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Fruit Pickers' & Farm Tokens

Metal Condition Price

FP0 Belvedere, (Kent). 1 1/2d Vinson. (Same both sides). AE VF £15

FP1 Bowhill, Kent. 1 1/2d R. Vinson. (Same both sides) AE VF+ £9

FP2 Crockenhill (Kent) - Set of SEVEN to Caleb Lee and Sons, 1/2d (Zinc, round),

1d (Brass, round), 2d (Zinc, rounded square), 6d (Zinc, heart-shaped)

1/- (Brass, round), 1/- (Bronze, octagonal) & 5/- (Brass, octagonal) Various VF £20

FP7 Halstead. (Kent) A. May. 5/- letter H cut out. (by R.Neal) CuNi GVF £15

FP8 Halstead. A. May. 1/- CuNi GVF £12

FP9 Halstead. A. May. 3d. Brass GVF £10

FP10 Halstead. A. May. 2d AE VF £8

FP11 Halstead. A. May. 1 1/2d AE GVF £7

FP12 Halstead. A. May. 1d AE GVF £6

FP15 St. Paul's Cray (Kent). W. & E. Vinson. Shilling, same both sides. (EV cntrmk) CuNi VF+ £10

FP16 LONDON, Gunn, Plain Baskets 6d, by Morgan. 16, Nelson Place EC. Key-hole cut-out Zinc GVF £6

FP18 Another, as above, but 1s/6d, by Morgan CuNi EF £10

FP23 Sidcup, Kent. John Sutton, 6d, by Neal (J. Sutton, Market Gardener, Church Road) Brass VF £15

FP24 Sidcup, Kent. John Sutton, 1/-, by Neal (J. Sutton, Market Gardener, Church Road)

Scarce heart-shaped, holed. (Ex DG Vorley collection, Glens., lot 735, part) AE VF £20

FP26 Sittingbourne, May & Vinson, Woodstock, 1d AE VF £10

FP35 Woodham Walter (Essex), Thomas May, White House Farm, 2d AE VF £5

FP36 Upwell (Cambs/Norfolk border), A. Ryder, Set of SIX - £1, 5s/- (2 types), 1s/-,

1 1/2d and 1/2d, Coloured Cardboard VF £5