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A 5+2 FAMILY medals to the HUTSON family, Brothers -

Brother 1 : Mounted set of 4 : WW1 pair, plus Territorial Medal for VSO to

1613 Private Arthur Hutson, Middlesex Regt., with his Territorial Efficiency

medal, Geo V, as 148697 Gunner, RGA. Also his silver RAOB medal,

dated May 22, 1925 in the University Lodge No. 53 and Midd'x Regt

enamelled Comrades lapel badge "The Die hards".

Brother 2 : WW1 pair to 123711 Private George Thomas Hutson, RAMC,

CASUALTY - died at sea, 26/2/1918. (Medals are mint, with ribbons

wrong way round). From Hampstead. £500

B 2+4+5 FAMILY medals to the WHITTAKER family, Father and 2 sons -

Father : WW1 pair to TF.240844 Corporal Walter C. Whittaker, Royal West

Kent Regt., with 2 cap badges. He was a champion gymnast, winning the

Metropolitan & Southern Counties' Amateur Gymnastic Ass'n Championship,

the youngest ever to do so (newspaper cutting with pix confirms) along with

the silver medal itself (dated 24.4.1920). In later life he became a fireman,

and has too the Nat'l Fire Brigades Ass'n bronze LS medal / bar 5 years,

a silver medal from 'Borough of Bromley Fire Brigade' - "For conspicuous

service"; & silver St. Dunstan's Billiard Fund medal won Jan'y 1927.

Son 1 : WW2 mounted group of 4 - 1939/45 star, F & G star, Defence and

War medal, to D.W. Whittaker (Doug), with the card transmittal box (from

Bellingham, Catford), also matching set of mounted miniatures, French

Normandy Landings Overlord gilt medal and another 1944-1994 Caen

remembers medal; 2 booklets - 2nd Army Thanksgiving service, and his

Army Prayer book.

Son 2 : WW2 naval medals to 'Bob' Whittaker, as - 1939/45 star, Atlantic

star, Pacific star, Defence & War medals. Plus bronze prize medal 1935

T.S. Warspite 440 yard relay 1st; naval Firmin's button made into a brooch,

and Christmas card from HMS Ganges, Shotley, signed by him to parents

with view of the training crews. £400

C 3+4++ FAMILY medals to the FELTHAM family, father and son -

Father - WW1 trio to 924 Pte J.W. Feltham, RAMC, with their boxes of

issue. James William Feltham ran a tobacconists shop in the Kent area.

Son - WW2 group of 4 - 1939/45 star, Italy star, Defence & War medals to

W/O 1803376 Navigator J.W. Feltham, 104 Squadron, RAF. John Walter

Feltham was involved in several bombing raids over Italy in 1943 and 1944

Includes a whole host of original photos, paperwork, photo album, his bible,

box of issue for medals (from Maidstone, Kent), RAF service & release book,

RAF log-book, SAAF observer's log book, group pictures of D flight,

No. 4 squadron, many annotated dinner invites, etc etc ....... £650

D 5 China Wars and WW1 medals to - 171599 Able-Bodied (Seaman)

S.C. THOMAS, Royal Navy, as : 2nd China medal (SC Thomas, AB)

this with brooch-mount marks on obv, and later suspender; 3rd China

War medal, in silver no bar - ( HMS Isis), Naval LS/GC medal, Edw VII

(HMS Diamond), plus WW1 pair. Possibly father and son, (both named

S.C), but could well be the one man. GVF/+ £500

E 5 Boer War and WW1 group to 5937 Private Cornelius JONES, 2 / South

Lancs. Regt., as QSA / 3 bars : CC, OFS, Tr, KSA / 2 bars : SA1901,

SA1902, plus WW1 Mons bar trio. Presented court-style for display.

