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Miscellaneous Foreign Tokens

Metal Diameter Condition Price


F1 1862 Victoria trade penny token - J .Stokes, Maker / Grocers, Ironmongers..... Cu 35mm AVF £12
F2 ND Struck at the Perth Mint - (Western Australia) / View of Building AE 28mm GEF £5
F3 ND (1980s) Set of 3 plastic toy coins - 2c, 10c, 20c. Esso extra puts a tiger in your tank Plastic 20,23,28 GVF £10
F4 ND (1863) Morpeth, NSW, token 1/2d, James Campbell, General Stores. AE 28mm VF £20


F5 1836 Bust of Maria Anna - wife/queen of Ferdinand I / arms & coronation regalia Sept CU 47mm AVF £25


F6 1908 Tentoonstelling - Burgersbond, Yper. City Arms, top loop. Gilt AE 40mm GVF £15
F7 2000 Belgique Millennium; official Greenwich mint medallion - mannekin pis. Gilt 38mm BU £3
F8 1914 Medallet of Adolphe Max - his bust left. / Rooster. (Mayor of Brussels) AE 28mm GVF £5
F9 1935 Busts of Leopold III & Astrid / "Bruxelles Exposition 1935" (Holed) Gilt AE 27mm GVF £3
F10 1905 Liége, Universal Expo., allegorical figures on both sides, one in

industrial setting the other standing with lion in front of Portrait of Leopold AE 30mm VF £4


F11 1892 Bust of Ferdinand I left. / Palace and inscription, top loop Gilt 25mm EF £8
F12 1885 Bust of Alexander I left in military uniform / Victory & eagle, top loop Gilt 33mm EF £12


F13 1963 Opening of the Bank of Montreal Museum. / issued by the bank Gilt 36mm GVF £5
F14 ND WW2 Canada Meat (Viande) Ration. Blue cardboard, holed. Card 23mm VF/+ £12
F15 1939 Royal tour of Canada, map of Canada, shield, scroll and motto

/ busts of George VI and Queen Elizabeth. BHM 4384 AR 32mm AEF £15
F16 1939 Another, as above, slightly smaller AE 31mm AEF £5
F17 1971 1971-1871 - British Columbia, 3 heads left - a century of progress,

Mining, Lumbering, Fishing. Centennial and shield. CuNi 38mm AEF £7
F18 1927 60th anniversary of the Confederation, twin heads of Victoria & George V Cu 26mm GVF+ £9
F19 1967-1867 Ontario - gilt medallet to commemorate the role of mining in Canada. AE 36mm EF £12
F20 1937 Coronation medallion, Newfoundland. Twin busts left / coat of arms. Alu 35mm GVF £8
F21 1911 Ottawa - bust of Robert L. Borden 2/3rds left. / House of Commons. Silvered 31mm VF+ £5


F23 ND BORSEN - view of building / Wilhelm Laybourn : Dannebrog, address Brass 34mm GVF £9
F24 N.D. Kjǿbenhavn, Uniface, "Terracotta Fabrik P. Jpsens Enke" etc Brass 28mm VF+ £5


F25 1848 Marianne with bonnet / Seated 'Genie du Mal - Vaincu 23-24 Fevrier Cu 25mm GVF £15
F26 1851-1870 Satirical medallet - Vampire Francais : Napoleon III le Miserable, Sedan Brass 25mm GVF £15
F27 1914-18 Memorial de Verdun. View of the memorial; part of the National Collection Brass 34mm EF £8
F28 1856 Napoleon, baptised 14th June 1856, view of his baptism, B.16.3.1856 Brass 25mm VF £8
F29 1969 25th anniv. of the D-Day landings - 1944-1969 Juin / view of the beaches Bronze 68mm EF £18
F30 1904 Tours - opening of Lycee de jeunes filles : 4 Septembre. Building /

opening of the town hall, 4 September, building. Grand Bazar ..... Alu 36mm VF £8
F34 1944 NAAFI 1/2 franc token. Octagonal in brown plasticised.
23mm VF+ £6
F38 ND Napoleon III - his bust left / similar with script - "Grotte au Million" AE 22mm GVF £5
F39 ND Paris Mint - Souvenir of a visit to the Mint. (La Monnaie). Built 1780 Cu 32mm EF £7
F40 ND Fondeurs d'Or et d'Argent 1830 - smelting scene / Souvenir of a visit

