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British Medal Groups

A 4+5++ FAMILY medals, to Father and Son BATTLE, who were known locally

as "Battles the Bakers", of Orpington, Kent.

Father - WW1 pair to 626044 Gunner C.S. Battle, HAC-Art. Together with

his cased and silver-gilt Rotary International Past President (Orpington) 1940

medal and A.C.C. "For King & Country medal, with top bar "Distinguished

Service" / set 2 further Five Years blue enamelled bars on the ribbon.

Charles Stanley "Stalwart" Battle had a brother, Arthur, who ran the rival

baker's shop in nearby Chislehurst.

Son - WW2 RAF mounted group of five to 1182480 W/O A.M.A Battle, as :

OBE, civil (awarded in 1987), plus WW2 1939/45 star, Air Crew Europe star,

Defence and War medals. With a matching set of miniatures (only the WW2

medals). As these medals were sold to us by the son and grandson of the

father and son, we also have acquired a large amount of original documents

and letters, especially referring to W/O Battle, who crash-landed in Denmark

on May 17/18, 1942 and taken prisoner. He spent nearly the next 3 years

in Stalag 344. (Letters to and from him). Plus his RAF service and release

book, original Warrant for W/O, large photo of him and crew members,

letters from Air HQ in September, Certificate from Air Marshall on 1/1/1947,

noting his "outstanding good service..... during the occupation of Germany".

Towards the end of the war, all inmates at Stalag 344 were force-marched

from Lamsdorf (Upper Silesia) away from the advancing Russians; walking

nearly 800 kms, they were finally liberated by the Americans. We have his

handwritten account of this march, as well as his role in the PoW camp

(as chief interpreter). Plus letters from the Danes who rescued him from

the crashed plane, where he was navigator in the front nose; replies to them,

his typed account of the fateful flight; photos of the 4 x 1500 pound sea mines

that didn't explode when they crashed. Further photos of the crash site .....

In later life, he worked for Peek Frean, and his LG for his OBE was for

being Secretary of the British Food Export Council. (LG 13/6/1987). £1,000

B 4++ WW2 RAF group to 1388361 Flight-Sergeant Sidney Godfrey POLLOCK,

as : 1939/45 star, Burma star / bar Pacific, Defence and War medals.

Together with his log-book as Air-Gunner, then Navigator from 4th Jan'y

1943 to October 1945. It lists his bombing sorties, mostly in a Liberator,

over Northern Thailand, Rangoon and Malay peninsula; and later in a Dakota.

Plus several photos of him and his fellow RAF colleagues. Also a number

of photos of his (presumed) girl-friend Sheila Mary Austin, a WRNS,

from Colombo, Ceylon. Also his Observer cloth wings, ribbon bar, three

silver boxing medals from Hendon County schools in 1936/37. And

the medals transmittal box, sent to him at 440, Honey Pot Lane, Stanmore

In all, he made 21 sorties. Medals all EF £350

C 5+1 WW2 Court-mounted group to Lieutenant-Colonel W.N. DEVONSHIRE,

RASC, as : OBE, military with 1939/45 star, Burma star, Defence and

War medals (this last with MiD oak-leaf. With hallmkd silver medallet

(Mappin&Webb) 1874-1974 named to him from Imperial Continental

Gas Association. With a file of copied papers, confirming entitlements. £350

D 5+4+ Medals to two sisters, whose BRCS and War service medals follow an

almost identical path, with their serial numbers closely linked :

Henrietta CARE, born 1883, married Henry Turner in 1916, and died 1964 -

BRCS red enamelled medal / bar Red Cross 1st Aid, no. 4515, BRCS

red enamelled medal / bar Red Cross Nursing 1916, no. 2152, also BRCS

LS medal "3 years service", with 3 further 3 years service bars on the ribbon,

and St.J's Ambulance Ass'n medal, with bars 1913/13/34/35/36/37/38/39/40/41.

Kate CARE, born 1886, married James Vallance in 1916, and died 1976 -

BRCS red enamelled medal / bar Red Cross 1st Aid, no. 4516, BRCS

red enamelled medal / bar Red Cross Nursing, no. 2153; mounted pair

as WW2 Defence medal and St. John of J. serving medal, the latter medal

named "29291 D/Supt. K. VALLANCE, No. 9 Dis., StAB 1944", also

St.J's Ambulance Ass'n medal, with bars 1929/30/31/32/33/34/35.

Henrietta's St.J's Amb. Ass'n medal is no. 146556, whilst Kate's is 146559.