Comes with a full set of supporting copied papers, confirming entitlements

He transferred (as per MiC) to Cheshire Regt as L/Cpl on 3/1/17. GVF £450

F 3 Boer War trio to 2220 Sergeant W. PALMER, 2 / Shropshire Light Infantry,

as : QSA / 4 bars : CC, Paardeberg, Driefontein, Johannesburg, KSA /

2 bars : SA1901, SA1902, with Army LS/GC medal, Edw VII.

Boer War pair has him as a Private, promoted to Sgt on LS. GVF++ £375

G 2 Boer War pair to 6808 Private J. BOUSFIELD, 1 / D.L.I., as - QSA / 3 bars:

CC, OFS, Tr and KSA / 2 bars : SA1901, SA1902. Plus papers. GVF £265

H 2 Boer War pair to 5228 Private G. LEVERETT, 1st / Suffolk Regiment, as

QSA / 3 bars : CC, OFS, Tr and KSA / 2 bars : SA1901, SA1902.

With original ribbons (sl frayed). Initial on KSA is J. GVF £250

J 2 Boer War pair to 5838 Corporal W. TAYLOR, Hampshire egt., as :

QSA / 3 bars : CC, OFS, Tr and KSA / 2 bars : SA1901, SA1902. GVF+ £230

K 2 Boer War pair to 5837 Private J. WALLACE, 2 / Northumberland Fusiliers,

as - QSA / 3 bars : CC, OFS, Tr and KSA / 2 bars : SA1901, SA1902.

With paperwork confirming bars and noting QSA no. as 7279. GVF/+ £250

L 2 Boer War 'pair' to 97234 Sergeant F.J. ROGERS, RFA, as : QSA / 3

bars : SA1902, CC, OFS (Mounted thus), plus Army LS/GC medal

Geo V. QSA is 20th Batty RFA, Lsis 3rd Class Master Gunner, RGA £200

M 3 Boer War and WW1 to 11655 Corporal Walter SIGEE, RAMC, -

QSA / 2 bars : CC, OFS and WW1 pair as 144204 Sapper, RE.

With supporting copy papers, confirming 2 QSA bars at No. 5 Stationary

Hospital, Bloemfontein and MiC for WW1. Mounted court-style for

display, with full set of further copied paperwork. GVF/+ £165

N 2 Boer War pair to 2831 Private J. WEBSTER, Norfolk Regiment, as :

QSA / 3 bars - CC, Paardeberg, Johannesburg, and KSA / 2 bars

SA1901, SA1902. No further details. GVF/+ £265

P 2 Boer War pair to 421 Private Henry KEIRLE, 3 / Welsh Regiment, as :

QSA / 1 bar CC, KSA / 2 bars - SA1901, SA1902. EF bright, with

full set of supporting copied papers. £215

Q 2 Boer War / WW1 "pair" to L. ARNOLD, as : QSA / 2 bars - Tr, SA1902,

7093 Private, Essex Regt. (initial L altered), plus WW1 1914/15 star

to Driver L. Arnold, SAS CMT. (South African Service Corps of

Mounted Transport). WW1 pair evidently missing. QSA dark, Star ok £140

R 3+ WW1 group to 2078 Private Sydney ANNING, 1/4th Devon Reg't., as -

WW1 pair, plus Territorial War medal for Voluntary Service Overseas.