to the Paris Monnaie. (Musee, Ateliers, Galeries). Bronzed 36mm EF £5
F42 Post 1814 Josephine medallet - her bust l. / dates, born, married to Bonaparte,died AE 23mm GVF £5
F43 1856 Louis-Philippe : 25th anniversary of his coronation. 21st July, 1856 AE 24mm GVF+ £8
F44 ND Maison de la Belle Jardiniere - 5 cities cited / Madonna & 2 cherubs. Gilt 23mm VF £5
F45 1882 Paris Town hall (Hotel de Ville) opened 14th July. Top loop AE 23mm VF £5
F46 1877 IVRY - 10th May 1877, souvenir du concours festival / Marianne r. Gilt 23mm GVF £4
F47 1870-71 Invasion 1870-71 Alsace Lorraine Souvenez-vous/ Ligue anti-Prussienne AE 33mm VF £18
F48 1556 Camera Computor Regior - medieval token. Noscenda est mensura sui AE 27mm VF £15
F49 ND Ville d'Ales; town arms / Davey lamp & mining scene. In little red booklet Gilt 30mm EF £10
F50 1867 Souvenir of visit to Universelle Exposition. 3 heads in circlets. Top loop Gilt 23mm AEF £6
F51 1878 Exposition Universelle Paris 1878; Marianne l. / palais du Trocadero AE 35mm VF £8


F54 ND Nurnberg reckening counter; same design both sides. Eagle + orb/sceptre AE 30mm GVF £8
Another, similar, but in another metal CuNi 30mm EF £8
F56 17th C. Nuremberg reckening counter - Rechp:Macher: Wolff LavFer -

Reverse legend - Gottes Segen Macht Reich (God's blessing makes rich) AE 23mm VF/+ £5
F57 ND TON (red-clay) lottery ticket from Volksbucherei. By Meissen. TON 40mm GVF/+ £12
F58 1924 25 years Jubilaum Veranstaltung 1899-1924. / City Arms. Brass 43mm GVF £12
F59 1914 Silver Prize medal for Cross-Country running. Deutsche Sport-Behorde fur

Athletik. Engraved to : F.V. Holstein in 10.4.14 1st prize. Naked runner Silver 40mm VF/+ £35
F60 1920/30s TRAM tokens, a selection. 20 pf or 10 pf. Various shapes & sizes. Each Alu
GVF £3
F61 ND Spielmarke - Postomnibus - horse-drawn bus. Brass 20mm AEF £7
F62 ND DDR - Semperoper - Theaterplatz.. / DDr & national symbols CuNi 35mm GVF/+ £4
F63 1882 Berlin shooting prize medallet. Kaiser Wilhelm's bust r. Top loop AE 27mm GVF £6
F64 ND ULM cathedral - obv and rev, 2 views of then and now (or future look) WM
VF £6
F65 ND Berlin - Quadriga : Victory in quadriga heading left, red Berlin bear above

/ Berlin - Hauptstadt Deutschlands, view of landmark buildings Silvered 30mm EF+ £8
F66 ND Frankfurt a.M. - old buildings / Allen Zielen naher. Eagle. Antiqued Gilt 40mm GEF £7.50
F67 1936 Hl. Leopold 1136, his bust l. / Kloster Neuburg, 3 circlets. Weihe der ... oval gilt 30/25mm GEF £10
F60 1838-1875 E.V. Bandel, creator of the Hermann Monument; his bust r./ the monument Silver 40mm GVF £50

Holland / Netherlands.

F68 1952 Jan Riebeeck, 300th , ie Tercentenary, 6 April / children around column WM
AEF £6
F69 1989 175 years of constitutional monarchy 1814-1989. Willem bust r. WM 30mm GVF £5
F70 1923 Oranjebowen 6th sept. 1923 (1898) 25 years. Bust of Wilhelmina l. Top loop Cu 28mm VF/+ £6

Hong Kong.

F71 ND Star Ferry plastic token for one adult crossing (upper deck) Green Plastic 30mm EF £3
F72 ND Star Ferry plastic token for one adult crossing (lower deck) Blue Plastic 30mm EF £3
F73 ND Star Ferry plastic token for one concession crossing (upper deck) Red Plastic 30mm EF £3
F74 ND Star Ferry plastic token for one concession crossing (lower deck) Grey Plastic 30mm EF £3
Set of all 4 of the HK Star ferry tokens .........

F76 ND HK Dollar, chineses words / Bierdorf Chinatown : Wertmarke. Brass 30mm GVF £25


F79 ND The Irish Jaunting Car - National Vehicle / Spinning Jenny. Top loop Gilt 24mm EF £5


F81 ND Juke-box token : Gettone Apparecchi Elettrici. Juke-box. AE 28mm AEF £5


F82 2000 National Bank of Romania. / Founded in 1880. With descriptive card. Silver .800 29mm BU £12

South Africa.

