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A 4 WW1 Military Cross and Mons 1914 trio to Major Gordon BEVERIDGE,

RFA, Special Reserve : MC awarded in LG of 1st January 1917. Entitled

to Mons bar. Embarked to France on 6th october 1914, interrupting his

studies in medicine. (he completed his surgeon's qualifications finally in 1919).

With full acocunt of his military career from being commissioned as a Lieutenant

on 8/4/1913. MC engraved on reverse " G. Beveridge Somme July 1916".

1914 star Lieut. RFA, Pair Major. Lived in Edinburgh. GVF++ £1,500

B 7+7++ WW1 Distinguished Service Order, OBE , 1914/15 trio with MiD, LS/GC medal

and 1911 Delhi Durbar medal - to Major Robert BOAL, Royal Engineers.

DSO iin gold and enamels, awarded in the 1928 Birthday Honours; WW1 Star

named as 2nd Lieut., Pair as a Captain (MiD oak-leaf on Victory, and LS/GC

medal (Geo V) as 9139 QMSjt Inspector. With four Masonic medals to him

as Tertius at the Lodge Light in Arabia (one is 9ct gold & enamels) and two

enamelled miniature masonic medals. Plus a matching mounted set of

miniature medals to go with full-size medals. Including a unique large personalised

embroidered cloth award of gratitude addressed to him by "friends, admirers

and M.E.S. Staff" dated 21st November 1928 in Loralai (India). This cloth

measures 38 cms x 52 cms. He was with the Indian Army as Commanding

R.E, C.R.E. Zhob Ind.Bde Area. With much copied paperwork, detailing

his career. GVF/+ Sold by us some years, now re-purchased & re-offfered. £2,500

C 7+ WW2 Distinguished Service medal to JX.147777 Able-Bodied Seaman

William Samuel RUTLEDGE, HMS Aubrietia, together with his other WW2

medals : 1939/45 star, Atlantic star, Africa star, Burma star, War medal.

With 3 b/w photos, one in a Christmas card "from Bill to his wife & son", one

a posed photo in 1937 and a newspaper photo cutting of him and another

with their DSMs. Plus original typed letters : from C in CWA noting his award

in LG of 5th August 1941, Admiralty letter of 26/11/1941 awading him £20

gratuity for his DSM. Also - copy of the book "The Secret Capture - U-110

and the Enigma Story", by S Roskill. Our man is mentioned not least on page

108, and his part in the sinking of the submarine. With his late award

of the WW2 Arctic Star. Rivetting. GVF/++ £1,500

D 7+ WW2 and later mounted group with British Empire Medal (Civil) to

Herbert Cecil CORNISH. BEM was awarded on 1/1/1971, and is mounted

with GSM / bar Palestine (named HC Cornish only) ie a civilian, plus WW2

1939/45 star, Africa star, Italy star, Defence and War medals. With original

letters, dated variously 1952, 1953 and 1963, together with large newspaper

article from local St. Neots paper, dated 21/1/1971 with picture of him and

long eulogy of him andhis military life. He was NAAFI shop/store manager

finally at RAF Brampton, having served for over 47 years. Letter from 1952

addresses him as 3622876 Sgt Cornish. With 7 large b/w photos. EF £350

E 3 Egypt campaign trio to S.S.M. W. FLINT, 4th Dragoon Guards, as -

Egypt medal / bar Tel-el-Kebir, Army LS/GC medal (Victoria) and Khedive's

Egypt star 1882. Long Service medal has come adrift at the top swivel.

VF/+, some contact marks to first medal from contact with star. £500

F 2 Egypt pair to 307 Private J. ARROWSMITH, 2 / DOCLI (Duke of Cornwall

Light Infantry ), as - Egypt medal / bar Tel-el-Kebir (1882 dated reverse),

with Khedive's Egypt star 1882. GVF, mounted, as for wear. £300

G 2 Boer War pair to Private G. O'CONNOR, Kimberley Town Guard, as -

QSA / bar Defence of Kimberley, plus Mayor's Kimberley star, with

mint-mark "a". GVF/+ £700

H 4 Boer War and WW1 court-mounted group to 6817 Private Thomas HOWLEY,

1 / East Surrey Regiment, as : QSA / 5 bars : CC, OFS Tr., SA1901, SA1902

(re-named) plus WW1 Mons star and bar trio. Mounted by TK&S.

With copy service papers, noting he embarked to France on 16/8/1914.

Wounded, Sept 1914 - Gun Shot wound to left hand. (20% disability). GVF/+ £250

J 2 Boer War pair to 28362 Trumpeter G.B. ROBINS, RFA, as - QSA / 4 bars :

Tugela Heights, OFS, Relief of Ladysmith, Transvaal, plus KSA / 2 bars :

SA1901, SA1902. QSA is named as Gunner 73rd Bty RFA) VF/+ £270

K 3 Boer War and WW1/LS group to 28470 Sth.S.Sjt James HIMBURY, RGA/RHA,

as : QSA / 3 bars : CC, OFS, Tr. KSA / 2 bars : SA1901, SA1902, plus

Army LS/GC medal, Geo V. (QSA : A.BR. 4th Bty RFA, KSA : Gnr, RFA)

