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A WW1/2 group of four, as - WW1 Iron Cross 2nd class, Cross of Honour with swords, Prussia DA gilt Cross for 15 years (XV on reverse), plus WW2 Faithful Service Cross in silver for 25 years. Mounted by Grabow & Matthes, Kiel. Almost mint condition. £125
B WW1 pair, as Iron Cross, 2nd class with Cross of Honour with swords; both medals suspended from metal wrap-round ribbon display-bar. Plus matching ribbon bar. £60


WW1 Iron Cross, 1st class - marked KO on reverse under pin catch. EF £145

WW1 Iron Cross, 2nd class - a selection with maker's marks on the ring ….. Each £45

WW1 Iron Cross, 2nd class, set non-combattants ribbon. (rare) £50

South-West Africa medal 1904-06, in steel with non-combattant ribbon Ni 3166

Verdienst um die Expedition. Rev - crowned W. £80

China War Commemorative 1900/1901 - Eagle killing the Chinese Dragon. Ni 3150

Attractive gilt finish "Den siegreichen Streitern", crowned W £85

1870-1871 commemorative medal in bronze for front-line troops (Kampfer) - 'Dem siegreichen Heere'. Ni 1941/1. Gott war mit uns - Ihm sei die Ehre. £20

1870-1871 Franco-Prussian War commmemorative medal in steel for non-combattants (Nicht-kampfer) - " Fur Pflichttreue im Kriege". Ni 1941/2 £20

WW1 1914/18 Service Cross of Honour, with swords. Ni 3803/1. Plus matching ribbon-bar £12

WW1 1914/18 Service Cross of Honour, no swords. Ni 3803/2 Scarce now £15

WW1 1914/18 Service Cross of Honour, no swords blackened finish, for widows and parents of fallen German soldiers. Ni 3803/3. £25

WW1 Fur Kriegshilfsdienst - War cross for Auxiliary Aid. Ni 1966 (1916-24) £20

WW1 Wound badge in black (for 1 or 2 woundings) Ni 3293 £25

Hanseatic Cross, with red enamels :

Bremen - excellent red enamels (Ni 651) £110

Hamburg - excellent red enamels (Ni 688). £90

Hamburg - excellent red enamels (Ni 688). Slightly scuffy £80

Lubeck - the scarcest one. Deep red enamels (small piece missing on r. leg) Ni 1265 £125

Bavaria - Merenti Cross, in bronze with swords. Ni 434. Military Service Cross. £35

Bavaria - 1905 Luitpold oval medal in gilt. In Treue Fest. Set pin at top as worn. £35

Hamburg 11 - Feld-Ehren-Zeichen. Attractive intact white enamels £70

Hamburg 11 - Feld-Ehren-Zeichen. Attractive white enamels (sl damage) £60

Lippe-Detmold - Medal of Honour; octagonal gilt medal, rev. - Treu bewahrt in schwerer Zeit 1915. (Ni 1191) £80

Oldenburg - Friedrich-August Cross, 2nd class FA cypher in centre, dated 1914, blackened finish. Ni 1563. £45

Prussia - Dienst Auszeichnung Cross, WW1 era, 1st class, in bronze for 15 years, (XV) Ni 1974. XV in centre of reverse. £32

Prussia gilt medal, commemorating Wilhelm's Centenary anniversary of birth. 1797 - 1897. Set on correct canary-yellow ribbon. Ni 1965/1. £17

Saxony - Bravery medal. 1914 date across arms of cross; obv crowned E II cypher. Ni 2618. Correct green/white slim ribbon. £50

Silesia - medal for Silesia "Fur Schlesien", set on ruffed yellow and white ribbon. Ni 3303. In brass. £70

Wurttemberg little silver medal - for Bravery and Faithfulness "Fur Tapferkeit und Treue" Ni 3035. Obv bust right of Wilhelm II Koenig von Wuerttemberg. £30

Railways pin-badge for 25 years in silver, maker's mark Joh. Wagner & Sohn, Berlin W. On reverse. Crowned wheel with wings. (Ni 1878). Eisenbahn erinnerungszeichen. £35

