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Another, usual flat form, nice condition. £180

WW1 Iron Cross, 2nd class, with ribbon. GVF Ni 1909 £75

WW1 Iron Cross, 2nd class, with ribbon. GVF marked KO on ring Ni 1909 £80

WW1 Iron Cross, 2nd class, with ribbon. GVF marked 800 O on ring Ni 1909 £80

WW1 Iron Cross, 2nd class, with non-combattant ribbon. GVF Seldom seen Ni 1909 £85

WW1 1914/18 Service Cross of Honour, with swords. Ni 3803/1. Plus matching ribbon-bar £12

WW1 1914/18 Service Cross of Honour, no swords. Ni 3803/2 Scarce now £15

WW1 1914/18 Service Cross of Honour, no swords blackened finish, for widows and parents of fallen German soldiers. Ni 3803/3. £25

WW1 War Cross for Auxiliary War Aid (Verdienstkreuz fur Kriegshilfe) - Kriegshilfsdienst. Ni 1966 £25

1870/1871 Medal for Combattants. "Dem siegreichen Heere". Ni 1941/1. in bronze. VF £20

1870/1871 Medal for Combattants. "Pflichttreue im Kriege". Ni 1941/2. in steel. VF £30

Wound badge, in black, for being wounded once. (Hitler got this one) Ni 3923 £30

Another, this one a cut-out version. (ie durchbrochen) £45

"Furs Vaterland" veterans bronze medal ; Victory placing wreath on soldier's head. £18

Baden - Faithful service medal for 12 years; gilt medal with crowned F / Fur treue Dienste bei der Fahne XII. Ni 314. £70

Bavaria - Luitpold cross : 40 years service 12 / 3 / 1911. Ni 471 Pleasing lightly toned gilt £145

Bavaria - veteran's uniface medal; lion std before flags, crossed rifles & blue/whilte enamels. £75

Bavaria - Ehre der Arbeit 25 years Faithful service oval medal in silver. Blue/white criss-cross enamels; reverse - " Verband Bayerischer Industriellen". Set padded ribbon. Also issued in 3rd reich times, in similar format, with swastika below enamels. £75

Another, similar, but gilt, for 40 years, otw the same. Acorn below enamels. £90

Hamburg - White enamelled 8-pointed star - Deutsches Feld-Ehrenzeichen. Soldier marching to the left in central oval . With swords. (Rev. Hamburg 11). £80

Prussia - Army Long Service gilt medal for 12 years (XII) Ni 1975. Treue Dienste bei der Fahne. £32

Prussia gilt medal, commemorating Wilhelm's centenary of the anniversary of his birth, 1797 - 1897. Set on correct canary-yellow ribbon. Ni 1965/1. Made from Danish, Austrian and French cannons captured in those wars. Known as the "Zitronenorden". £20

Schaumburg-Lippe - Faithful Service Cross, gilt. Ni 1256 Uniface. Fur treue Dienste 1914 £85

Kyffhauserbund gilt oval medal : Blank die Wehr, Rein die Ehr'. No ribbon £15

Kyffhauserbund 'silver' service star - Fur Verdienst im Kriegervereinswesen. Monument. No ribbon £25

Blackened medallion by Hosaeus - 191 : In Eiserner Zeit" : exchanged for 'donations' of gold for the war effort - in return donors were given this !! "Gold gab ich zur Wehr - Eisen nahm ich zur Ehr" £15

Railways cap badge - gilt wheel with wings each side. Mint, with intact pair of rev lugs £6

Set of three coloured roundels, "Zur Erinnerung an meine Dienstzeit" - commemorating WW1 service, each with a different scene : Artillery, Cavalry, New Luftwaffe .....

Each measure 1 inch in diameter, attractive. The three ... £4

Vorwarts und Durch - gilt medallet dated 30 October 1895, commemorating the Jubel feier.

Obverse dated 30 october 1870, with iron cross. Set on b/w ribbon and pin £20

Silvered prize medal for Shooting - 5th prize 1929, "Gut Ziel" - (good aim). Obv has crossed rifles, bag and hat. "Scharfes Auge, Sichere Hand und ein Herz furs Vaterland. With ribbon. £15

Ribbon bar for Cross of Honour, set crossed swords on ribbon. ..... £4 . Per 10... £35

Ribbon bar for 2 medals : Iron cross, 2nd cl. & Cross of Honour with swords.... £5. Per 10... £40

Button-hole set mini Iron cross and cross of honour with swords, plus matching mini-ribbons £23

Buttin-hole, set round silver medallion "Ehre der Arbeit" ; allegorical figure with man and anvil. £25

Neck gilt chain and fixing pins, set mini iron cross and cross of honour with swords. £40

Collection of 120+ WW1 medallets, badges, pins and medals, all one old German's collection,

presented in a large lidded case : 50 cms x 43 cms x 7 cms deep. Many scarce, quite a few

we've not seen before. As illustrated ............ £850


Iron Cross, 1st class. (Steckkreuz). Ni 3822/4). GVF. No maker's mark £225

Iron Cross, 2nd class, with matching ribbon bar. £140

Iron Cross, 2nd class, surfaces painted / enamelled. £120

Border protection faithful service medal (ZollGrenzschutz), in bronze. Ni3529. on pin. £210

Olympic Games medal in silver "Fur Verdienstvolle Mitarbeit bei den Olympischen Spielen"

1936, set on pin as worn. (Ribbon sl faded). Ni 3573 £145

Police Long service cross, for 25 years, gold. With correct embroidered ribbon. Scarce. £240

Police Long service cross, for 18 years, silver. With correct embroidered ribbon. Scarce. £160

Army (Wehrmacht) service medal in silver, for 4 years, on padded ribbon and pin; set eagle #375

West Wall medal. (Deutsches Schutzwall-Ehrenzeichen). Ni 3520 £25

War Merit Cross, 2nd class, with swords, (Kriegsverdienstkreuz). Ni 3835 £35

War Merit Cross, 2nd class, no swords. Ni 3836 £30

War Merit medal. Getting much harder to find now, and more expensive ! Ni 3837. £23

Faithful Service Cross for 40 years, gold. (Ni 3522), in red deluxe Deschler case, set pin. £115

Faithful Service Cross for 40 years, gold. (Ni 3522), set pin, as for wear. £70

Care of the People silver medal ( Medaille fur deutsche Volkspflege). (Ni 3566 ) £75

Luftschutz medal (Air-raid precautions medal), grey metal, large date 1938 on rev. Ni 3509 £65

Mother's Cross, in gold (Ni 3513) £60

Mother's Cross, in silver (Ni 3514) £50

Mother's Cross, in bronze (Ni 3515) £40

Set of all three classes of Mother's Cross : Gold, Silver, Bronze. Full-length ribbons. £140

Sudetenland annexation, 1. Oktober. 1938 (Ni 3517), set pin. £50

Another, darker finish £35

Another, no ribbon £30

DRL Sports badge, in silver. (Ni 3584) £65

DRL Sports badge, in bronze, with matching miniature on long pin, and cloth (gilt on black backing) £85

Pin-badges etc.

Pin for DLRG, in silver, or bronze. (Deutsche Lebens RettungsGesellschaft) @ £5

RAD cap badge, upturned spade in red/black, set ears of wheat. Pins intact. £38


Arbeitsbuch - a selection, Swastika on front cover, all with various stamps and entries. Each ... £25

Arbeitsbuch - no swastika to Heinrich MAY, born 1918. With stamps from 1936 to 1946 £20

Mein Kampf - mint condition of that book (probably given to wedding couple). 781 pp. Gothic script £100