Both women came from St. Ives, Cornwall, and we have a large file of copied

paperwork, relating to their lives and service. EF overall. £150

E 3 Court-mounted Military WW2 BEM group to a Canadian - Flight-Sergeant

Austin Chesley CRUICKSHANKS, R.C.A.F., as : British Empire Medal,

Geo VI (LG 1/1/1946, twice recommended for the BEM), with WW2

Canadian Voluntary Service medal in silver, and silver War medal.

R50148, at Station Botwood, " outstanding Aero Engine Mechanic...

... reconnaissance work over the North Atlantic". Plus file of papers. EF £350

F 5 WW2 mounted BEM group to Thomas Joseph PEARSON, as : British

Empire Medal (Civil) "Rolling Stock Technician, Perth, Scottish Region,

British Railways". (LG 26/6/1979), mounted with 1939/45 star, F&G star,

Defence and War medals. Plus copy papers and 2 b/w photos. AEF £240

G 2 Egypt pair, mounted as worn, to 1065 Private Edward DARKE, 2 / DoCLI

as - Egypt medal / bar The Nile 1884-85 and Khedive's Egypt star, dated

1884-6. Plus set of papers confirming bars and entitlements. GVF++ £325

H 2 Egypt pair to 1456 Corporal W. KAY, 2 / Royal Irish Fusiliers, as : Egypt

medal / bar El Teb_Tamaai (undated reverse), plus Khedive's Egypt

star 1884. AEF £325

J 5 China and WW1 group to PLY. 9694 Private Frank RENDELL, RMLI, as:

3rd China War medal, no bar (Pte F. Rendall), WW1 1914/15 trio and

Naval LS/GC medal. (Last one has his christian name in full). Mounted on

a pin with new ribbons. GVF/++ Royal Marine Light Infantry. £400

K 2 Boer War pair to 6808 Private J. BOUSFIELD, 1 / D.L.I., as - QSA / 3 bars:

CC, OFS, Tr and KSA / 2 bars : SA1901, SA1902. Plus papers. GVF £225

L 2 Boer War pair to 5837 Private J. WALLACE, 2 / Northumberland Fusiliers,

as - QSA / 3 bars : CC, OFS, Tr and KSA / 2 bars : SA1901, SA1902.

With paperwork confirming bars and noting QSA no. as 7279. GVF/+ £225

M 4 WW1 Casualty group to - 8313 Private Edward Henry WILLMOTT, 10th

Royal Warwickshire Regt., as : 1914/15 trio, plus Memorial Plaque.

He died of his wounds on 27th March 1918, F & F. Medals all have

"Willmot", and plaque reads "Edward Harold" !! GVF £285

N 3+ WW1 Casualty group to - 5810 Private George NORMAN, 2nd / Dorset

Regiment, as : WW1 pair, plus plaque. Plus original Scroll and condolence

slip from the King. He dies in Mesopotamia on 31/12/1916, aged 41, and

is commemorated on the Basra memorial in Iraq. From Swanage. EF £250

P 4 WW1 court-mounted MSM group to - W.O. Class 2 John G. BUTCHER,

Royal Engineers, as : WW1 British War medal (his only entitlement),

- 17615 S/Sjt, WW2 Defence medal, Army LS/GC medal Geo V and

Meritorious Service medal, Geo VI. (Both of the last 2, as WO Cl.2

1852249). With copied papers, confirming entitlements. EF/+ £365

Q 6 WW1/2 mounted group to M.33616 Armourer Harold Yabsley MORRELL,

Royal Navy, as : WW1 BWM, (his only entitlement), plus WW2 1939/45

star, Atlantic star, Defence and War medals, plus Naval LS/GC medal,

Geo V, coinage head. (BWM : AR:CR, RN). LS/GC medal is a non-

swiveller (ie issued 1920-30), on HMS Danae. With 4 cloth flashes. GVF £185

R 4 Mounted WW1 group to K.10684 H. LEA, Royal Navy, as : WW1 1914/15

trio, plus Naval LS/GC medal Geo V. He was a STO.1 on Star, Acting SPO

on pair, and M.36314 RPO on LS (HMS Columbine). Last confirmed. GF £140

S 3 WW1 set of three to S.P.O. 297601 Carmelo FARRUGIA, HMS Egmont,

as : WW1 pair, plus Naval LS/GC medal Geo V, admiral's uniform.