Cap-badge, gilt, for railways employees, who have earned the above medal. (Winged wheel) £7.50

1916 blackened medal "In Eiserner Zeit" - by Hosaeus : given in exchange for items of gold or silver to aid the War effort. "Gold gab ich zur Wehr - Eisen nahm ich zur Ehr' ". £15

Kyffhauser bund medal - -oval gilt medal with 8-line quote from Hindenburg; obv has flag

and thunderbolts 1914-1918 "Blank die Wehr, Rein die Ehr' ". By Hosaeus. £15

Prussian Kyffhauser-style Kriegerverband medal, with Kyffhauser monument. Cross of

Honour, set padded black&white striped ribbon. 2nd class. (Husken 9650 h). £45

Set of 5 coloured roundels, "Zur Erinnerung an meine Dienstzeit" - commemorating WW1

service, each with a different sceme - Infantry, Artillery, Anti-tank, Cavalry, or New

Luftwaffe; measuring 1 inch in diameter. Attractive. Each … £1 or the set ….. £4


WW2 Iron Cross, 1st class, Mint condition, in its original card case of issue; stamped L/56 on pin. (indicates makers as - Funke & Brunninghaus, Ludenscheid) £180

WW2 Iron Cross, 1st class; stamped L/59 in centre of reverse.. (indicates makers as - Alois Rettenmaier, Schwabisch-Gmund). GVF/+ £160

WW2 Iron Cross, 2nd class VF & better; now getting rarer Ni 3824. Plus ribbon-bar £75

Another, as above, marked 27 on ring (denotes maker Anton Schenkls Nachfahren, Wien) £80

Wiederholungsspange - repeat 1939 dated ribbon-bar attachment, to go onto WW1 Iron Cross ribbon, denoting entitlement to an Iron Cross in both wars. (Ni 3825/1), usually with 2 pairs of rear horizontal pins, this one has 2 vertical fixing pins. Scarce. £150

Italian-German commemorative medal for the African campaign, normally struck in silver or bronze - this one a late-war issue in ali. Ni 4070/4071. Ribbon faded. £50

Spanish Volunteers medal ; mint specimen in original paper wrapper (Kampf gegen den Bolschewischmus). Seldom seen. £100

War Merit Cross, 2nd class, with swords. Ni 3835 £30

War Merit Cross, 2nd class, no swords. Ni 3836 £25

War Merit Medal, Ni 3837. £20

War Merit Medal, VF (ie slightly grubby) Ni 3837 £12

West Wall medal, in original envelope MINT condition (Ni 3520) £25

East Front medal (Ostmedaille) - Winterschlacht im Osten (Ni 3850) £35

Another, in brown paper bag of issue. £45

Faithful Service Cross for 40 years, gold. (Ni 3522), set pin, as for wear. £65

Another, gilding slightly faded, on pin as worn. £45

Faithful Service Cross for 25 years, silver. (Ni 3524) £30

Mother's Cross, in gold, excellent enamels, in deluxe case of issue. Ni 3513 £75

Mother's Cross, in gold, excellent enamels (Ni 3513) £55

Another, enamel damage. £25

Mother's Cross, in silver (Ni 3514) £45

Mother's Cross, in bronze (Ni 3515) £35

Another, in light brown large paper bag of issue. Full-length ribbon £45

Austria Annexation medal (13th March 1938), in its deluxe red case of issue. £75

Sudetenland annexation, 1. Okober. 1938 (Ni 3517) £40

Afrika korps cloth title - part of a roll (ex Deschler Munchen). Fresh condition £20

Cloth Jewish Star of David, as worn by German Jews (Jude) c. 13 cms square. RARE ...

part of a roll retrieved by the finder in Buchenwald at the War's end ...... £20

As above, but a complete row of six yellow stars, as woven in the original roll. £100

Match-box - one side "Deutsches Geschaft" with eagle and swastika sun rising, other

side "Welt-Holzer". With matches !! £8

Brown envelope, "Nur fur die deutsche Wehrmacht bestimmt. Nach Gebrauch sofort zu vernichten." (Only for use by the German Wehrmacht - destroy immediately after use)..... £10

