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A 4 Boer War and WW1 mounted group of four to Private John TAYLOR,

2nd Dragoons (aka Royal Scots Greys), as : QSA / 3 bars - CC, OFS,

Tr., (4803, Pte, 2nd Dragoons), KSA / 2 bars - SA1901, SA1902,

(4863, Pte, 2nd Drgns), plus WW1 pair - GS-9886 2-DNS. Plus a full set

of copied papers, noting his change of service numbers. He was called up

for WW1 service on 19/10/1916, but failed to present himself as a Reservist,

he was re-appointed to Corps of Dragoons with service number D/13794,

and was finally discharged on 30/1/1919. He lived at 86, North Park St.,

Maryhill, Glasgow. Silver medals are nicely toned with a light grey. £275

B 2 Boer War pair, to 1691 Private Frank HILL, East Yorkshire Regt., as :

QSA / 3 bars : CC, Tr., Wittebergen and KSA / 2 bars : SA1901, SA1902.

He signed up in 1885, and served in Gibraltar, West Indies and South

Africa, being discharged in 1893; but re-enlisted in 1897 and served again

in South Africa from 1900 to 1902. GVF/+ £240

C 2 Boer War pair, to 3829 Private A. SAYCE, 2nd Royal West Kent

Regiment, as : QSA / 3 bars : CC, TR., Wittebergen, plus KSA / 2 bars :

SA1901, SA1902. Plus copies of rolls, confirming entitlements. GVF £225

D 3+ WW1 Casualty - Pair and Plaque to 305399 Rifleman Charles WALLIS,

1st / 5th Bn., London Regiment. He was killed in action, F & F on 16th

August 1917; commemorated on the Menin Gate (Ypres) memorial.

Comes with his scroll and condolence slip from the King; all is presented

tastefully in two wooden glazed frames. Born in 1881, he lived before the

war with his wife Jessie in Harrow, working as a glover's salesman. EF £275

E 3 WW1 Casualty - Pair and Plaque to 5494 Private Robert George BONFIELD,

12th London Regiment. He died of wounds on 19th November 1918,

aged 30. He and his wife, Julia Lilian, lived at 61, Westbourne Road,

Barnsbury, NE London. Buried in Islington Cemetery. Later in his service

he transferred to the RDC as 44927 (73rd Protection Coy). EF £240

F 3++ WW1 Casualty - 1914/15 trio to G-4730 Lance-Corporal H.C. FRIEND,

6 / East Kent Regiment. (aka The Buffs), as : 1914/15 star, BWM and

Victory medals. Henry Christopher was killed in action on 19th August, 1915.

With small photo of him in uniform set in a cream-coloured bone (ivory ?)

stand-up frame with gilt flowers & wreath. Also the original registered letter

used to post his medals to mother Mrs Mary Friend, at "Oakleigh", Kingsdown,

Deal, Kent. With 2 photos of his grave in Calvaire (Essex) Military Cemetery,

Ploegsteert, Belgium, and 2 original award letters for his Star and BWM,

posted in July 1920 and January 1921. (Star L/Cpl, Pair Pte). AEF £225

G 3 WW1 Casualty Trio to - 95003 Gunner Henry Thomas JONES, RFA/RA,

as - 1914/15 Star, BWM and Victory medals - born in Hackney, he enlisted

in London and was killed in action on 6th April, 1917, after promotion to

A/Bombadier. With copy of CWGC details. GVF £130

H 3+3 WW1 1914 Mons bar mounted trio to 59992 Driver J.E. BURDEN,

RFA / RA, as : 1914 star and original bar, BWM and Victory. Original

ribbons, now a little tired, plus a matching set of mounted miniature

medals, these too showing signs of having been worn. GVF £175

J 3 WW1 trio to 1278 Driver Henry RICKETTS, RA, as - WW1 pair, plus

Territorial Force War medal. With copies of his service record; he enlisted

on 23/2/1914, and served with "C" battery, 300th Brigade. GVF £280

K 3 WW1 mounted trio to 208354 Sergeant R.J. POWELL, 19th London, as -

WW1 pair (208354 Pte, Labour Corps), plus Efficiency medal Geo V,

set bar Territorial (6453344 Sjt RJ Powell, 19th London). With a large

file of copied papers, noting his service. Richard James Powell came from

Quaker Street, Stepney, East London. GVF, but pair sl polished £140

L 3 WW1 1914 Mons bar trio to 9632 Sergeant E.W. HUMPHREYS, 10th

and later 18th Hussars, as - 1914 star, set copy bar (9632 Cpl E. Humphreys,

10th Hrs) and pair (6535 Sgt E.W. Humphries, 18 Hrs). With his MiC, noting

he went to France on 6th October 1914. Plus a whole pile of copied papers,

Ernest William Humphreys was born in 1886 and enlisted on 7/3/1905.