No details on any WW1 service, or where. GVF/+, all three darkly toned. £270

L 2 Boer War pair to 2019 Corporal Joseph CONWAY, KRRC, as -

QSA / 3 bars : CC, OFS, Tr., plus KSA / 2 bars : SA1901, SA1902. With

A4 typed sheet listing his military career. Entitiled also to a WW1 1914/15 trio

with 3rd and later 18th KRRC. Wounded. GVF/++ £250

M 2 Boer War pair to 70776 Gunner W. SMITH, 20th Battery, RFA, as -

QSA / 3 bars : CC, OFS, Tr., plus KSA / 2 bars : SA1901, SA1902. With

matching ribbon bar, and papers confirming entitlements. (KSA has wrong

initial (H) and rank of Driver. KSA roll notes "invalided 18/1/02". GVF/+ £190

N 2 Boer War and WW1 to F. VAREY, as : QSA / 4 bars - CC, OFS, SA1901,

SA1902 as 3934 Private, 7th Hussars, plus WW1 Victory medal, named

as : 45266 Driver R.E. GVF. (possibly related : 1st July 1916 KiA to

Frank Varey, 2/Ryl Fusiliers, ex 13th Hussars, from Durham) £160

P 2 Boer War and L/S medal to 9734 Staff-Sergeant-Major George HOBBS,

Army Service Corps, as : QSA / 3 bars - CC, OFS, Tr., (Staff-Sgt.), plus

Army LS/GC medal, Edward VII. He served for 21 years, including 4 years

in Gibraltar as well as South Africa. Entitled also to a KSA medal with 2 bars.

He married Sarah Ann and had 4 children, 2 of whom died in infancy.

From London. Copy papers (Short Service) . GVF/++ £200

WW1 Casualties.
Q 3+3+ WW1 pair of trios to two Brothers, both casualties - TURNEY brothers :

Alfred H. TURNEY - S-10558 Private Alfred H. Turney, 8 / Rifle Brigade.

Killed in action on 15th September 1916 on Western Front. (100 men of the

8th Rifle Brigade were killed on that day too). Aged 21 1914/15 trio.

With much copied info relating to him and the action on that day.

Bert TURNEY - 9021 Private Bert Turney, 1 / Royal Lancs. Regt.

Died of his wounds on 14th October 1914. 1914 Mons trio and original bar,

went to France on 12th September, only lasted a month ! Also with much

copied paperwork. Aged 27. £450

R 3+1+ WW1 Family medals to the CHURCH brothers -

Arthur John Church : Casualty WW1 pair and plaque, as - 15939 Private

A.J. Church, 1st Bn. / Essex Regiment. Killed in action at Gallipoli 6/8/1915.

He was born in Tring, Herts, but lived in Welling, SE London. Comes with

a condolence card from the family at the time with a b/w photo of him, and a

poem cut from a newspaper then "Beyond the Dark" by Elizabeth Cameron.

S.E. Church : 7578 L/Cpl, 1 / Norfolk Regt. His 1914 Mons Star.

Sold by the family locally. We suspect that over time the other missing

medals have become mixed up : somewhere is the Star to A.J., and the

pair to S.E. Still hoping they might turn up ...... GVF++ £240

S 4+ WW1 Casualty - 1914/15 trio and Plaque to 10604 Private Arthur BUNDY,

2 / Hampshire Regiment. KiA 9th August 1916, F&F. From Crawley.

With contemporary photo of his grave, and a poignant postcard sent to his

(little ?) brother Freddy - featuring French soldier's medal and green sprig. £270

T 2 WW1 Casualty - BWM plus his Plaque to 38865 Pte Harry McHARDY,

1st Battalion South Wales Borderers. KiA on 16/4/1918, F&F.

From Ashton-under-Lyme, Lancs. With SDGW extract. GVF £120

V 4 WW1 Casualty - 1914/15 trio and Plaque to S-5754 Stoker J. M. HARDIE,

Royal Navy. John Mills Hardie was on the HMTD Eden, when he died on

17th June, 1916, and lies in the St. Marie Cemetery, Le Havre. EF £230

W 3 WW1 Casualty - Pair and plaque to 2nd Lieutenant Robert George CLARKE,

72nd Brigade, Royal Field Artillery. KiA on 9/9/1918, aged 32. From

Newport, Wales. Buried in Fins New Cemetery, Sorel-le-Grand. With a

typed 5-page report on his life and military career, from HAC to RFA. EF £280

X 3 WW1 Casualty - Pair and Plaque to 51312 Private Horace PICKERSGILL,

East Yorkshire. He was killed in action on 29th September 1918, F&F.

10th Battalion, from Wakefield. (Was 52823 Pte, KOYLI). GVF £180

Y 3 WW1 Casualty - Pair & Plaque to 5494 Private Robert George BONFIELD,

12th London Regiment. He died of wounds on 19th November 1918,

aged 30. He and his wife, Julia Lilian, lived at 61, Westbourne Road,

Barnsbury, NE London. Buried in Islington Cemetery. Later in his service

he transferred to the RDC as 44927 (73rd Protection Coy). EF £200

Z 3+ WW1 Casualty - Pair and Plaque to 4880 Pte Albert Tom STOKER,

2/6th Bn, Gloucestershire Regt. DoW 19th July 1916 F&F. From Bristol.

With further copy papers. Commemorated on the Loos memorial. Plus

copy of local newspaper listing him amongst the casualties. GVF/+ £200

A1 3 WW1 Casualty - Mons Star, BWM and Plaque to 39822 Gunner William

John WOODWARD, Royal Field Artillery. (57th Battery, 45th Brigade).

He died of his wounds on 28th November 1916, and is buried on Grove

Town cemetery, Meaulte (Somme). Aged 29, from Middle Lypiatt, Stroud,

Glos. Victory medal missing. With MiC and CWGC refs. GVF £190

B1 3+ WW1 Canadian Casualty - 91139 Corporal J.M. BETTS, C.F.A., as -

WW1 pair, plus Canadian Memorial Cross (Mdls Yrbk 188a). With his

Canadian issue Wound badge, numbered C.43641 and a dog collar :

"Canada Overseas". Cross comes with its black case by A McMillan of

Ottawa. GVF/+ £250

C1 2 WW1 casualty pair to 234538 Gunner Charlton COX, R.F.A. Died as a

Prisoner-of-War, aged 23. With card box of transmittal and registered

envelope addressed to Mrs A. Cox, at 30, Milton Rd., Acton, London. EF £100

Police Medals.
D1 3 Mounted trio to Inspector A. QUAIFE - 1897 PC "C" div'n, Metropolitan