With full set of supporting paperwork,, ie MiC, Census for 1911, noting

his address as Honiton, Devon. (Later 200476). GVF+ £325

S 4 Mounted WW1 group to K.10684 H. LEA, Royal Navy, as : WW1 1914/15

trio, plus Naval LS/GC medal Geo V. He was a STO.1 on Star, Acting SPO

on pair, and M.36314 RPO on LS (HMS Columbine). Last confirmed. GF £150

T 3+ Mounted trio to M2-115239 Private A.J. SELLS, ASC, as - WW1 pair

plus WW2 South African medal for War Services; with the card box

of issue for the WW1 pair, and his cap badge. GVF+ £80

U 4 WW1/2 mounted group, to 2468 Driver C.J. BRICKNELL, 7th Brigade,

RFA / RA. With photo and further papers. Wounded 3/7/1917. VF

1914/15 trio, Star, BWM and Victory, plus WW2 Defence medal. £90

V 3 WW1 pair plus ISM to L-41685 Driver H.W.C. SMITH, RFA. MiC notes

Henry W.C., but ISM (EIIR) has William Henry Smith. GVF £45

W 2 WW1 naval pair, as - BWM and Naval LS/GC medal to 136304

David GILSON, Royal Navy. BWm rank is C.Y.S., and LS medal is

Ch. Yeo. Sigs, HMS Victory. (Chief Yeoman of Signals). We suspect

he is only entitled to the BWM and no Victory. GVF, darkish £110

X X ++ Private F.W. STANBRIDGE, 26286 53rd / Royal Sussex Regt, (Eastern Divn)

He was called up for service23/10/1917, and served overseas on active

service, but his Demob'n certificate states "Medals & Awards - NIL".

We have a glass photo of him in uniform, a print-out of same, his cap-badge,

Volunteer Drivers AWF enamelled badge, a run of safe-driving awards

with bars from 1935 to 1963 (medals are hallmarked and named).

Frederick William Stanbridge worked for Barclays, Perkins & Co for 21

years from 1929 to 1950; we have his silver lapel badge from same, with

a number of Anchor Magazine issues (1935, 36, 51), plus his PO savings

book from October 1917, when he deposited £3, plus plus ........ £75

Y 4 Court-mounted group to T-17700 Sergeant William Archibald BIRD, RASC,

as - GSM / Palestine, WW2 Defence medal, Army LS/Gc medal Geo VI

bar Regular Army, plus ISM EIIR. (ISM's LG is 28/4/1964).

Comes with copy papers, including census info, noting B.1899, D. 1985 £200

Z 3 Mounted set of 3 to 159871 Sergeant F.A. QUIRKE, RAF as :

WW2 Defence and War medals, plus RAF LS/GC medal (EIIR, 2nd

obv). Plus scarce typed award letter from the Air Officer Commanding

noting his "eighteen years service with irreproachable character and

conduct". GEF, LS medal bright. £70

A1 7+ Mounted WW2/Korea group to 6300117 S/Sergeant R.A. HAINES,

as - WW2 1939/45 star, F&G star, Defence & War medals, Korea pair

(Sjt., Royal Ulster Rifles), plus GSM / bar Near East (This as S/Sgt.,

RAPC. With 2 RUR cap badges, and US gallantry ribbon (?). GF/VF £400

B1 5 WW2 court-mounted group to D/MX 67573 Stoker/Petty Officer

G.N. CLAXTON, Royal Navy, as : 1939/45 star, Atlantic star, Italy

star, War medal and Naval GSM / bar Palestine 1945-48.

