defence

medal, & Police LS/GC medal EIIR (1st medal unnamed, as issued). EF £60

P2 2+ Pair to Sergeant Harold Clemens JENKIN, as ; WW2 Defence medal

(unnamed as issued) plus Police LC/GC medal Geo VI FidDef.

With his ribbon bar, card box of issue for the LS medal (32 Cornwall).

Comes with census records, which note his birth, marriage & death. EF £50

Q2 3+ Trio to Constable (later 121 Warrant Officer) Samuel GREEN, as :

WW2 Defence medal, Police LS/GC medal Geo VI FidDef, and 1953

Coronation medal, on pin and red card case of issue. LS medal also

comes with its card box of issue (36 Bradford City). With a newspaper

cutting and picture of WO "Sam" Green, on his retirement after 26 years,

mentioning his 330 arrests and further details. AEF £85

R2 2+ Pair to 7148 Section Officer Daniel JONES, (Ton Pentre Division, South

Wales), as - Special Constabulary LS medal, with extra LS bar "Long

Service 2004" EIIR, and 2002 Golden Jubilee medal; each mounted on

a separate pin, as worn. Plus boxes of issue for each medal, a copy

colour photo of him receiving his bar to the LS medal from the Commissioner,

and a named invitation to the 175th Gala Dinner in 2006. EF £85