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17th Century Tokens

(Reference numbers correspond to Williamson)
No. Date
Ref. No. Metal Diameter Condition Price

S1 1667 Blackwater, Essex. 1/2d John Wright, with old ticket W.47 AE 20mm Poor/Fair £40
S2 1666 Bridgwater, Somerset. 1/4d. Town Farthing W.48 AE 20mm GF £30
S3 1652 Bristol, 1/4d. Town issue, R. Rawlins. Ship exiting from castle W.12 AE 20mm Fair £9
S4 N.D. Cambridge, 1/4d, James Alders. Lion rampant (Holed) W.10 AE 15mm Poor/Fair £3
S5 1660 Cheshunt, Herts. 1/4d. John Wright, stick of five candles W.80 AE 16mm G Fair £9

S6 N.D. Colchester, Essex. 1/4d. Richard Cock. R.A.C. W.105 AE 16mm Poor/Fair £12
S7 1662 Colchester, Essex. 1/4d. Andr. Formantel Junior W.115 AE 16mm G Fair £15
S8 N.D. Colchester, Essex. 1/4d. Andr. Formantel Junior A.F. Conjoined W.116 AE 16mm Fair/Poor £18
S9 N.D. Colchester, Essex. 1/4d. Jacob Miller I.M.M. W.134 AE 15mm GF+ £18
S10 1669 Dorchester, Dorset. Town Farthing. Arms. Wrinkled W.53/55 AE 20mm GF+ £10

S11 1659 Dover, Kent. 1/4d Martha Ford MF W.212 AE 16mm G Fair £7
S12 1658 Farnham, Surrey. 1/4d. I.M.D. Blacksmith's Arms. W.73 AE 15mm Poor/Fair £24
S13 N.D. Farnham, Surrey. 1/4d. James Hunt, castle/ fleur-de-lys. Rarer W.78 AE 16mm Poor/F £26
S14 N.D. Farnham, Surrey. 1/4d. James Hunt, a castle / I.H. W.79 AE 16mm Fair £15
S15 N.D. Farnham, Surrey. Another, better. W.79 AE 16mm VF £40

S16 N.D. Farnham, Surrey. Henry Morris - Fishmongers' Arms. 1/4d W.82 AE 16mm F/GF £40
S17 N.D. Faversham, Kent. Francis Waterman, Mercers' Arms W.277 Brass 16mm VF+ £40
S18 1657 Gloucester, Town Farthing, Luke Nourse, Maior. Arms, pitted W.78 AE 21mm F £14
S19 1658 Guildford, Surrey. Town 1/4d. A castle between two woolsacks W.98 AE 16mm VF £30
S20 1656 Guildford, Surrey. 1/4d. Nicholas Lintott. A castle W.110 AE 16mm Fair £17

S21 1652 Guildford, Surrey. John Martin, in Gilford. A woolpack. W.118 AE 16mm NF £25
S22 1657 Guildford, Surrey. 1/4d. Thomas Tompson. Castle / woolpack W.125 AE 16mm Fair/F £24
S23 1657 Guildford, Surrey. 1/4d, another, as above, but much better W.125 AE 16mm GVF/+ £85
S24 1669 Haxey, Lincs. 1/2d. Anthony Barnby. A heart. (sm segment gone) W.117 Brass 20mm F £45
S25 1669 Lavenham, Suffolk. 1/4d Robert Saul. Rampant lion. Ex S.Schwer W.214 AE 16mm Poor £6

S26 N.D. London, Bedford Street. 1/2d. Th Lathwell. Man dipping candles W.159 AE 18mm GF, pitted £37
S27 N.D. London, Fleet Street. 1/2d William Halsted, Grocers' Arms. W.1078 AE 20mm Fair £14
S28 1667 Long Melford, Suffolk. 1/4d. Andrew Biate. Ex S.Schwer W.234 AE 16mm N/Fair £8
S29 N.D. Lowestoft, Suffolk. Town farthing. Arms - a crowned rose W.224 AE 21mm F £13
S30 1657 Newbury, Berks. Town Farthing. Castle with three raised parts. W. 51 AE 16mm F/AF £15

S31 1658 Rochester, Kent. 1/4d. William Campion. Crossed swords. W.460 AE 15mm VF+ £45
S32 1666 Salisbury, Wiltshire. 1/2d Thomas Haytor of Sarum. Cordwainer's W.196 Brass 20mm Poor £10
S33 1655 Sandwich, Kent. 1/4d Ralph Robins. Boat with rigging. Old ticket W.504 AE 15mm Fair/GF £18
S34 N.D. Swindon, Wiltshire. 1/4d Amos Wilkins. Mercers Arms. W.245 AE 15mm Poor, corr. £6
S35 1663 Tewkesbury, Glos. 1/2d. Joseph Sheene W.200 Brass 20mm NVF £28