Police, 1902 in bronze also as PC "C" division, and 1911 Coronation

in silver as Inspector. NB We lived next door in the 1960s to Peter Quaife

and parents, better known as the KINKS guitarist. !! Related ?? GVF £225

E1 2 Metropolitan Police pair to PC A. RICHARDSON, "R" division, as -

1897 Diamond Jubilee medal in bronze, with 1902 Coronation medal. GVF £75

World War One medal groups.
F1 4 MSM court-mounted group to 56224 Sergeant J. A. PAISLEY-WHYTE,

Royal Engineers, as - 1914/15 trio, with MiD oak-leaf set on Victory, plus

Geo V Meritorious Service medal. LG 14/6/1918. With copied papers,

noting James's service & further details. Went to Egypt on 7/8/15 GVF/+ £325

G1 3 MSM mounted group to S4-090724 S/Sergeant P. NORTON, A.S.C.,

as - WW1 pair, plus Geo V Meritorious Service medal. LG 17/6/1918.

Philip is mentioned in the Lincolnshire Echo of 20/6/1918, under an item

listing local heroes. From Cleethorpes. With further details. AEF £250

H1 3 WW1 1914/15 trio, awarded to Captain C.E. RHODES, with all three card

boxes of issue. Star named 68038 Cpl CE Rhodes, R.E. Mint £150

J1 4 1914 Mons and bar trio , as worn, with Army LS/GC medal to Colour-Sergeant

L. McKINNON, 2 / HLI. (Highland Light Infantry). He is a Sergeant on the pair,

and numbered 3300016 on LS medal. Toned, ribbons sl. frayed. £265

K1 4 WW1 mounted trio and ISM to 15961 Private W.R. SMART, 2 / Hamps

1914/15 trio, ISM is EIIR, 2nd obv. William was a London postman, higher

grade. LG 15/1/1963. Later in the war was transferred to the MGC. GVF £100

L1 3 WW1 pair and ISM (EIIR) to 27180 Private Fred WITCHARD, Gloucester

Regiment. ISM is 2nd obv. LG 19/9/1961. With GPO. Later service with

MGC. Plus copy papers, MiC and more. EF, almost mint. £70

M1 3 WW1 pair and ISM to L.Z. 6292 Able-bodied H.H. LOVELOCK, RNVR, as

BWM and Victory medals, with ISM Geo VI IndImp and RM case of issue.

Plus file of papers, service records, LG 9/8/1940. Harry Hubert Lovelock. EF £70

N1 4 Mounted 1914/15 trio with Russian Medal for Zeal to 212059 Able-Bodied

C. H. SEXTON, Royal Navy. As worn, ribbons a little tired from wear. £250

P1 3 Mounted pair with Territorial Force War medal to 200641 Pte F.G. GRANT,

Wiltshire Regiment. Frederick's TFWM is numbered 2232; change of

number is noted in his MiC. With further details. GVF/+ £250

Q1 3 WW1 trio to 200143 Private Arthur H. WEST, Somerset Light Infantry, as :

WW1 pair, plus Territorial Force War medal (1579 Pte, Som. L.I.).

With MiC, noting change of numbers. GVF/+, 1st and 3rd nicely toned. £280

R1 4 Mounted group to 965 Bombadier J.E. MEGGESON, RA/RFA, as -

WW1 pair, plus TFWM and Geo V oval Territorial Efficiency medal. (This

last numbered 835117.TA) With further copy papers, noting Joseph Ernest

served with 307th Bde HQ. His numbered changed later to 725721. GVF £325

S1 3 WW1 mounted trio to 735359 Driver Albert CORNFORD, Royal Artillery, as :

BWM, Victory and Territorial Force War medal. Presented 'court-style'.

With copy papers, noting his service: in UK 1914-17, Egypt from 1917-19,

and regular Army from 22/1/1919 to 31/3/1921. EF. £250

Family medals,
T1 2+1+1 Family medals to the MILNE family, as -

a. WW1 mounted pair to 5492 Private H. MILNE, 2 - Scottish Horse

b. WW1 Casualty plaque to James MILNE

c. GSM / bar Canal Zone, to 22867948 Guardsman K.H. MILNE, Scots Gds,

with four further sports and life-saving medallets, date from 1940 to 1957 :

George Watson;s College 50 yds., 2 x Life-Saving medal & star, plus

Swimming NE Trophy to K. Milne. GSM medal in white card case of issue. £400

V1 4+1 Family medals to the CAVALIER family, Uncle & Nephew., as -

a. WW1 group of four to 9455 B.S.Mjr A.J. CAVALIER, RGA, as - 1914/15

trio, plus Geo V Army LS/GC medal. Star Sjt, RGA, Pair W.O. Cl. 2 RA

b. Naval GSM / bar Palestine 1936-39 to JX 141175 Ord Smn A.A. CAVALIER,

Royal Navy. Sold by relatives, who provided the family link. £250

W1 2+3 Family medals to the SIMMON(D)S family, father and son, as :

Father - WW1 pair, T4-042619 Driver W. Simmons, ASC, with ribbon bar;

Son - WW2 trio, as 1939/45 star, Italy star and War medal, attributed to

LAC 1472529 W. Simmonds, RAF, plus RAF sweetheart brooch, the

ticker-tape print-out of medal award, and a RAF personnel card box

addressed to wife Mrs PL Simmonds, in Epsom. (Peggy Lillian). EF £80

X1 4+6+1+ Family medals to the CROSSLEY family, Father & 2 sons, as -

Mounted WW1/2 group to J. 92256 Able-Bodied G.E. CROSSLEY, RN, as -

WW1 BWM, WW2 War, RFR LS/GC medal Geo V, and Imperial service

medal EIIR : George Ernest Crossley, with copy of his naval service from

20th August 1918 to 1927. (Victory missing)

Son - 14668782 H. CROSSLEY, R.A.C. - ony his WW2 War medal :

with award slip, and letter rejecting his claim for a Defence medal, dated

21/6/1949, as he only joined up on 4/11/1943; with card medal box sent to him

at 18, Birley Street, Newton-le-Willows.

