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Cased Tokens

Cased foreign medallions
F110 ND Austria & Hungary : Blue cased twin set with CD of music - Johann Strauss -

Die Fledermaus, and Kalman Imre - Csardaskiralyno.

With colour informative booklet. (Both medals .999 silver, proof). AR 40mm Proof £40
F111 1777 Germany - Christ. Rauch - Geb.D. 2.Jan. 1777. His bust r. / Winged Victory,

holding a laurel-wreath in each hand. Greek legends. In plastic case. Silvered 39mm GEF £20
F112 1857 Germany - Georg Wilhelm, Furst zu Schaumburg-Lippe. Congratulatory medal

from the town of Buckeburg for 50 years of "blessed rule" - segensreiche

Regierung, on 8th May 1857. in original case. By Brehmer. Cu 60mm BU £85
F113 1921 Germany - Nurnberg-Further set of tram coins (Strassenbahn-Munzen)

set of 45 - each with a different scene : people, places, bulidings. Each

'token' is for 20 pfennigs, and octagonal . Lid loose with period news items Alu 25 x 25 EF £100
F114 1948 Holland - Queen Wilhelmina 1898-1948. Bust of the queen left. /

coronation coach and horses, below four lines of text in dutch. Brass 50mm GEF £15
F115 1945 Jersey - Liberation Celebration 1995 - 1945. Occupation 1940-1945

Group of seven locals raising a flag. Coat of arms. TSB sponsored case Brass 50mm BU £20
F116 1997 Russia - 850th anniversary of Moscow, produced by ALVA (italy) b y order of

the Russian bank "Stolichny Bank of Savings". CDC / Moscow church. Silver 38mm BU £25
F117 1973 San Marino - matching pair of medals, to commemorate Alessandro Manzoni

1873-1973. His bust 2/3rd facing / 4 figures in an old rowing boat. E.Monti

Designed by Emilio Monti. One in silver, other in bronze. AR / AE 60mm BU £95
F118 1976 United States of America - USA Bi-centenary 1776-1976. Two Hundred Years

of Freedom Spirit of '76. Liberty Bell / 3 drummers:pipers. Gilt. 38mm EF £10

Cased British medallions.
C 0 1851 The Great Exhibition. Bare head of Prince Albert left / Exhibition on globe,

edge -" United Kingdom, Class 8 No. 136". BHM 2463 Sl eks Copper 45mm GVF £35
C1 1862 International Exhibition 1862, Bust of the late Prince Consort Albert, l., /

View of the exhibition building. "Stamped there by H. Uhlhorn, Prussia". Copper 40mm EF £35
C2 1887 St. Giles, Cripplegate Queen's Golden Jubilee medal. Her bust l. /

the church. (Medal struck by vicar & 2 wardens). In Boy's School case. WM 44mm GVF £25
C3 1897 Victoria Diamond Jubilee medal, official RM issue. BHM 3506.

Young head / Old, aka Veiled head. AE 65mm GVF £50
C4 1902 Edward VII Coronation medal, official RM issue. BHM 3737. His obverse

on one side, Queen Alexandra on the other. AE 55mm GVF £45
C5 1908 Franco-British Exhibition, square medallion "offert " by Levallois-Perret :

Le Carbone, ie made in polished carbon. (Ref. BHM 3960). Square Carbon 57mm BU £50
C6 1929 Prize medal awarded to Oliver E. SYMES - Mathematics & Astronomy,

Christ's Hospital. From the Bequest of Henry Tyson of Kendal. Attractive Gilt silver 37mm GEF £75
C7 1937 Coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth - by D. Gilbert,

BHM 4323. conjoined heads l., / Crown on crossed oak & laurel branches Silver 57mm EF £100
C8 1937 Another, similar, but struck in bronze. AE 57mm EF £80
C9 1965 Churchill, 1874-1965, by Spink & Son. His war-time bust / Very Well Alone Silver 37mm BU £30
C10 1966 Battle of Hastings 900th anniversary - 1066-1966, by Pinches. Battle

scene, in exergue MLXVI / City arms over ancient ship. Hallmkd AR 57mm BU £120
C11 1970 Charles Dickens Centenary medal, from the Dickens Fellowship. His bust

left, with dates 1812-1870 / allegorical female in library. By P.Vincze Gilt silver 63mm EF £95
C12 1975 North Sea Oil - silver medal, plus glass phial of a sample of the first oil

brought ashore by Hamilton Brothers Consortium & Texaco. View of an

oilrig / text in nine lines of the event on June 18, 1975. Silver / Oil 45mm BU £75
C13 1976 Concorde's 1st passenger flight from London to Bahrain, 21 January 1976

plane in flight / plane with arabic script. Gilt. (Pobjoy) Silver 38mm BU £30
C14 1977 Pompeii AD79 exhibition at the Royal Academy, London, 19776-77, by T.K.&S.