Re-mounted with new ribbons (no reverse pin). GVF/+ £180

C1 5+ WW2 group to 1428234 Gunner G.R. YOUNG, Royal Artillery, as -

1939/45 star, Africa Star / bar 8th Army, Defence & War medals, plus

TA medal/bar Territorial. With 2 dog-tags and 5-stripe red wound cloth. £115

D1 5 WW2 mounted group to 897664 Gunner F.G. NEAL, RA, as -

1939/45 star, Burma star, Defence & War medals plus Territorial

Efficiency medal, bar Territorial Geo VI. GVF++ £90

E1 5 WW2 group to 2038033 Gunner R. CALEY, RA, as - 1939/45 star, Africa

star, Defence and War medals, plus Territorial Efficiency medal, bar

Territorial, Geo VI (Indiae Imp). GVF £85

F1 3 Mounted WW2 trio, as - Defence & War medals, plus Special Constabulary

LS medal, EIIR (post 1953). Last medal named to Sergeant

W. READ. GVF, Sp. Constab. Medal EF with lustre £35

G1 6 Mounted group to 562967 Flight-Sergeant R.J. COOPER, RAF, as -

1939/45 star, Africa star / bar North Africa 1942-43, Defence & War medals,

GSM / bar Palestine 1945-48 and RAF LS/GC medal Geo VI. EF £200

H1 7+ WW2 group of 6+, attributed to JX 368575 K.W. PARKER, Royal

Navy, as - 1939/45 star, Atlantic star / bar F & G, Burma star, Italy

star, Defence and War medals. Together with the award slip, suitably

annotated, and box of issue, to him at Langton Road, Falmouth. EF £110

J1 3+ WW2 Air Efficiency group to 115846 Acting Flight-Lieutenant Geoffrey

Wallace JACKSON, RAFVR. WW2 Defence & War medals, plus

Air Efficiency medal Geo VI. LG has 3 mentions - 10.3.1942, 31.3.1942

and 26.2.1943. Plus copies of these and 3 b/w photos. Court-mntd. AEF £165

K1 3 Mounted WW2 and later trio to 4020276 Sergeant E. FULLWOOD,

RAF, as - Defence and War medals, plus RAF LS/GC medal

EIIR, post 1953. EF, LS/GC medal dark tone £65

L1 4 Mounted WW2 group to 14649335 Private S.V. READ, East Yorkshire

Regt., as - 1939/45 star, F&G star, War medal and GSM / bar Palestine

1945-48. Stars mint lustrous, GSM toned. £140

M1 3 Mounted naval WW2 trio to PO/X 5571 Marine M.J. HIGGINS, Royal

Marines, as - WW2 War medal, Naval GSM / bar Malaya (Geo VI) and

1953 Coronation medal. (GVF+, last 2 deeply toned). 45 Commando ? £200

N1 6+ WW2 medals, attributed to G.F. SMITH, Royal Navy, as - 1939/45 star,

Atlantic star, Africa star, Burma star, Defence & War medals, plus

transmittal slip from the Admiralty, box of issue (PO/X.2309 on lid),

From Uxbridge - then South Harrow. AEF £80

P1 3 WW2 trio, attributed to an Indian - 3130473 Sepoy Bakh TAWAR,

6th Battalion JAT Regt., as - India Independance medal (named), plus

WW2 War medal and WW2 India medal (map & dates 1939-45). AEF £38

Q1 4 WW2 group to a South African, all four medals named up to him, as is

usual - 58131 E. FINN. 1939/45 star, Africa star, War medal and

Africa Service medal, in silver. (Stars gilded, as often). GVF+ £50

R1 6 WW2 group to a South African - C.322320 John POFFADDER, Cape

Corps, as - 1939/45 star, Africa star, Italy star, Defence & War medals

plus silver Africa Service medal. All named up to him (except Africa star)

With further set of copied service papers, noting his movements. GVF/+ £75

S1 4 WW2 mounted group, attributed to father of S.P. Lacey, of Croydon -

1939/45 star, F&G star, Defence and War medals. AEF £45

T1 7 WW2 unattributed mounted group, as - WW2 1939/45 star, Africa star, Italy

star, F & G star, Defence & War medals, plus 1977 Silver Jubilee medal £225

U1 6 WW2 unattributable group, as - 1030/45 star, Italy star, Defence & War medals