Son - W.L. CROSSLEY, 1st Army, as : 1939/45 star, Africa Star / set bar

1st Army, Italy star, F&G star, Defence and War medals. With the award slip

and card medal box posted to him at 110, Poulton Road, Fleetwood. EF £225

Y1 6+4 Family medals to the TOLLERFIELD cousins -

Mounted group to Ernest Tollerfield - GSM / bar Kurdistan : Pte 4525305

W. Yorks Regt., WW2 Defence & War medals plus GSM / bar Palestine

1945-48 as AC1 2215054 RAF with copy papers, confirming.....

Mounted group to Arnold Tollerfield - WW2 1939/45 star, Africa star / bar 1st Army,

Italy star, Defence & War medals as T 237879 Corporal, ASC; wounded

with King's badge and home-made ID tag. Copy papers, confirming. £325

WW1 groups.
Z1 3+ Mounted group to 5033 (later 267184) Rifleman Percy HAMPTON,

2 / 7th West Yorkshire Regiment, as : WW1 pair, plus Special Constabulary

medal, Geo V. Leeds Rifles. With MiC, b'day card to him from Janet, dated

Feb'y 1916, a picture p'card back to her with photo of Addington Palace

War Hospital. Photo of him and another soldier, and his cap badge. VF/+ £95

A2 4 WW1 group to PLY.13997 Private J.W. COOPER, RMLI, as - 1914/15

trio, plus RFR LS/GC medal, Geo V. (this last B.868). GVF/+ £120

B2 4 WW1 and later group to 3 - 9025 A/Cpl H. BELL, Northumberland Fusiliers,

as : 1914/15 trio, plus GSM / bar Iraq. (Geo V). Trio has rank of Private.

With copy of MiC and service record, noting Henry joined up originally in 1902

until 1906, then again for WW1 and on to Iraq. With neat letter from him in 1930

asking to be considered for a Service pension. About EF. £260

C2 2 WW1 part set to 2388955 Petty Officer W.A. CUNNINGHAM, Royal Navy, as

BWM, plus Royal Fleet Reserve LS/GC medal (DEV. B.12030) GVF £90

D2 3 WW1 pair plus India GSM / bar Waziristan 1919-21 to G-69225 Private

W.E. BRANSON, The Queens Regt. William served in India from 1917,

and after the war in London. With copy of MiC and further documents. GVF £140

E2 2+1 WW1 pair to 2428 Driver Alfred H. LYUS, RA, with his silver wound badge,

no. 496620. Almost mint, with full length original ribbons. £60

F2 3 WW1 Mercantile Marine trio to William Dixon GOFF, MFA, as - BWM,

Victory medal (named W. Goff, GSR, MFA) and Mercantile Marine medal

Court-mounted, as for wear/display. With copy papers. Born 1872 in S'ton £110

G2 3 WW1 mounted group to 90376 Private Thomas ENGLAND, RAMC, as -

WW1 pair, plus Territorial Force Efficiency medal, Geo V (Mdls Yrbk 234)

With copy papers, noting his service. (TFEM 1325 Dvr., T.P.) Wounded. GVF £100

H2 5++ WW1 pair plus 3 Masonic medals to 9540 Pte H.A. DAVIS, H.A.C., with his

Masonic Hospital silvered medal (Wbro HA Davis No 72), another blue

enamelled & hallmkd Ryl Jubilee Lodge 1819 medal, set enamelled bar No72

on pale blue ribbon, named on gilt rev. Bro A Davis 1945. Steward's badge

RMIG 1954. Plus reprint page from "Timber Trades Journal" of 24/12/1949,

with line drawings of those at annual dinner - HA Davis appears bottom right in

his DJ : "who did the duties of toastmaster". Herbert Arthur also in 1946 & 47 £75

J2 3 WW1 part trio to 1108 Sapper G.S. TAYLOR, R.E., as - 1914/15 star,

and BWM medal (Victory missing), plus Territorial Force Efficiency medal,

TFEM is named - Spr / LCpl 562296. GVF £100

K2 3 WW1 mounted trio to S-18951 Sergeant George Thomas REILLY, A&S

Highlanders, as : WW1 pair, named thus, plus Geo V Territorial Force

Efficiency medal as 65 Sgt GT Reilly, 5th Royal Scots. Plus papers. GVF £140

L2 3 WW1 group to 5 - 209 Private W. SMITH, Northumberland Fusiliers, as -

WW1 pair, named thus, plus Territorial Efficiency medal, Geo V, as -

4260912 Drummer, 5th North'd Fus. GVF £160

M2 3 WW1 and ISM group to 39277 Sapper Alfred JARRETT, Royal Engineers,

as : WW1 pair, plus Imperial service medal, Geo VI, cased. He was awarded

this last medal on 2/5/1939, as a sorting clerk & telegraphist in Manchester,

but died in July 1939. With copy MiC and further details. GVF/+ £70

N2 3 WW1 and later group to Private P. BUTT, as : WW1 BWM 8451 Pte, Welsh

Regt, India GSM / bar Waziristan 1921-24 Pte Welch R., and Army LS/GC

medal, Geo V, Welsh Regt. (Both last medals have no. 3948922) EF/+ £240

WW1 / WW2 groups.
P2 5 Court-mounted WW1/2 group to T - 21425 Driver T. FLETCHER, RASC, as

1914 Mons and bar trio, WW2 Defence medal, and ISM Geo VI IndImp.

(Tom Palmer Fletcher on ISM). With much copy papers, and written history

of his life and service. MiC notes "No 3 Coy, 6th Div T, ASC. WW2 was in

the Home Guard, and latterly a GPO linesman. GVF £145

Q2 4 Mounted group to L-3554 Gunner Richard RIMMER, RFA/RA, as - WW1

1914/15 trio, plus WW2 Defence medal. 1939 register notes he was serving

in WW2 as a Police Constable in Liverpool. With copy papers. GVF/+ £80

R2 3 Mounted group to 178985 Signaller George Herbert RYAN, Royal Navy

as - WW1 BWM, WW2 Defence medal, plus ISM, George VI IndImp.