With set of copied papers, noting he also earned a Star. Served from

June 1901 until 1924. (Seven other Naval Farrugia's listed !). VF/+ £110

T 5+ WW1/WW2 group to 408593 Acting-Sergeant E.L. BURDEN, Canadian

Engineers, as : WW1 pair, plus WW2 silver Defence and War medals and

silver Canada Voluntary Service medal. (Last 3 medals unnamed as issued)

Together with C.E. cap-badge. GVF/+ £165

U 4 WW1/WW2 group to a Canadian - Private H. KEDNEY, Canadian Inf'y,

as : WW1 British War medal (possibly only entitlement), plus WW2 Silver

Defence and War medals, with Silver Canada Voluntary Service medal

216 Canadian Infantry. GVF+, WW2 medals EF £140

V 4 WW1/WW2 mounted group to 252161 Private Henry MEAKIN, 6th London,

as: WW1 pair plus WW2 Defence medal and Imperial service medal

EIIR (post 1953). With file of copied papers. £75

W 3 WW1/WW2 group to 2995 Private Frederick J. GRAY, Somerset L.I.

as : BWM and Victory medals, plus WW2 Defence medal. With file of

copied papers, noting he was from Cirencester. MiC notes later change

of service number from 2995 to 201120. GVF/+ £60

X 3+2+ WW1/2 Husband and Wife sets of medals, to Mr & Mrs BENNETT, as :

3 to him - WW1 pair L/45969 Gunner Alfred W. Bennett, plus WW2

Defence medal. (With WW1 white card case of issue and WW2 posted

card box.

2 to her - WW2 Defence medal, plus BRCS red enamelled medal with very

rare bar "First Aid in Chemical Warfare", named on rev. : CCM Bennett.

Both WW2 medals were posted separately to each at 130, Morland Road,

E. Croydon, Surrey. With Home Secretary award slip. All medals MINT £100

Y 9+9+ WW2 mounted group of nine, all AEF/EF to C/JX 157647 Leading Seaman

L.F. MITCHELL, Royal Navy, as : 1939/45 star, Atlantic star, Africa star /

bar North Africa 1942-43, Burma star, War medal, Naval GSM / bar Palestine

1945-48, Malta 1992 George Cross Commemorative medal, Russia

1945-1985 Commemorative (awarded for service with the Arctic Convoys,

and Greek 1940-41 War medal. All named on edge or rim (except Greek)

Plus matching set of miniatures (no bar on Africa star). Also with five b/w

photos of him, ships he served on (Suffolk & Surprise), and his passport

Leonard Frank Mitchell, from 1955 to 1965. DoB 26/1/1923. And an

intriguing photo of BRC girls in uniform, marked 'this is me' on rev. £425

Z 4 WW2 and later Court-mounted RAF group to 532847 Flight-Sergeant

W.B. HILL, RAF, as : Defence and War medals, plus GSM / bar Malaya

(George VI) and RAF LS/GC medal EIIR. ('B' of initial officially corrected

on the LS medal. EF, bright £130

A1 5+ WW2 group to 22269685 Sergeant A.H. CARTER, Royal Engineers, as:

1939/45 star, Africa star / bar 1st Army, Italy star, War medal with Army

LS/GC medal EIIR (post 1953), set bar Regular Army. Presented court-

style for display. With photo of him in uniform, and the WW2 transmittal

box, addressed to him at 15, Hadley Avenue, Worthing, Sussex. GVF+ £110

B1 5 WW2 court-mounted group to D/MX 67573 Stoker/Petty Officer

G.N. CLAXTON, Royal Navy, as : 1939/45 star, Atlantic star, Italy

star, War medal and Naval GSM / bar Palestine 1945-48.

Re-mounted with new ribbons (no reverse pin). GVF/+ £170

C1 6 Court-mounted group of 6 to 861562 Sergeant R.J. ELLIS, Royal Army

Pay Corps, as - WW2 1939/45 star, defence and War medals, GSM /

bar Malaya (EIIR), Army LS/GC medal EIIR, post 1953, bar Regular Army,

and Territorial Efficiency medal Geo VI (Indiae Imp). His rank on the GSM is

Corporal, but Sgt on last two. (TA medal is named Gunner, RA). GVF £200

D1 6 WW2 and later mounted group to 562967 Flight-Sergeant R.J. COOPER,

Royal Air Force, as : 1939/45 star, Africa star / bar North Africa 1942-43,

Defence and War medals, GSM / bar Palestine 1945-48 and RAF

LS/GC medal, Geo VI IndImp. GVF+ £200

E1 4 WW2 mounted group, attributed to Stan PRATT, Army, as : 1939/45 star,

F & G star, Defence & War medals. (Last 2 medals mounted b-2-f) AEF £40

F1 5+5+ WW2 mounted group to 2073739 Private H. MASSEY, Royal Scots, as:

1939/45 star, F & G star, Defence and War medals, plus Territorial Efficiency

medal / bar Territorial, Geo VI. Defence and War medals are mounted

back-to-front ! With matching set of mounted miniatures (same mounting

error !). Plus WW2 medals award slip and letter from Infantry Records

in Perth, 1949, addressed to him at 13, Yorkton Street, London E2. AEF £135

G1 5 Mounted WW2 group t o 4386351 Colour-Sergeant E.J.C. WHEELER,

D.W.R. (Duke of Wellington Regiment, as : 1939/45 star, F & G star,

Defence and War medals, plus Territorial Efficiency medal, bar Territorial

Geo VI (Indiae Imp). Copied paperwork suggests he was with 6th / DWR,

49th (WR) Div'n. Born in Lewisham, SE London, in 1912, he married and

lived in Keithley, Yorkshire. EF, stars nicely toned. £110

H1 5 WW2 group to 2038033 Gunner R. CALEY, RA, as - 1939/45 star, Africa

star, Defence and War medals, plus Territorial Efficiency medal, bar

Territorial, Geo VI (Indiae Imp). GVF £75

J1 4 WW2 and later group, to W 1233179 Chief Technician S.J. ASHDOWN,

RAF, as : WW2 Defence and War medals, GSM / bar Cyprus and RAF

LS/GC medal EIIR post 1953. GSM is only marked 1233179 with rank of

Sergeant. (Service number indicates enlistment in April/May 1940. £145

K1 6 Mounted group to 562967 Flight-Sergeant R.J. COOPER, RAF, as -

1939/45 star, Africa star / bar North Africa 1942-43, Defence & War medals,

GSM / bar Palestine 1945-48 and RAF LS/GC medal Geo VI. EF £180

L1 4+ WW2 group to 4128142 Lance-Sergeant E. JONES, Royal Engineers, as:

1939/45 star, Italy star, Defence medal, War medal / set MiD emblem.

Together with his 2 dog-tags, a coloured photo of him in uniform, award

certificate and box of issue to him at 48, Remer Street, Crewe, Cheshire.

Medals have big rings, indicating 1980's issue. LG 29/11/1945 and

again 23 May 1946. EF, as issued. £100

M1 3+ WW2 trio attributed to Corporal H.R.N. JAMIESON, Royal Navy, as :

F & G star, Defence and War medals. Each comes in its named black

plastic case. (CH/X 116573). ie late issues. Mint. £35

N1 2 WW2 pair, awarded to an Australian, as - War medal with Australia Service

medal, both named to VX 66631 A.K. JAMES. EF. Arthur Kingston

James was born 2nd March, 1907 in Marino, Victoria, and enlisted at

Royal Park, Marino. (Next -of-kin listed as James Rubina). £75

P1 3+ Court-mounted trio to : 2671004 Guardsman A. SMITH, Coldstream

Guards, as : WW2 War medal, GSM / bar Palestine 1945-48 and Fire

Brigade LS medal EIIR. This last named as "Station Officer Arthur J Smith"

With its award card box, marked Devon. (Torquay pencilled in too).

Plus copy of W0 100 / 526, confirming GSM bar. AEF £165

Q1 3 Court-mounted set of 3 to a WOMAN - 4220 B Ellen WHITESIDE, StJJ, as:

StJJ Serving Sister medal white enamelled skeletal cross on black (named

on rev. - S : S StJ 18.10.56), WW2 Defence medal, plus StJJ Service medal

with 4 extra LS bars, as "4220B A/Sis E. Whiteside, Lancs S.J.AB 1948 £90

R1 3 WW2 trio, attributed to an Indian - 3130473 Sepoy Bakh TAWAR,

6th Battalion JAT Regt., as - India Independance medal (named), plus

WW2 War medal and WW2 India medal (map & dates 1939-45). AEF £30

S1 4 WW2 mounted group to an Indian - 3632798 Platoon-Naik Faqir KHAN,

13th F.F. Rifles, as : Indian Independance medal, named as listed, plus

Service medal / set bar Kashmir 1948, WW2 War medal and India WW2

service medal. (Only first medal is named). GVF, ribbons slightly faded £45

T1 3 WW2 mounted trio to an Indian - 4028787 Sepoy Mohd HUSSAIN,

13th F.F. Rifles, as : Indian Independance medal, named as listed, plus

Service medal, set bar Kashmir 1948 and WW2 War medal. GVF £35

U1 2 Mounted pair to Constable Stanley E. WEAVER, as : WW2 Defence

medal, & Police LS/GC medal EIIR (1st medal unnamed, as issued). EF £50

V1 7 WW2 unattributed mounted group, as - WW2 1939/45 star, Africa star, Italy

star, F & G star, Defence & War medals, plus 1977 Silver Jubilee medal £225

W1 6 WW2 unattributable group, as - 1939/45 star, Italy star, Defence & War medals

