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18th & 19th Century Tokens

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Late Eighteenth Century Copper Half-Penny Tokens

(Reference numbers correspond to Dalton & Hamer)

No. Date
Ref. No. Condition Price

E1 1794 Birmingham. Coining & Copper Co. Female std & faces / Stork & cornucopiae

DH.74a VF/+ £12

E2 1791 Birmingham. Coining & Copper Co. Female std & faces / Stork & cornucopiae

DH.80 VF £8

E3 1792 Birmingham. Coining & Copper Co. Female std & faces / Stork & cornucopiae

DH.91 VF £8

E4 1794 Birmingham. Coining & Copper Co. Female std & faces / Stork & cornucopiae

DH.117 GVF £15

E5 1794 Brookland, Kent. Horse prancing / TK cypher, fleece above. Thomas King's edge

DH.5 EF £50

E6 1793 Emsworth, Hampshire. Figure std with globe & anchor / Stork & Cornucopiae

DH.11 VF £8

E7 1792 Exeter, Devon. Bishop Blaize's bust / Town arms & supporters. Samuel Kingdon's edge

DH.2 GF £12

E8 ND Hornchurch, Essex. Edward IV bust with sceptre / Town arms. Bronzed Proof

DH.32 EF £32

E9 1794 Lamberhurst, Kent. For Change not Fraud, Sussex arms / Arms in shield

DH.35a GF/+ £8

E10 1792 Lancaster, Lancs. Bust of John of Gaunt . Arms.

DH.24 VF £15

E12 1791 Leeds, Yorkshire. Bishop Blaize standing / Town arms, Richard Paley's edge

DH.44 VF £12

E13 1791 Leeds, Yorkshire. Bishop's bust, r. Bishop Blaze.

DH.45 GVF £18

E14 1794 Leighton Buzzard, Beds. Woman making lace under tree / Lamb. Chamber's edge

DH.3c GF £8

E15 1794 Middlesex, Lackington's. Bust 2/3rd facing / figure

DH.353 VF/+ £14

E16 1795 Middlesex - Political & Social series. (Edge - payable in London)

DH.1018a VF £10

E17 ND Middlesex, Mail coach.

DH.363 AVF £8

E18 ND Middlesex. National series, bust of George, Prince of Wales. / Royal Arms, etc

DH.952a GF £6

E19 1791 Rochdale, Lancs. Man in loom / Fleece suspended. Edge: at warehouse of J Kershaw

DH.140 GF £8

E20 1791 Southampton, Hamps. S. Bevois / Arms

DH.89 VF/+ £9

E22 1791 Warwickshire, County halfpenny. Bust left.

DH.47 GVF £14

E23 1791 Warwickshire. Bust of John Wilkinson, right / Vulcan std with anvil, date below

DH.433 VF/+ £10

E24 1791 Warwickshire. Bust of John Wilkinson, right / Vulcan std with anvil, date below

DH.435 VF/+ £10

E25 1793 Warwickshire. Bust of John Wilkinson / Vulcan std with anvil, date below

DH.460a VF £8


E26 ND Cronebane, Wicklow. Bust of St Patrick with crozier / Hibernia std with harp

DH.68 VF £15

Late Eighteenth Century Copper Farthing token.

E27 1795 Middlesex - Denton : Dealer in Coins, Hospital Gate, Smithfield -

Two facing busts - We three blockheads be.

DH.1053 VF £15

Nineteenth Century Copper Three pence token

N1 1813 Birmingham - Three pence. Withers 380-3 (rev. sm stain)

D. 34 GF/+ £45

Nineteenth Century Copper Twopenny token.

N2 ND Norwich - Two pence (Cartwheel size) Robt Blake / Cotton & Bombazine Manufacturers

D.17 VF/+ £42

Nineteenth Century Copper Penny Tokens

(Reference numbers correspond to Davis)

N3 1811 Birmingham & Neath. Large crown / Crown Copper Company. Value

D.55 GVF £30

N4 1811 Bristol , Somerset.

D.76 VF £27

N5 1811 Bristol, BB & Co, payable at Bristol, Swansea & London / Arms.

D.86 VF/+ £20

N6 1813 Flint, Clwyd, Wales. Flint lead works, view of works / One Pound Note for 240 tokens D.8 GVF £32

N7 1812 Hull, Yorkshire. View of lead works with smoking chimneys / By I.K. Picard etc. D.83 VF £17

N8 ND Hull, Yorkshire. Bust of Wellington left / Cossack. Soldier on horseback, r.

D.92 VF £20

N9 1812 Nottingham. Distant view of castle / Borough arms, by JM Fellows

D.17 GF £9

N10 1812 Nottingham. Another, as above, but better grade.

D.17 GVF £22

N11 1815 Sheffield, Yorkshire. View of workhouse.

D.135 AVF £17

N12 1811 Staffordshire County

D.17 VF/+ £27

N13 1813 Strabane, Co. Tyrone. Ireland.

D.1 VF/+ £40

N14 1811 Walsall, Staffs. Druid's head ; Payable by Joseph Parker / Value in wreath

D.107 VF £23

N15 1811 Worcester City and County

D.28 GF £12

N16 1812 Not Local - Bust of George III in oak wreath / Commerce std l., One Penny Token,

(Circulated in Lower Canada & Imported by J Tiffin, a Montreal Grocer c. 1832) D.25 GF £20

Nineteenth Century Copper Half-Penny Tokens

(Reference numbers correspond to Davis or Withers D. or W.)

N17 1811 Bristol, Somerset. Ship in full sail Davis
D.112 GVF £17

N18 1812 Hull, Yorkshire. Wellington's battles. Withers -
W.1515/30 GVF £12

N19 N.D. Middlesex, London. Lad Lane, Payable at the Mail coach office. Swan with

two necks / Mail coach. (issued by William Waterhouse). Davis
D.64 VF £25

N20 1812 Not Local. Bust of George III in wreath / Commerce std left

(a brass imitation imported to ~Lower Canada by Joseph Tiffin). Withers -
W.1450 GF £8

N21 1813 Walthamstow, Essex. British Copper Co. Std Britannia / Lion walking left

D.39 GF £5

N22 1811 Worcester, Civitas in Bello in Pace Fidelis / Arms. D.28 GVF £17


N23 1820 Dublin. Bust left / Harp, no legend. Date below. Brass. Davis
D.79 GF £15

Imitation 'SPADE' Guineas.

No. Date Description Condition Price


SG.2 1797 as above, different date VF £1

SG.3 1797 T.H.E O.L.D.E.N T.I.M.E.S. EF £2

Birmingham, C.P.E.V.E.R.E.L.A.T.E. E.M.C.A.R.R.O.L.L. M.A.K.E.R.

1788 (Charles Peverelle, late M. Carroll, Edgebaston St) Holed VF £5

SG.5 1790 Birmingham, B(ancroft) Bros. Rex etc GF £3

SG.6 ND Fattorini, Goldsmith, Harrogate. VF/+ £5

SG.7 1770 MacNiven and Camerons Pens are the Best. - "Waverley, Nile, ..." GVF £6

SG.8 1791 T.B. ET. T.A. REX. F.D. BAR. S.T.D.S.T.M.S. ET. C (Holed) GVF £4

SG.9 1798 MBF ET H REX FDB ET LDSRIAT ET E / scalloped edge. GVF £6

SG.10 Various SPECIAL - lot of 25 imitation Spade guines, various types and dates VF/+ £40

Imitation 'SPADE' Half-Guineas.