With copy of his Naval service, from 1894 to 1899; re-enrolled in the RFR from

1909. His BWM was never issued (!) - this one is re-named. His ISM is LG

for 9/12/1938 : "Skilled Labourer (Railway Pilot), HM Dockyard, Chatham" £80

S2 4 Mounted group to 2473 Corporal L.F. LIGHTOWLER, 1 / 7th West Yorkshire

as 1914/15 trio, plus WW2 Defence medal. Leslie Foster LIGHTOWLER

was eligible for a SWB, as per his MiC, noting his later number as 305594.

With large file of copied papers, plus copy of his promotion to 2nd Lieutenant

with 5th Battalion, Durham Light Infantry. GVF./+ £110

T2 4+1 WW1/WW2 mounted group to 2237 Private Theodore CORNELIUS,

Army Cycling Corps, as - 1914/15 trio, WW2 Defence medal plus WW1

Silver Wound Badge, no. B75649. Plus copy papers, confirming. GVF/+ £120

V2 7 Mounted group to 7447 Driver John MATTHEWS, RFA, as : 1914/15 trio,

WW2 1939/45 star, War medal, Geo V oval Territorial Efficiency medal and

Geo VI Territorial Efficiency medal. (Both these TA medals named 722590

Gunner J.H. Matthews). With large file of papers, & War diary extract. AEF £200

W2 3+5+ WW1/WW2 medals to H.W. GOOD, as - WW1 trio, to F.799 L.M. Good,

RNAS (Royal Navy Air Service). - Star is A.M.1 with the card boxes of

issue. Together with WW2 medals : 1939/45 star, Atlantic star, Africa

star, Burma star, and War medal. Mint, as issued, with transmittal slip and

card box posted to HW Good at 9, Riverside Road, Highbury, N5

Not clear if this is one man, or father & son, with same initials (?) EF/+ £300

X2 3 Mounted Mercantile Marine group to Hugh STEVENSON, as - WW1 BWM,

Mercantile Marine medal plus WW2 Defence medal. He was born in 1871 in

Carrickfergus, N Ireland, and copy papers note he was 3rd Engineer in 1921

on the Rees Llewellyn. Further papers suggest he was on the Troopship

Argyllshire, invovlved in the Sydney Harbour mutiny. EF £95

Y2 3+ WW1 / WW2 group to 23796 Corporal G.H. GOODWRIGHT, Lancashire

Fusiliers, as : WW1 pair, mounted with attached ribbon bar; WW2 War

medal; his cap badge, a collar dog (gilt L and F around Lancashire Fus

flaming globe); 2 circular cloth patches featuring the red Lancashire rose &

leaf spray; and a old b/w photo of George Henry Goodwright in uniform

with swagger stick, in front of a breakfast wall menu. GVF £65

Z2 5 Court-mounted group to 27483 Private William Francis CLARKE, South Wales

Borderers, as : WW1 pair, plus WW2 Defence medal, ISM Geo VI IndImp

and Special Constabulary medal Geo VI IndImp. Part of the 4th Batt'n, he

was taken Prisoner by the Turks, and finally released on 17/12/1918.

He lived in Brynmawr and his ISM is on LG for 11/5/1943 as the Postman

at the local sub-office. (Newport, Mon). GVF/++ £145

A3 4+ Court-mounted group to 34232 Private William D. SLOWLEY, L.N. Lancs

Regiment, as - WW1 pair, plus WW2 Defence and War medals. With card

case of issue for WW2 medals, and two very large b/w photos of him and

his platoon (one is of ITC HQ Ordely room staff, Aug. 1941.) GVF/+

Plus A4 page of his life and service history. £80

B3 7 Mounted group to 51031 Private John King BRAND, Ryl Scots Fusiliers, as -

WW1 pair, plus WW2 1939/45 star, F&G star, Defence & War medals, and

Territorial Efficiency medal, Geo V, set extra LS bar. (this last - 3048940 Sjt.)

He transferred to the Army Cycling Corps for a period in WW1 as 23454.

and was wounded on 19 June 1918. With further copy papers, confirming. £180

C3 3++ Group awarded to 265851 Private Richard Charles WIER, 9th / Norfolk Regt.,

as WW1 pair, plus ISM EIIR (post 1953). He was wounded on 7/6/1918,

and was awarded his ISM (LG 28/8/1962) for his long service as a Civil

Servant in the Treasury. With case for the ISM, original ISM award certificate,

Treasury letter signed by Norman Brook congratulating him, and large photo

of him receiving medal from Reggie Maudling, then Chancellor. GVF £110

D3 4 Mounted group to 202944 Gunner G. EDWARDS, RA, as - WW1 pair,

plus WW2 Defence and War medals. GVF/+ No further details £55

E3 3+ WW1/2 mounted group to 34255 Private Horace Joseph SHAW, as - BWM

and Victory medal, The Queen's Regt., plus WW2 War medal. With card

box of issue for WW2, and demob / discharge papers. From Nottingham £65

F3 3+3 Mounted trio to 8981 Private Patrick TRAYNOR, Irish Guards, as : WW1

pair, plus WW2 Defence medal. With his hallmarked silver (Mdls Yrbk 362)

