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Reign Date
Seaby No. Condition Price
Edward VI 1547-53
S.2466 Second issue, B5 Tower 1549 mm Y, base issue, Fair/+, dig on cheek £125

Elizabeth I 1560-61
S.2555 Second issue, mm martlet. Pleasing VF, obverse with portrait a little weaker £140

S.2555 Another, as above, same mintmark GF/+, fully round £125

S.2555a Second issue, mm cross crosslet, large bust. GF++, portrait fainter £120

S.2555a Another, as above, same mintmark. GF/+, portrait wkr, set top loop £95

Charles I 1635-36
S.2791 Tower mint, type 3a. mm crown. VF/+, lightly toned, pleasing. £200

S.2793 Tower mint, type 4/3. mm triangle VF/AVF, face sl weak by cheek £125

Elizabeth I 1561
S.2560 Third issue mm pheon. Fully round. GF, weak at face £45

S.2562 Third issue mm coronet. Really pretty GVF £180

S.2562 Fourth issue. mm castle. GF, obverse head a little faint. £50

S.2572 Fourth issue. mm greek cross AVF, obverse head gone. £35

S.2572 Fourth issue. mm escallop Fair/+, good outlines, holed. £25

S.2593 Milled issue, mm star GVF/+, sl creased, once buffed £400

James I 1603
S.2658 Fourth bust mm coronet. GF/+, some flatter spots. £95


Henry VI 1427-30
S.1859 Rosette-mascle issue, of Calais. Rosettes & mascles in legend. GVF/+,

but with flan chipped at 9-10 o'clock. Scarce. £180


Elizabeth I 1582
S.2573 Fifth issue mm sword GF/+, detector find £65


Elizabeth I 1558-1603
S.2599 Sixth issue mm crescent GF/+ £40

Charles I 1625-1649
S.2824 Tower mint mm rose F/+, portrait faint, and holed £20

S.2828 Tower mint, group D mm portcullis VF/+, presentable £85

Aethelred II 978-1016
S.1151 Long Cross type, Canterbury Godpine. GVF/+ nicely toned £400

S.1144 First Hand type., bust right, no sceptre, fully round, Ozulf on London AVF £550

John 1199-1216
S.1351 Short cross type Class Vb/2 Ricard on Winchester. (Ex Prof Mass Coll'n) £100

S.1351 Short cross type Class 5b Iohan on Canterbury GF/+, sl wk areas £45

S.1352 Short cross type Class Vc Raul on London GVF/+, sharp portrait £145

S.1352 Short cross type Class Vc Andrev on Lincoln. GF, sl wrinkled £70

Edward III 1327-1377
S.1556 Penny of York, 3rd coinage. Civitas Eboraci. F/NF £25

S.1592 Penny of Durham. Pre-Treaty. Fair, £15

Henry V 1413-1422
S.1778 Penny of London Class C (Tall neck, mulllet & broken annulet by crown) VF £130

Henry VII 1485-1509
S.2226 Sovereign type penny. GVF, dark, and holed ! £40

Henry VIII 1509-1547
S.2353 Second Coinage Penny of Durham, mm star. NVF sl wrinkled £60

Elizabeth I 1558-1603
S.2580 Sixth issue penny of London. Mm tun AVF/VF £85

Charles II 1660-`685
S.3327 Third issue VF, mm crown pleasing greyish tone £45


Edward III 1327-1377
S.1557 Third coinage London GVF, dark £40

Henry VII 1485-1509
S.2244 London Class IIIa (single arch to crown). VF/+, dark £90

Henry VIII 1509-1547
S.2356 Second coinage, London mm portcullis VF, darkish £110

S.2356 Another, as above. Mm arrow VF, but segment missing at bottom £95

Elizabeth I 1558-1603
S.2581 Sixth issue mm portcullis (cross & pellets). GVF, lightly toned £150

Cut half-pennies.

Aethelred II 979-1016
S.1151 Long Cross. Lincoln mint M..Ώ .O . VF, shows clear portrait £95

Henry II 1180-1189
S.1345 Short cross Class 1c VF, dark £15

Richard I 1189-1199
S.1346 Short cross, Class 2. Moneyer VLARD on Canterbury. (only moneyer) GF £25

John 1199-1216
S.1349 Short cross, class 4c (reversed "S") GF £20

S.1351 Short cross. Moneyer : God(ric) NF £10

S.1352 Short cross. Class 5c Lukas Winchester VF/+ £20

Henry III 1216-1272
S.1368a Long Cross Class 5b/2 Rica(rd) on L(und). London GVF dark £18


Richard I 1189-1199
S.8008 Denier of Aquitaine. (Only coins with his name) VF £85

S.8008 Denier of Poitou. (Only coins with his name) VF/+, with old ticket £95


John 1204-1211
S.6228 Penny of Dublin. GVF/+, attractive. £200


James VI

S.5513 8d Groat VF/AVF, pleasingly darkish Sold
Alexander III

S.5055 Penny. GVF/+, nicely toned £125
William the Lion

S.5029 Cut half-penny. (dates 1195-1249). AVF Sold

Research lot.

Mixed bag of 15 pennies, cut pennies and fragments, all probably identifiable. Fun lot £100


Cunobelin. 1st C AD
S.328 Catuvellauni & Trinovantes. Bronze Unit. Griffin, CAMU. ABC 2945 GF £150
Dobunni 1st C BC
S.377 Cotswold Eagle silver unit. Found in 1999 in Broome near Kidderminster.

ABC 2015. with old ticket. GVF £250