plus 1935 Silver Jubilee medal and 1937 Coronation medal. Court-style £90

X1 3 Court-mounted unattributable WW2 trio, as 1939/45 star, Atlantic star

and War medal. On Firmin pin. AEF £40

Y1 3 Mounted WW2 and Korea group to C/MX 569329 E.R.A. 3

R.W. D'ARCY, Royal Navy, as - WW2 War medal, plus Korea

pair, ie UK and UN Korea medals. (1st obv Britt.Omn.Reg) GVF £160

Z1 2 Korea pair to 22497851 Pte W.A. SMITH, Welch Regt. 1st obv. EF £225

A2 2 Korea pair to B/SSX 832485 Able-Bodied R.E. EDWARDS, Royal

Navy. 1st obverse. EF £130

B2 2 REME pair to 23858006 L/Corporal L.J. HICKLING, Royal Electrical &

Mechanical Engineers, as : CSM / bar South Arabia, plus Army LS/GC

medal, EIIR, 2nd obverse. Mounted as for wear. EF £140

C2 2 Court-mounted pair to : J.8182994 Corporal S.J. GARTLAND, RAF, as :

CSM / bar Northern Ireland (S.A.C.), plus RAF LS/GC medal EIIR. EF £140


D2 2 Egypt pair, to 2695 2nd Class S-Sergeant A. GRAHAM, C & T Corps,

as : Egypt medal / bar The Nile 1884-85, plus Khedive's Egypt star, dated

1884-6. (Undated reverse on Egypt). With copy paper, confirming. AEF £300

E2 2 + Boer War and WW1 medals to 3/1358 Captain Alexander ROBERTSON,

N.Z.E.F., as ; QSA / 4 bars - Relief of Kimberley, Paardeberg, Driefontein,

South Africa 1901 (named A. Robertson), plus WW1 BWM, named as per

top line. He was born in Glasgow, and served in the Boer War as a civilian

surgeon. Later he served as Medical Officer for the Gilbert & Ellis islands,

writing several theses on tropical diseases. He then emigrated, pre-WW1

to New Zealand, where he appears in the Army lists as a Temp. Capt in the

NZMC from 1/12/1915. He is entitled to a WW1 1914/15 trio, but we only

have the BSM. With a whole host of copied papers, including 89 page

booklet on the HMNZ medical ship Marama, on which he served.

A fascinating life, most of which is chronicled in the papers we have. GVF £600

F2 4 Mounted WW1 and later group to 28808 T/Sgt William GRIMBLEDESTON,

Royal Engineers, as : WW1 1914/15 trio, (Sapper on the Star), plus StJJ

service medal (CuNi), named as A/Off. W. Grimbledeston, Lancs.,

STAB, 1949. With copy of his MiC, noting he went to France in 21/3/15. £95

G2 3 Mercantile group, to 3rd Engineer Joseph Percy PILE, MFA, as :

WW1 Victory medal (3 Eng J.P. Pile MFA), plus Mercantile Marine

medal (Joseph P. Pile) and General service medal / bar Iraq (Geo V),

simply named J.P. Pile. He was a civilian in Iraq; copy of his entitlement

states as much, noting he was with " E & M Services, Mosul".

Unfortunately, his BWM is missing. Victory and GSM are Mint, otw GVF £100

H2 2+ WW1 pair, plus Silver Wound badge to 83777 Gunner W.H. BUCKLEY,

Royal Artillery, with his SWB, numbered 338405. GVF £65

J2 6+ Rare run of six LCC School attendance medals, all to the same girl -

Grace DANVERS - 3 with Victoria's bust, with bars for 1899, 1900 and

1901, all in white metal, (last with gilt top dated bar), plus 3 with Edward VII

dated 1902, 1903 and 1904. First 2 medals are in bronze, last is gilt.

Accompanying these School Board medals are card boxes for five of

the medals, all named to G. Danvers (one states Grace Danvers).

Very scarce to find such a long run to the same person. All Mint. £50

K2 4+ WW1/WW2 group, to M1 - 6619 Private Phillip SHERLOCK, Army

Service Corps, as - 1914 Mons trio, set copy bar, plus WW2 Defence

medal; plus matching ribbon bar, on pin, as worn / set rosette on star. £125