He is mentioned in the War Diary of the 18th Hussars on 21/11/1916.

Received a SWB (No.433894) and discharged on 24 July 1918, aged 33.

He died 3 years later in the County Asylum in Nottingham on 29/10/21

Medals are presented court-mounted, for wear or display. GVF/+ £185

M 2 WW1 part group to 2544 Private John E. HILL, Devon Regiment, as :

BWM and Territorial Force War medal. (Victory missing). With his MiC

and the card boxes and envelopes used to post him his medals : one

addressed to him at 16, Ampthill Sq., London NW1, other to 11, Alexandra

Mansions, Prince of Wales Rd., Norwich. GVF/++ £245

N 3 WW1 part trio to 1108 Sapper G.S. TAYLOR, R.E., as - 1914/15 star,

and BWM medal (Victory missing), plus Territorial Force Efficiency medal,

Geo V, this latter named 562296 Spr-L.Cpl. GVF, no further research £125

P 2 WW1+ part group to - 163362 Gunner J. SEATH, RA : BWM plus his later

Special Constabulary LS medal (John Seath) Geo V. (There is a Pte

HF Seath, 19th London casualty, from Hither Green. (Possibly brother ?) £35

Q 2 WW1 Court-mounted Mercantile Marine pair to Harry RIPPON, as :

BWM plus Mercantile Marine medal. With a set of copied papers, including

b/w photo of him as a young man. Harry Cunnington Rippon was born in

Leeds Infirmary on 25/8/1901, married Alice Duckworth in 1934 and,

after serving as MR Steward in WW1 died on 21/9/1995. AEF £75

R 2 WW1 and India mounted pair to 44579 Private G.H. WATERFIELD,

Yorkshire Regiment, as : BWM and India GSM / bar Afghanistan NWF 1919

No Victory medal (not entitled), and India medal states 1 - York R. AEF £120

S 4 WW1/WW2 mounted group to a South African, as - WW1 pair to 654812

Private C. MORROW, C.M.G. BDE (Canadian Machine Gun Brigade),

plus WW2 Canada Voluntary Service medal in silver and the WW2 War

medal also in silver. Charles Morrow's medals come with two lots of 60

pages each of service papers and further information. GVF++ £135

T 4 WW1/WW2 mounted group to 17366 Private William H. HOWES, as -

WW1 pair, plus WW2 Defence medal and Special Constabulary LS medal

George VI. He served with 11th (service) Battn Royal Sussex Regiment,

1st South Downs. MiC notes he later was with 255 T.R.B. and AOC.

Plus further handwritten notes on his service. GVF £75

V 3++ WW1/WW2 group to 29005 Private C.H. HEALEY, South Wales Borderers,

as : WW1 pair plus WW2 Defence medal. Charles H. Healey was born in

1890 in South London and after WW1 service worked as a magician in

Fred Karno's troop of performers, that included Charlie Chaplin and Stan

Laurel. He also owned Kentertainments in Orpington, where he performed.

With his WW1 medals is a home-made ID disc, from a Turkish silver coin,

engraved "4th SWB Bagdad 29005....." Also three original b/w photos

of him as a young man, and in later life with pipe and bow-tie. GVF/+ £95

W 6 Mounted WW2 Naval group to MX 50433 PO CK (S) W.H.G. CONDUIT,

as : 1939/45 star, Atlantic star, Africa star, Burma star / bar Pacific,

War medal and Naval LS/GC medal, Geo VI (FidDef) HMS Implacable.

Ship was an aircraft carrier, that was launched in 1942, and saw action

from Norway, through to Japan with the US Pacific Fleet. As worn GVF £220

X 5 Mounted WW2 group to 812194 WO Cl 2 George BARNES, RA, as:

1939/45 star, F & G star, Defence and War medals, plus Army LS/GC

medal, Geo VI bar Regular Army FidDef. He enlisted in 1930 and

was discharged to the Reserve in May 1955. About EF £120

Y 2 Mounted pair to Frederick W. CALTHORPE, as : WW2 Defence medal

plus Special Constabulary LS medal, Geo V. Copied papers confirm

that he was a Special in WW1 and then served as an ARP in WW2.

Born in 1875, he married in Chislehurst, Kent in 1901 and died in 1952. £38

Z 2 Mounted pair to 4441182 Private E. McCOLL, 9 / Durham Light Infantry, as :

WW2 Defence medal, plus Efficiency medal, Geo V set bar Territorial -

Born in Jarrow in 1894, Edward served as an ARP warden for Felling,

Durham, confirmed in the paperwork. Plus further details. A miner. GVF £90

A1 4+++ WW2 medals to 901173 Gunner William Henry BRIAN, No 3 Commando,

Special Service Brigade, as : 1939/45 star, F&G star, Defence & War medals.