Corps of Commissionaires medal, and 2 sports Irish .Gds medals GVF £110

G3 4 WW1/WW2 court-mounted group to 62220 Private T. DAVIS, Y & L Regt.,

as : WW1 pair, WW2 Defence medal and Special Constabulary Geo VI

medal (IndImp) - Thomas Davis. MiD has him as "Tom Davis". GVF/+ £75

H3 3+ Scarce Cambridge R. pair to 53602 Private Edward FULLER, as - WW1

pair (named Suffolk Regt), and WW2 Defence medal. With original documents,

noting he was with 11th Suffolks, or 1st Cambridge Regiment. All three

documents support this. Plus photos, crossed rifles collar dog, LG dog (Lewis

Gunner) marksman sleeve badge, wounded, post-war ration book for 1953/4

with him living in Highgate. And a gilt spoon cased "1919 Victory Peace"

in card case posted to him in Lamberhurst with card from the Parish, expressing

their grateful thanks for his WW1 service. In WW2 he was LCC Head Park

keeper and ARP service. (a gardener before WW1 service). GVF/++ £120

J3 4 Grenadier Guards group to 22338 Private Gordon V. SMITH, as - WW1 pair,

plus WW2 Defence medal and Police LS/GC medal EIIR (1st obv). He was

later in WW1 promoted to Corporal. With copied papers. "Court-mtd" GVF/+ £100

K3 4 Mounted WW1 / WW2 group to 1498 Private R. BOYD, RAMC, as -

1914/15 trio plus WW2 Defence medal. GVF/+ £75

L3 6 Mounted group to J. 58007 Boy 1. (later L. Sto). A.L.R.G. MILES, Royal Navy,

as - WW1 BWM, plus WW2 1939/45 star, Atlantic star / bar F&G, Defence &

War medals, plus Naval LS/GC medal, Geo V, Coinage obv. (this last - K.57515

L.Sto. ALRG Miles, HMS Iron Duke, RN.) With copy of his service record,

noting his ful name as Arthur Leslie Robert Glanbell Miles (!!). GVF £140

M3 8 WW1/WW2 mounted naval group to A.B GILL, as - WW1 pair (S.S.9183)

WW2 1939/45 star, Atlantic star, Africa star, Defence and War medals, plus

RFR LS/GC medal Geo V coinage head. (this one SS918 PO B. 14865) £150

N3 2 India pre-War service pair, to 3303748 Private D. ORR, A & S H. - ie

Argyle & Sutherland Highlanders, as : India GSM, Geo V / bar North-West

Frontier 1935, with India GSM Geo VI / bar North-West Frontier 1936-37. £200

WW2 Groups.
P3 5+ WW2 and Kenya service group to Major A. NIELSON-WOOD, as - 1939/45

star, Africa star, War medal, plus Africa GSM / bar Kenya (E.651 C.I. (R) ),

and Territorial Efficiency medal Geo VI post 1949 / bar Kenya. With 2

sets of ribbon bars, and 2 elaborate embroidered blazer-badges for Kenya

Rifle Association. (Manning Cup-Team and Overseas Postal Match).

A scarce and seldom seen Kenya group. Not fully researched yet. £500

Q3 5+ WW2 Casualty goup to C/KX 83792 Petty Officer Stoker R. B. WALKER,

he was on HMS Welshman, when it was sunk by U-boat on 1/2/1943.

Medals - 1939/45 star, Atlantic star, Africa star, Pacific star and War medal.

With condolence medal award slip and medal box sent to Mrs R. Howie in

Gravesend. Ralph Buckwolde Walker was 27. On Chatham memorial. EF £145

R3 1+++ Voluntary Medical Service medal and badges to Herbert William SMITH,

with red enamelled Proficiency in First Aid, 4 further badges, WW1 British

Red Cross Society medal for War Service, and a b/w photo of him. £60

S3 4 WW2 Naval Casualty court-mounted group to C/JX 125146 A / L / Smn

Alfred Leslie WOODLEY, Royal Navy, who died on 24 / 12 / 1943, as :

1939/45 star, Atlantic star, War medal and Naval LS/GC medal, HMS Hurricane.

Ship was a destroyer, sunk twice, once by Luftwaffe, and then again by U-415.

Woodley was one of only 3 killed in action, when torpedoed. (LS/GC medal

awarded in July 1943). With CWGC, commemorated on Chatham Mem'l. £230

T3 3 Mounted WRAF group to 434240 Sergeant M.T. McDONALD, WRAF, as -

Defence and War medals, plus RAF LS/GC medal EIIR. Mary Teresa

McDonald was born in 1923 and died in 2018, aged 95 in Newbiggin. £110

V3 7 WW2 naval group to JX.126985 H.G. FULLER, Royal Navy, as : 1939/45

star, Atlantic star, Burma star, Defence and War medals, plus Naval GSM /

bar Palestine 1945-48 (PO) and Naval LS/GC medal Geo VI IndImp -

(LS) HMS Frobisher. With his original parchment service record, from

signing on with HMS Ganges as a Boy 2 in May 1927 to June 1929, then

again from June 1939 to pension in November 1949. With b/w photo. EF £250

W3 3++ RAF group to Squadron-Leader A.G. BEATON, as - F&G star, Defence and

War medals, with award slip and card box of issue to him at Aylesbury.

Alan Gordon Beaton was in charge of a RAF Mobile Dental Surgery . With

copy photo of him, letter from Wing Commander Sumerling in 6/11/ 1947,

commending him, Red Cross ID card from 1943, his dog-tags and a copy

of his daughter's 2-page hand-written funeral eulogy. Served from 1941-45

After the war, he continued as a Dentist (MRCS, LRCP) in Aylesbury. £100

X3 5 WW2 mounted group to Francis John GAFFNEY, as - 1939/45 star, Defence

medal, War medal, France & Germany star (mounted in that order !), plus

Imperial Service medal EIIR (post 1953). Not researched yet. AEF £50

Y3 5 WW2 mounted group to T/35410 Corporal L. HASSACK, RASC, as -

1939/45 star, Africa star, Defence & War medals, plus Army LS/GC medal

with top bar Regular Army. (Geo VI IndiaeImp). GVF/+ £100

Z3 4++ Court-mounted group to 2738573 Guardsman William CLARKE, Welsh Gds.,

as - 1939/45 star, F&G star, War medal and GSM / bar Palestine 1945-48.