Another, as above, but this one sealed, with contents. (A condom !!) Unused. £20

WW2 Memorial cards for fallen WW2 German soldiers - an interesting selection, most with a photo and description of his life & date of death; religious poems, etc. Each… £6

As above, a selection of 10 (ten) different ones. ................... £50

Ribbon bars :

WW2 Iron Cross £3

Twin - WW1 Iron Cross, plus Cross of Honour, set crossed swords £4

WW1 Cross of Honour, set crossed swords £2

Set - one of each of these 3 …………. £8

Pin-badges etc.
a Hitler Youth standard member's badge in enamels. Hu 9301 b, diamond shaped,

large swastika in black enamels, set red/white enamels. Rev. RZN 17 £25
b Pin for DLRG, in silver. (Deutsche Lebens RettungsGesellschaft) £5
c Pin for DLRG, in bronze. £5
d British 'Nazi emblem' badge - early 1930s enamelled badge from the National War Savings Committee; 'For Service' - red and black enamelled round badge with swastika in centre. As per Husken's catalogue (Ref. J5 04a - rated 500 Euros !) by Fattorini, B'ham. £100
e Another, this one with man's button-hole reverse catch. (Other one has a pin). By Fattorini £100
f Satirical anti-semitic medal - 1939. Helmeted soldier and scene of workers : legend tells of the German struggle for peace (!) against the Versailles treaty. Reverse depicts a grotesque caricature of a Jew with star of David, money-bag and shells and the legend - "Wofur kampfen unsere Feinde" - 'that's what our enemies are fighting for'. Scarce £50


Field post letters -
5 Sent from Feldpost 15319 by Walter Furh to his wife on 22.6.1942, handwritten. £20
6 A further selection, all with envelopes and contents, post-marked early 1940s. Each... £10

9 Wound badge in silver, to Obergefreiter Willi KOSCHORECK, of 8. I.R. 405, Feldpost Nr

03 609 E. Wounded for the third time (!) on 27/7/1942. Issued on 20/8/1942 £50
10 Another, to Gefr. Ernst MIRAU of Inf. Gesch. Ers. Kp.211 in Cologne on 5/7/1941 £50

11 Wound badge in black, to Obergrefreiter Helmut EHRIG, of 10th Verst. Regt. Gruppe 603

wounded once on 15/8/1944. Issued 24/11/1944 £35
12 Another, to Feldwebel Hans GREFF of 13.J.G. Inf. Reg. 283 on 18/1/11944. £35

13 War Merit Cross, 2nd class, with swords, to Unteroffizier Willi DITTHARDT. HQ

on 26th January, 1943. £32
14 Another, to San-Gefreiter Albert MARQUARDT on 20 / 4 / 1943. £32
15 Another, to Obergefreiter Florian SETTELE in Munich on 20 / 4 / 1944. £32

16 Eastern Front medal (Winterschlacht im Osten) to Obergefreiter Walter HORBERT, of

KFZ.-Ersatzteilstaffel 304, on 5 / 9 / 1942. £35
17 Another, to Ogefr. Heinrich RAHE on 6 / 8 / 1942. £35

18 Faithful Service medal in silver for 25 years, to Steuersekretar Ferdinand HUCKFELDT,

in Hamburg-Altona; issued on 26/9/1938. £35
19 Another, to Mittelschullehrer Friedrich EVERLING, in Braunschweig, on 29/11/1938. £35

20 Eastern People's medal, 2nd class in silver. An unused certificate. (Ostvolker) £25

21 Power of Attorney document (Hausverwaltungsvollmacht) with 4 Nazi rubber stamps,

(Nicely typed-up A4 sheet with 2 nazi stamps (document tax !) Dated 1938 £15

22 Kriegsurlaubsschein - Travel permit to travel from railway station onwards ; stamped up with swastika and dates in the early 1940s. A nice selection……. Each £7.50

23 Hamburg ID card , for member of the Sicherheits- and Hilfsdienst. All stamped up, 1940s £4

24 NSDAP Hitler-Youth pink Warning sheet; fresh and unused ! £7.50

26 Seifenkarte - un-issued for 1943 (February to May) for the Wartegau area; mint £4