He signed up with the Royal Artillery, but was with No 3 Commando in the

War; comes with a large amount of original paperwork, documents and

photos, sold to us by the family. Includes his brown Soldier's service & pay

book, noting his dob as 12/6/1920, trade a plasterer; transmittal box for his

medals, addressing him as Mr W. Brain (!), at 182, Magpie Hall Lane,

Bromley; his post-war passport, 3 cloth SS flashes, his Commandos red

and black enamelled pin badge (No 3844), matching SS Brigade Old

Comrades Assoc'n membership book; 6 embroidered hankies and

postcards from Brussels; 2 war-time b/w photos of him in uniform; letters

and papers from old comrades, MT section, 2 troop, 3 Commando lists;

book by Stan Scott of No.3 Commando - "Fighting with the Commandos"

and two fighting Commando knives - one in black with its leather scabbard

and other, gilt and enamelled, a post-war issue, costing £45 in 1993

On discharge, Bill was ranked P/A/L/Bdr. GVF+. Unique. £250

B1 2++ WW2 medals, attributed to 5342090 Private N J JENNINGS, Worcester

Regiment, as - Defence and War medals. With the card box used to post

him the medals, addressed to him in Seven Kings, Essex, also his brown

soldier's service & pay book, medals conferral slip, army form A2041

used to inform his wife and a b/w photo of him, signed "Lots of love, Bill"

noted on the back "Rome, June 26th 1944". He is probably also entitled

to a 1939/45 star and Italy star, but card box is thin - only room for 2. EF £50

C1 2 Mounted WW2 Police pair to Constable Stanley E. WEAVER, as -

WW2 Defence medal and Police LS medal EIIR (post 1953). EF £50

D1 4 WW2 mounted group, attributed to Stan PRATT, as - 1939/45 star,

F & G star, War and Defence medals. (mounted in that order !). None

named, of course, but with conferral award slip, marked with his name. £38

E1 6++ WW2 Court-mounted group, presented in a glazed frame, attributed to

S/260930 Corporal W. WYNNE, 334 Coy, RASC, as : 1939/45 star,

Africa star / bar 8th Army, Italy star, F & G star, Defence and War medals -

Plus W.Wynne's invitation card (to him & his wife) to attend the

Westminster Abbey Service of Thanksgiving on 14th October, 1992. £85

F1 4 WW2 and later group, to W 1233179 Chief Technician S.J. ASHDOWN,

RAF, as : WW2 Defence and War medals, GSM / bar Cyprus and RAF

LS/GC medal EIIR post 1953. GSM is only marked 1233179 with rank of

Sergeant. (Service number indicates enlistment in April/May 1940). £120

G1 3 Mounted trio to an Indian - 10295 Naik Ram CHAND, Dogra Regiment,

as : WW2 Burma star, War medal and GSM / bar S.E. Asia 1945-46.

Ribbons are of Indian quality. As worn. GVF £65

H1 2 Mounted pair to an Indian - WW2 War medal plus India Service medal

to 30466 Naik Daya RAM, F.F. Rifles. (Frontier Force Rifles). GVF £25

J1 4 WW2 unattributed mounted group of four, as - 1939/45 star, Africa star,

Italy star and War medal. Plus award slip (Army), noting 4 medals. AEF £40

K1 3 WW2 unattributed mounted trio, as - 1939/45 star, Africa star and War

medal. EF, stars lustrous. £25

L1 2+2 Mounted pair to 22285079 J.A. MILTON, Royal Signals, as : GSM / bar

Malaya EIIR (S.Q.M.S.) and Army LS/GC medal EIIR, bar Regular Army

(W.O. Cl. 1). With matching pair of similar miniatures, also mounted. AEF £130

M1 2 Mounted pair, as - Africa GSM medal EIIR / bar Kenya, plus 1953 Coronation

medal. Unfortunately, the naming on the first has been erased, second is

unnamed, as always. EF/+ £65

N1 3 Mounted trio to (F) 4048047 Sergeant J. TULK, RAF, as - GSM / bar

Cyprus, CSM / bar Borneo, plus RAF LS/GC medal (EIIR, post 1953)

GSM has rank of Corporal, but later two are Sergeant. GVF+, sl. toned £225

P1 3 Court-mounted trio to T/19046329 Driver R.J. BEARDS, RASC, as :

GSM / bar Malaya Geo VI (Pte), plus Korea pair - UK and UN Korea

medals (BrittOmnRegina, ie 1st obverse). About EF £180

Q1 2 Korea pair, to 22633169 Trooper D.D.J. BOLTON, Royal Tanks.

