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WW1 group of three - Prussia General Medal of Honour (allgemeines Ehrenzeichen), 2nd

class (Ni 1831), Gilt Faithful Service medal for 12 years service (Ni 1975), plus 1797/1897

Centenary medal for Wilhelm. Comes with ribbon-bar awarded for medals 1 and 3 (ie

before award of the 12 years); also a further ribbon-bar for 4 medals, to include Iron Cross. £90

WW1 Iron Cross, 2nd class - a selection with maker's marks on the ring (B, J). Each £50

WW1 1914/18 Service Cross of Honour, with swords. Ni 3803/1. Plus matching ribbon-bar £12

As above, lot of five Crosses of Honour, with different maker's marks on reverse. £50

WW1 1914/18 Service Cross of Honour, no swords. Ni 3803/2 Scarce now £15

WW1 1914/18 Service Cross of Honour, no swords blackened finish, for widows and parents of fallen German soldiers. Ni 3803/3. £20

Prussia - Pour le Merite; excellent copy Blue Max, except this one has red enamels, both sides, not blue ! Hung from correct wide black ribbon, edged in silver. As a bow. £45

Prussia gilt medal, commemorating Wilhelm's centenary of the anniversary of his birth, 1797 - 1897. Set on correct canary-yellow ribbon. Ni 1965/1. Made from Danish, Austrian and French cannons captured in those wars. Known as the "Zitronenorden". £20

Large bronze prize medal, for 1932 Sangerbundesfest, in Frankfurt am Main - im Goethejahr, with large bust of the playwright Goethe ( = our Shakespeare) - reverse with Paulskirche 1848 and quote by EM Arndt : "Ich glaube an die Ewigkeit meines Volkes". Top loop. £50

Railways cap badge - gilt wheel with wings each side. Mint, with intact pair of rev lugs £6

Ribbon-bar for 2 medals - Iron Cross and Cross of honour with swords. £4

Ribbon-bar for 1 medal - Cross of Honour with swords. £3

Set of 6 coloured roundels, "Zur Erinnerung an meine Dienstzeit" - commemorating WW1 service, each with a different scene : Artillery, Cavalry, New Kuftwaffe, Machine guns, Ack-ack, Army (crossed rifles, helmet, bayonet, long-stick grenades) ........

Each measure 1 inch in diameter. Attractive. The set ….. £12

Set of 3 coloured roundels, as above, featuring - Artillery, Cavalry & New Luftwaffe.... £5

WW1 Patriotic medallet in white metal - "Ub' Aug und Hand furs Vaterland". Reverse has motto - Wir wollen sein ein einig Volk von Brudern. (We want to be a united people of brothers). Set top loop. £6

Vorwarts und Durch - gilt medallet dated 30 October 1895, commemorating the Jubel feier.

Obverse dated 30 october 1870, with iron cross. Set on b/w ribbon and pin £25


WW2 Iron Cross, 2nd class. Ni 3824. Plus ribbon-bar. Getting quite scarce now - £90

Ribbon-bar for Iron Cross £4

War Merit Cross, with swords, (Kriegsverdienstkreuz). Ni 3835 £30

War Merit Cross, no swords. Ni 3836 £25

War Merit Medal, Ni 3837. £20

East Front medal (Ostmedaille) - Winterschlacht im Osten (Ni 3850) £35

Faithful Service Cross for 40 years, gold. (Ni 3522), set pin, as for wear. £65

Faithful Service Cross for 25 years, silver. (Ni 3524), set pin, as for wear. £40

Another, as above, in its red card case of issue. £50

Mother's Cross, in gold (Ni 3513) £55

Mother's Cross, in silver (Ni 3514) £45

Mother's Cross, in bronze (Ni 3515) £35

Set of all three classes of Mother's Cross : Gold, Silver, Bronze. £120

Mother's Cross, in bronze (Ni 3515), mint condition, with full-length ribbon. Choice £45

Volkspflege medal (Care of the People). Ni 3566 £65

Sudetenland annexation, 1. Oktober. 1938 (Ni 3517) £40

Cloth Jewish Star of David, as worn by German Jews (Jude) c. 13 cms square. RARE ...

part of a roll retrieved by the finder in Buchenwald at the War's end ...... (Nearly all gone) £20

As above, but a complete row of six yellow stars, as woven in the original roll. £100

Rare set of Theresienstadt ghetto banknotes - seven notes, all mint, as issued by the

Jewish Committee of the Elders, for use by the 'residents', dated 1/1/1943.

100 Kronen, 50, 20, 10, 5, 2, 1 Krone. With photocopied further information. £110

Framed 'set' of three 1936 Olympics Judges pin badges & plaque ; central 7cms x 10cm

silvered 'service rendered' plaque "fur Verdienste um die XI. Olympiade Berlin 1936", to

the left red and cream enamelled badge "Kampfrichter", to the right blue and cream

enamelled badge "Startrichter". In glazed wooden frame 36cms x 22 cms. £180

Pin-badges etc.

Pin for DLRG, in silver. (Deutsche Lebens RettungsGesellschaft) £5

Pin for DLRG, in bronze. £5

Selection of ten different "Tinnies", aka day-badges, with dates 1935,36, or 37. Each... £10

Brown envelope, "Nur fur die deutsche Wehrmacht bestimmt. Nach Gebrauch sofort zu vernichten." (Only for use by the German Wehrmacht - destroy immediately after use)..... £7.50

Another, as above, but this one sealed, with contents. (A condom !!) Unused. £15

Nazi-era toy coins - a set of eight Reichspfennig and Reichsmarks - 1pf, 2pf, 5pf, 10pf, 50pf, 1 RM, 2 RM, 5 RM. For children to go shopping. £15

a WW2 Memorial cards for fallen WW2 German soldiers - an interesting selection, most with a photo and description of his life & date of death; religious poems, etc. Each… £5
b Lot of ten different cards , as above ........... £...........40
c Modern set of Third Reich Postcards - Dalkeith's Classic Poster Series - Set No. 38,

with six coloured postcards, this set with Numbers P223 to P228. Mint £10

d War Merit Cross Urkunde, 2nd class, with swords, to San-Gefreiter Albert MARQUARDT,

stamped with issue date 20th April 1943. £25

e NSDAP Hitler-Youth Warning sheet on pink paper; fresh and unused ! Verwarnung ! £5

f Seifenkarte - un-issued for 1943 (February to May) for the Wartegau area; unused. £5

g BOOK - Adolf Hitler, a cigarette-card album, 133 pages, with many b/w photos telling of

episodes and events in the life of Hitler, with a preface by Goebbels. Excellent condition, £60
h Another, as above, but with its outer card wrapper. £70

j BOOK - Yearbook of the RAD for 1939 (Jahrbuch des Reichsarbeitsdienstes), 108 pages,

with many pages of b/w photographic illustrations. £50

k BOOK - Olympia 1936, a cigarette-card album, volume II with outer dust-wrapper.

dated 1936 of course, with 165 pages, and 100++ b/w cards attached. £50

l BOOK - Deutschland Erwacht, another cigarette-card album, with many illustrations in colour

as well as b/w. Issued in 1933, with 149 pages, and the 1933 Luitpoldhain 'consecrating'

of the standards in at the back, opening out to 6 pages in width ! £60

m Another copy, as above, slightly more used. £50