With original documents, photo, ID cards for wife Polly, AUEW member's

card, large embroidered Welsh Guards blazer (?) badge. He lived at

1, Kings Avenue, Tividale, Tipton. EF/+ £150

A4 6 WW2 mounted group to 2039334 Sergeant G.H. BULL, RA, as - 1939/45

star, Africa star, Italy star, Defence & War medals, plus Army LS/GC medal

EIIR, top bar Regular Army. BrOmnRegina (ie 1953 issue). GVF/+ £90

B4 6 Pre-War Palestine and WW2 group to 6007690 Private Thomas JONES,

1 / Essex Regiment, as : GSM / bar Palestine, 1939/45 star, Africa star, Italy

star, Defence and War medals. Copy papers note he was also with East

Surrey Regiment from 2/5/1943 to 13/4/1046. eF, stars nicely toned. £150

C4 5+ WW2 group to C/JX 269764 A.J. BARLOW, as : 1939/45 star, Atlantic star /

bar F&G, Africa star / bar North Africa 1942-43, Burma star and War medal.

With matching ribbon-bar, award certificate and box of issue, to him at

29, Fembrook Road, Lewisham, London SE13. B/W copy picture AEF £120

D4 5+ Mounted group to Lieutenant A. E. RIDDICK, Royal Engineers, as - 1939/45

star, Africa star, Defence and War medals (set MiD oak-leaf on War), plus

ISM EIIR (2nd obv). Albert Edward Riddick was formerly 2185653 QM

Sergeant, postal section RE. MiD LG 15/12/1942 for action at GHQ Egypt.

His ISM is in LG for 4/2/1971, as Ass't Superintendant GPO, Birmingham £110

E4 2 Mounted pair to J.E.W. WARD, as - WW2 War medal plus Royal Naval

Auxiliary Service LS medal EIIR (Mdls Yrbk 226) Only 1719 issued. GVF £230

F4 6+ WW2 mounted group to 1176205 E.F. DASHPER, RAF, as - 1939/45 star,

Africa star / bar North Africa 1942-43, Burma star, Italy star, Defence and War

medals. Plus his award card box addressed to him at Bridges Road, W.Ewell.

Edwin Frederick Dashper was born in 1911 and died in 1998. Plus more info £65

G4 5 Mounted group to SS-122667 Stoker 1 Mortimer SCOTT, RFR, as - 1939/45

star, Atlantic star / bar F&G, Italy star, War medal and RFR Long Service &

Good Conduct medal Geo V. Born in 1901, he served from 1919 till 1938,

then re-joined on 31 July 1930 on HMS Durban. Shrapnel wound AEF £145

H4 5+ Group attributed to Frederick Leonard GOODWIN, 1st Army, as - 1939/45

star, Africa star / bar 1st Army, Italy star, Defence and War medals. With award

slip and card box of issue to him at 14, The Avenue, Bickley, Kent. Plus silver

sports fob - "Champions Prims FC H & D CSAL 1925-26 season" named £80

J4 4 WW2 medals, attributed to E.R.T. JONES, as : 1939/45 star, F&G star,

Defence and War medals. Edwin Roger Tyrwhitt Jones lived in Goodmayes,

Essex. Comes with greaseproof wrappers and card box of issue. EF £50

K4 6 Mounted group to 1407580 LAC Stanley Edward BEARD, RAF, as -

1939/45 star, Africa star / bar North Africa 1942-43, Italy star, Defence and

War medals, plus GSM / bar Palestine 1945-48. He enlisted in Penarth £140

L4 5 Mounted group to 624150 Sergeant Jack GODDARD, RAF, as - 1939/45

Defence & War medals, GSM / bar Malaya, CSM / bar South Arabia, plus

RAF LS/GC medal. (Corporal on GSM and LS medals. He enlisted as a

civilian, but joined as an Aircrafthand after 1938. EF £180

M4 5++ WW2 Naval group to JX 583590 AB George Thomas MOWLING, RN, as :

1939/45 star, Africa star / bar 8th Army (!!), Italy star, Defence & War medals.

With box of issue to him in Southend. Plus original Naval service record, noting

he had served for 2 years in the RASC until 1942. (Hence 8th Army). Plus

original docs and booklets; Alexandria (Egypt) dinner menus, signed, mini

bible, medical grade card ........ EF £80

N4 5 WW2 group to 8 Petty Officer Wtr R.S. GURNEY, RNVR, as : 1939/45

star, F&G star, Defence and War medals, plus RNVR medal, Geo VI IndImp

With the card case of posting, addressed to him at 10, Park St., Plymouth.