F83 ND Johannesburg medallet; coat of arms / Archway with elongated 5 (?) AU on AE
AEF £5
F84 1949 16th Dec. 1949 Johannesburg, presented by the Mayor & City Council, top hole CuNi 32MM GVF £8
F85 1911 Pretoria - Coronation of George V & Queen Mary. Conj. Busts l. / Arms AE 33mm GVF £10
F86 1986 Gold Reef City 1986 - 2 shillings. Elephants. / Bust of Kruger l. Alu 30mm EF £5
F87 ND Cape Mutual & Investment & Loan Society / 2d in ornate wreath AE 24mm VF £10


F88 1992 Expo '92. RUM-BO AL 92. Seville 1988. With descriptive card. AE 30mm BU £5


F90 1939 Zurich - Schweiz.Landesausstellung. View of Aluminium Pavillon. Ali 33mm EF £8
F91 ND Mutual Soc'y for Swiss people. 6d token, London founded 1707 Copper 28mm EF £40
F92 N.D. Neuchatel, view of river / image of jug, "Paul Kramer, Neuchatel" Alu 33mm VF+ £6

United States of America.

F93 ND McCormick, Chicago, estd 1831. Man with 2 horses & trap / harvesting scene. Gilt 26mm GVF £6
F94 ND (MM) Liberty - in God we trust. Rising sun behind statue of Liberty & boats / Give me

your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free. CuNi 38mm EF £5
F95 1981 Bacchus, Mardi Gras, New Orleans 1968 / The Old Testament 1981. Orange Plated 38mm EF £5
F96 ND New York, Statue of Lliberty. / 11th state. Admitted to the Union 26/7/1788 AE 27mm VF £6
F97 ND Triborough Bridge & Tunnel Authority. (Toll check ?) 6 lines of NY places. AE 28mm GVF £5
F98 ND President series - James Monroe 5th president 1817-1825 Gilt 25mm GVF £4
F99 ND Another, similar, with Herbert C. Hoover, 31st 1929-1933 Gilt 25mm VF £4
F100 ND Another, similar, with Abraham Lincoln, 16th 1861-1865 Gilt 28mm GVF £4
F101 ND Sealed sachet with John Wayne American, his bust r. / him on a horse AE 33mm BU £6
F102 ND Sealed sachet with The White House, view / seal of the President AE 33mm BU £6
F103 ND Sealed sachet with US Treasury building Oct. 1972 / Treasury arms 1789 AE 33mm BU £6
F104 1941 25th anniversary of the Atlantic Charter August 9th 1941. Franklin D. Roosevelt

seated / Placentia Bay meeting, ship. Silver 32mm GVF £45
F105 1972 President Nixon's Visit to Peking, 21 st February 1972. Nixon & Mao (?)

shaking hands / twin flags and chinese script. Silver 40mm GVF/+ £40

Vatican / Papal States.

F106 1871 Bust of Pius IX right, Anno XXVI / ten lines of script in latin. AE 33mm VF £15


F107 ND Hoechst Remedia SA - Mountain view : Lasix Salto Angel - Venezuela Cu 40mm GVF £8

Cased foreign medallions.
F110 ND Austria & Hungary : Blue cased twin set with CD of music - Johann Strauss -

Die Fledermaus, and Kalman Imre - Csardaskiralyno.

With colour informative booklet. (Both medals .999 silver, proof). AR 40mm Proof £40
F111 1777 Germany - Christ. Rauch - Geb.D. 2.Jan. 1777. His bust r. / Winged Victory,

holding a laurel-wreath in each hand. Greek legends. In plastic case. Silvered 39mm GEF £20
F112 1857 Germany - Georg Wilhelm, Furst zu Schaumburg-Lippe. Congratulatory medal

from the town of Buckeburg for 50 years of "blessed rule" - segensreiche

Regierung, on 8th May 1857. in original case. By Brehmer. Cu 60mm BU £85
F113 1921 Germany - Nurnberg-Further set of tram coins (Strassenbahn-Munzen)

set of 45 - each with a different scene : people, places, bulidings. Each

'token' is for 20 pfennigs, and octagonal . Lid loose with period news items Alu 25 x 25 EF £100
F114 1948 Holland - Queen Wilhelmina 1898-1948. Bust of the queen left. /

coronation coach and horses, below four lines of text in dutch. Brass 50mm GEF £15
F115 1945 Jersey - Liberation Celebration 1995 - 1945. Occupation 1940-1945

Group of seven locals raising a flag. Coat of arms. TSB sponsored case Brass 50mm BU £20
F116 1997 Russia - 850th anniversary of Moscow, produced by ALVA (italy) b y order of

the Russian bank "Stolichny Bank of Savings". CDC / Moscow church. Silver 38mm BU £25
F117 1973 San Marino - matching pair of medals, to commemorate Alessandro Manzoni

1873-1973. His bust 2/3rd facing / 4 figures in an old rowing boat. E.Monti

Designed by Emilio Monti. One in silver, other in bronze. AR / AE 60mm BU £95
F118 1976 United States of America - USA Bi-centenary 1776-1976. Two Hundred Years

of Freedom Spirit of '76. Liberty Bell / 3 drummers:pipers. Gilt. 38mm EF £10