plus 1935 silver jubilee medal and 1937 coronation medal. Court-style £100

V1 3+3 WW2 Mounted trio, unattributable, as : Defence and War medals, plus

Territorial Decoration, George VI, with extra LS bar, dated 1950 on

reverse. With matching set of miniatures. (TD has no top bar). EF £130

W1 3 Court-mounted unattributable WW2 trio, as 1939/45 star, Atlantic star

and War medal. On Firmin pin. AEF £50

X1 2 Court-mounted WW2 pair, India Service medal and War medal, unnamed. £21

Y1 2 Rare pair to Sarawak Police, as - GSM / bar Brunei with CSM / bar

Borneo to 750 Sergeant Razali Bin SALLEH, Sarawak Police. EF £275

Z1 2 Mounted pair to 22525718 Staff-Sergeant P. BLUNT, Royal Signals, as -

UNFICYP medal with Army LS/GC medal, EIIR, bar Regular Army. EF £90

A2 6 Fire-Brigade pair, together with 4 hallmarked silver fobs, to 2nd Officer /

Superintendant A. DUTHIE, as London Private Fire Brigades Assoc'n

silver LS/GC medal, numbered 104 on edge, plus similar bronze medal

(this numbered 337). Two silver fob prize medals from LPFBA, to

Superintendant A. Graham, dated 1925 and 1926. (This was his

adopted name, but when he discovered his real birth name was Duthie,

in 1926, he changed his name, so the two other silver fob prize medals

are named Superintendant (1927) and 2nd Officer (1931) A. Duthie.

Last medal has gold insert for Borough Polytechnic Fire Brigade. £180

B2 3 Mounted WW2 and Korea group to C/MX 569329 E.R.A. 3

R.W. D'ARCY, Royal Navy, as - WW2 War medal, plus Korea

pair, ie UK and UN Korea medals. (1st obv Britt.Omn.Reg) GVF £165

C2 2 Korea pair to 16000929 Staff-Sergeant S.J. WILKINSON, REME.

UK Korea 1st obverse type. EF £150

D2 2 Korea pair to B/SSX 832485 Able-Bodied R.E. EDWARDS, Royal

Navy. 1st obverse. EF £135

E2 2 Court-mounted pair to REM 1 & APOREL T. HORTON, Royal Navy,

as - CSM / bar Malay Peninsula with Navy LS/GC medal EIIR

2nd obv. D 078933J. HMS Collingwood. AEF, sl contact mks £180

F2 2 REME pair to 23858006 L/Corporal L.J. HICKLING, Royal Electrical &

Mechanical Engineers, as : CSM / bar South Arabia, plus Army LS/GC

medal, EIIR, 2nd obverse. Mounted as for wear. EF £150

G2 2 Gulf War pair to 24780202 L/Cpl D.A. BIBBY, REME, as :

Gulf medal / bar 16 Jan to 28 Feb 1991, plus Kuwait, Liberation

of Kuwait medal, 4th grade. Both medals come with their named

card cases of issue. (Kuwait medal with ribbon bar in blue plastic case) £170

H2 3 Modern mounted trio to a Prison Officer, as - 2002 GJ medal, 2012

DJ medal, plus Prison Officer's Exemplary Service LS medal, EIIR

to - Off. P. BROWNHILL, GH 183. EF+ £250

J2 2 South Atlantic mounted pair, to WEMN 1 S.H. WAYNE, HMS Bristol, as

Falklands medal with rosette, plus Naval LS/GC medal EIIR post 1953

this POOEL, HMS Collingwood. Both D.065927C. With matching

ribbon bar (& rosette). GVF+, LS medal with v sm ek £750

K2 2 Police pair to PC John BURLEY, "S" division, Metropolitan Police, as -

1887 Jubilee medal / bar 1897 plus 1902 Coronation medal in bronze.

S div'n is Hampstead, but he was born in Guernsey, and was a sailor. VF+ £100

L2 4+1+ JUST IN - Family medals to JOHNSTONE Family - father & son :

Father : Court-mounted group of 4 to 14177150 Corporal R. Johnstone,

HLI, as - GSM / 3 bars : Palestine 1945-48, Arabian Peninsula, Canal Zone,

(this as a Private), 1953 Coronation medal (stamped up as a Cpl, RHLI),

Civil Defence medal EIIR, unnamed as issued, plus TA Centennial medal

(Mdls Yrbk U40) - this last stamped "22500986 WO Cl 2, RAOC".

Together with an unofficial Arabian Service 1839-1967 medal (Award

Productions) on pin as for wear, plus Royal British Legion Scotland Annual

Conference Perth, with top bar "Freedom of City of Perth 2004".

Son : CSM / bar Northern Ireland to 24102128 Gunner R. Johnstone,

Royal Artillery. Presented court-mounted (no pin). 2 large eks, otw GVF £450