lively figure of Pan, in excited state / young naked male with club & bow.

numbered 279 on edge and on base of case. Lovely blueing. Silver 50mm BU £95
C15 1977 Royal Mint medal for Silver Jubilee, Queen seated on throne / Vivat

Regina 1952-1977, central rose. Pale yellow RM case. Gilt 56mm BU £20
C16 1977 The Silver Jubilee Appeal Crown medal, by Pobjoy. "To help Young People

help others". Youthful bust 2/3rds facing of Queen. Gilt Silver 38mm BU £20
C16 1977 Silver Jubilee medal, by Spink & Son, designed by Leslie Durbin; Queen's

bust left / rose, the SJ hybrid tea rose. No. 189 of 5000. 76 gms. Silver 57mm BU £70
C17 1989 Berlin, November 10th; the Freedom in Berlin Eyewitness Commem. Medal

by Franklin Mint (part set). Crowds dismantling wall / details. Gilt AR 38mm BU £25
C18 1989 Royal Mint Centenary medal - 800th anniv. Of the Mayoralty, 1189-1989

City of London Arms and Mayor's chain of office. 5 oz Silver 63mm BU £125
C19 1991 Set of six "coins", from Pentre Llechwedd Village, as 6d, 3d, 1d, 2 x 1/2d

and farthing. Obv. as correct UK coinage, Rev. Man on little train AE/CuNi Mixed BU £25
C20 1991 BANS Congress medal for Greenwich 1991. The Cutty Sark in full sail 1869

Prime Meridian of the World, view of the East/West line. In capsule & case. Gilt 38mm BU £15
C21 ND HM Tower of London - View of the Royal Palace & Fortress of the Tower

of London. / Three Yeoman Warders of the Tower in uniform. RM case Gilt 50mm BU £20
C22 1994 Royal Mint Centenary medal - Tower Bridge 100 years : 1894-1994. View of

the bridge and river Thames. Designed by Ian Rank-Broadley. 5 oz Silver 63mm BU £125
C23 2004 The Choice is Ours medal, by the Royal Mint; designed by Ron Dutton,

features a large fish swimming over bottles and tins / tree & detritus 5oz Silver 63mm BU £125
C24 2011 Royal Mint 5 oz medal, by Heena Aujila. 1511 Dieu et mon Droit / part of

Henry VIII medieval coin segment, with descriptive booklet. Toned. Silver 63mm BU £125
C24a 1937 Coronation regatta June 1937. International regatta at Torbay. Conj. Busts of George

VI and Elizabeth left. / the Yacht Britannia in full sail with dates 1893-1936; details, in

original case by Benzie - "the Yachtsmens jeweller Cowes". BHM 4385 Old silver 51mm GEF £95

Royal Mint modern crown-size medals, in colourful descriptive packaging.

C25 2009 Ashes series. Npower. (ie cricket) Ni/Br 38mm BU £6
C26 2009 Sir Bobby Robson commemorative medal 1933-2009 CuNi 38mm BU £6
C27 1997 Opening of Buckingham Palace, August-October. (proceeds to help the

restoration of Windsor Castle after the fire there in 1992. Tri-lingual pack Gilt 38mm BU £6
C28 1994 25th anniversary of Investiture of Prince Charles in Wales 1969-1994,

Philatelic Numismatic set, with 6 special stamps on envelope CuNi 38mm BU £10
C29 1995 Centenary of the birth of RJ Mitchell 1895-1995 (creator of the Spitfire)

another PNC set, with special stamp & 4 x 1st class. NiBr 38mm BU £10
C30 1995 Bi-centenary of the birth of the engraver William Wyon, his bust left /

penny black with copper YH penny portrait superimposed. PNC with £1 stamp NiBr 38mm BU £10
C31 1996 A century of British Motoring - Classic Cars. 1/10/1996. PNC cover

with 5 x parge square stamps with views of bonnets. NiBr 38mm BU £10
C32 2010 England Football - England Supporters - white ball superimposed with red

England cross / 2 lions supporting football. Two stamps - 1966 4d England

Winners, and later 1st class winners stamp. NiBr 38mm BU £15
C33 1973 POBJOY silver issue crown-size medallet : 1st day membership of EEC

January 1st, 1973, with 3 x stamps of jigsaws in different colours. Silver 38mm BU £25