And further copied details of his service and life. EF (wtr = writer) £140

P4 4 Mounted group to F. Sergeant W.J. BURROUGH, RAF, as - Defence and

War medals, GSM / bar Arabian Peninsula and RAF LS/GC medal EIIR

William John Burrough was Sgt on his GSM. Enlisted in Penarth. EF £165

Q4 5 WW2 RAF group to Sergeant Edwin C. WOOLLEY, as - 1939/45 star,

F&G star, Defence and War medals, plus Special Constabulary LS medal

Geo VI IndImp. With RAF award slip, noting 4 medals awarded. AEF £55

R4 6 WW2 mounted group to Arthur T. BASSETT, as : 1939/45 star, Atlantic

star, Africa star / set rosette, Defence and War medals, plus Special

Constabulary medal, Geo VI IndImp , this last one only one named. AEF £70

S4 5+++ WW2 medals, plus Masonic medals and regalia, etc, etc to H.L. WILLIAMS,

as - WW2 medals : 1939/45 star, Africa star, Italy star, Defence and War

medals. (no record as to his branch of service), plus much Masonic materials

viz 3 Stewards enamelled badges for 1949, 1954 and 1956; a named

and highly enamelled token of esteem medal from the Magnum Opus Lodge

No. 5641 as Undecimus 1955-56; two certificates, a framed/glazed photo

of him at his desk in later life; 2 masonic books, a pale blue sash with named

triangle and hanger, his apron, arm cuffs, another apron and sash. AEF £90

T4 4 India & WW2 group to Sgt (later Captn) 2309798 V.R. LITTLE, Royal Signals

as - India GSM / bar North-West Frontier 1930-31, WW2 Defence and War

medals, plus Army LS/GC medal Geo VI IndImp, top bar "Regular Army".

A Corporal on the India GSM, Vernon Richard Little's LS medal has Sergeant.

Promoted to Lieutenant in 1940 and then to Captain in 1943. Details. AEF £145

V4 5 WW2 Court-mounted group to 22222158 Sergeant G. COOK, A.C.C., as -

1939/45 star, Italy star, Defence & War medals, plus Territorial Efficiency

medal, top bar Territorial EIIR post 1953. GVF/+ £90

W4 7 WW2 mounted group to JX.12500 Petty Officer W.G. MORRIS, Royal Navy,

as : 1939/45 star, Atlantic star, Africa star / bar North Africa 1942-3,

Pacific star / bar Burma, Defence and War medals, plus Naval LS/GC

medal Geo VI IndImp, HMS Orlando. GVF, original ribbons, as worn. £230

X4 3 WW2 mounted Police trio to Constable Leonard F. KEEN, as - Defence

and War medals, plus Police LS/GC medal, EIIR (post 1953). GVF/+ £60

Y4 4 WW2 group to a South African - 185869 C.B.S. McCLEEVE, as - 1939/45 star,

Africa star, War medal and Africa service medal. Again, with much paperwork. £50

Z4 4 WW2 group to a South African - 168367 Pte J. DOWMAN, as : 1939/45 star,

Africa star, War medal and silver Africa Service medal, all named as always.

Plus full set of copy papers. He was with 'K'Coy, Cape Corps. £50

A5 3 WW2 trio to a South African - M.25628 J. BALIE, as - 1939/45 star, War

medal and Africa Service medal. Unresearched, as yet. £40

B5 4+3 Husband and Wife medals to LANSDELL couple -

Edward Lansdell, Grenadier Guards - 1939/45 star, F&G star, Defence and

War medals, mounted as worn. With GGds cap badge. He was attached to

the Tank Corps in 1939/40 and was shot in the arm. 43899

Monica Lansdell, Army. - Italy star, Defence and War medals.

Both sets were issued in 1979, and sent to each at 17, Alma Close, Hatherley

Cheltenham. With card boxes of issue. Mint £100

C5 3 Mounted WW2 and later group to a Fireman - Thomas STANIFORTH, as -

WW2 Defence medal plus 2 x LS Fire-brigade medals, in bronze with

2 LS bars - 5 years, and 10 years, plus silver LS medal with bar 20 years. £70

D5 2 Fire-brigade pair to R.E. AYLING, as - bronze British Fire Services

Association medal, named to him, with number 4856 on edge, and a silver

(hallmarked) BFSA medal, also named to him with number 2209 stamped

on edge. (For 10 and 20 years service). GVF/+ £60

E5 1+1 Fire-brigade pair, awarded to Father & son - MILLER family, as :

Father - 2866 W.H. MILLER, bronze LS medal for 20 years BFSA.

Son - 286 Leading Fireman Bruce R. MILLER in silver, for "Exemplary

Service". Both medals mounted separately on pin, as worn. GVF & + £60

Later groups
F5 2 Mounted pair to P/MX.771779 Jnr 1 L. GADD, Royal Navy, as : Naval

GSM / bar Near East (Jnr 2) plus Naval LS/GC medal EIIR (post 1953)

as Jnr 1, HMS Mercury. AEF, lightly toned. £150

G5 4 Court-mounted unattributable group of unofficial (Award Productions) medals -

as National Service medal, silver General service star, RAF part-gilt medal

and 5-pointed silver star "For Crown & Country", set top leaf-spray bar. EF £80

H5 2+ RAF mounted pair, to D-4185057 Sergeant P.K. KAR-ROY, RAF, as - GSM /

bar Malaya EIIR, plus RAF LS/GC medal, EIIR. With both cases of issue. EF £165

J5 1+ Police LS/GC medal EIIR (2nd obv) to Peter J. BAINES, mounted on pin as

for wear; with his blue enamelled cap-badge for Kent County Constab'y. EF £50

K5 4++ NI & Gulf War medal group, to E 8402548 SAC Martin Graeme WOODHEAD,

Royal Air Force, as - CSM / bar Northern Ireland, court-mounted with Gulf

War medal, bar 16 Jan to 28 Feb 1991. Plus the Saudi Arabia Liberation of

Kuwait medal & ribbon bar, in its green case; also the Kuwait Liberation of

Kuwait medal & ribbon bar, in its dark blue plastic case; with a selection of

original documents - ID cards, radiation dose record card, radiation checker

tube and colour chart, embroidered cloth blazer badge Per Ardua, several

cloth RAF regiment flashes, RAF cap-badges, and his RAF Regiment belt. £380

L5 3 Court-mounted trio to 24876056 Craftsman M. R. DICKINSON, REME, as

CSM / bar Northern Ireland, Accumulated Campaign Service medal

(Mdls Yrbk 198B) with NATO medal set bar Former Yugoslavia. EF £425