UK Korea medal is 1st obverse type. (Britt Omn Regina). AEF £300

R1 2 Korea pair to 22497851 Pte W.A. SMITH, Welch Regt. 1st obv. EF £200

S1 2 Korea pair, to 22616437 Gunner R.J. GONDA, RA, mounted as

worn. UK issue is 1953 type (BrittOmnRegina). EF £130

T1 2 Korea pair, to 22226728 Cfn. K. WHITFIELD, R.E.M.E., mounted

as worn. 1st obverse (BrittOmnRegina). EF £145

X1 4 WW1 group to A. 4482 Leading Seaman E.J. PARKIN, RNR, as :

1914/15 trio, plus RNR LS & GC medal, Geo V, with early green ribbon.

Ernest John Parkin came from Coombe Martin in Devon and joined up on

3/8/1914 on HMS Caesar. He was injured in November 1915, whilst in

Bermuda Harbour, and finally was demobbed from HMS President in

1919. But continued his reservist activities, including "fishing in open boat

in Bristol Channel", as per the copy papers. LS/GC medal awarded in

1930 at Ilfracombe. Married to Blanche, he had 3 daughters and died

aged 93 in September 1988. (LS medal 4565) GVF++ £140

Y1 4+2+ WW1 Family medals to the EDWARDS brothers - Harry and Frank.

SS/114973 Stoker 1 H. Edwards, Royal Navy, as - Casualty WW1 Trio,

as 1914/15 trio, plus plaque (Harry Edwards) in its brown card folder, his

condolence scroll in its round card outer with both ends, addressed to his

father Mr W. Edwards at 18, Windsor Avenue, Blackpool. He joined the

Manchester Regiment in 1912, but transferred to the Navy on the outbreak

of war. His ship HMS Carnarvon was involved in the Falklands battle of

1914. He drowned on 30th September 1918 on HMS Seagull, when it

collided with SS Corribb in the Firth of Clyde. With copy photograph of

him and shipmates, and rare letter to mother stating the plaque would be

late in being delivered. With his Christmas tin and buttons. MINT

3035 Private F. Edwards, Ryl Lanc Regt, as - WW1 pair, plus his SWB

numbered 454739. Medals mounted as worn; plus Frank's cap badges

and shoulder titles - T5, King's Own. (11 pieces in all, brass and 'silver')

All complete with a plethora of copied papers, relating. EF £550

Z1 1 WW2 Prisoner of War memorabilia - no medals, but a unique album of

photographs, set in a carved wooden outer, belonging to 6338947

Sergeant S.A. WOOD, Royal West Kent Regiment. He was taken PoW

in 1940 and kept in prison camp 383 (Hohenfels) as prisoner no. 2842.

Post Liberation, he became a Colour-Sergeant with the 4th Batt'n, RWK .

The album contains over 120 b/w photographs, many of the inmates

performing plays and G&S operettas, with some in 'drag'. The front cover

has been carved in wood, featuring the RWK Invicta Kentish horse with

dates "19 France 40" at the top and "19 Kent 44" at the bottom, with left

and right 4 each of the places they were , viz : Belgium, Luxemb'g,

Germany, Poland to the left, and U'Silesia, Slovakia, W'phalia, Munich

to the right. Many poignant inscriptions on the backs of photos, with

names and nicknames of fellow PoWs; a newspaper cutting of his

retirement presentation at Argyle Road TA centre, Sevenoaks. Several

photos are officially stamped "gepruft" in Stalag VIIIB. His number is noted

as No 2842 OFLAG VIB. With platoon official photo of 33 men, taken

on May 30th, 1952. A unique portfolio of people and memories. £200

A2 5 Court-mounted curious group, to 24900069 Guardsman O. ROBERTS,

Coldstream Guards, as : Gulf War medal / bar 16 Jan to 28 Feb 1991,

CSM / 2 bars : Northern Ireland, Kuwait, UN medal (UNAMIR) for

Rwanda, plus NATO medal / bar Former Yugoslavia, and NATO medal

for Macedonia. Has been court-mounted by Medway medals of Gillingham,

but first two medals and bars are copies (CSM medal disc is correct )

Our research from the CG archivist tells us that Gdsman Roberts served

until 9/3/1987, when he was discharged, then rejoined the CG in 20/6/1990

He did serve in Northern Ireland and Germany in 1992 - total service with

the CG was 3 years and 21 days; but he was never in Rwanda or the Gulf.

Very presentable group, as worn probably, but a touch of the fantasist EF £300

B2 6 Court-mounted copy group, awarded (we are told) to a Lieutenant-Colonel,

as : CSM / bar Northern Ireland, Operational Services medal for Afghanistan

with bar Afghanistan, Op Telic medal for 2nd Gulf campaign, 1977 Silver

Jubilee medal, 2002 Golden Jubilee medal, 2012 Diamond Jubilee medal.

All looking very impressive, but no name forthcoming from our vendor. EF £150