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Heroine Order - gilt 5-pointed star on silver backgound, hung from red enamelled

rectangular suspender " Nene Heroine". Uniface. £25

Red banner medal - with large red enamelled flag (enamelled star above). £18

Unknown bronzed medal, featurring the country (?); rev 3 lines of script - 1970 (?)

Ribbon dark brown, with 2 strips of yellow left and right. Help ?? £50

National Medal, cased as issued; named on reverse to Paul Anthony HEATH,

with matching miniature (space for ribbon bar). Mdls Yrbk A44. Rarely seen here. £125

1938, 150th anniversary medal for Australia - sprinting youth with torch " Youth carries

on" / bust of Arthur Philip, Governor of New South Wales 1788. By Amor. £20

Silver Bravery medal, 2nd class, small size - "Fortitudini". Bust of Karl. (Carolus) £17

1848 - 1908 Jubilee Cross, featuring bust of Franz Josef right. Gilding sl faded. £15

1848-1908 Jubilee medal, Signum Memoriae, gilt, bust of Franz Josef r. (Civil issue) £12

Signum Laboris - 40 years (XXXX annorvm) - Signum Laboris Fideliter Peracti. £25

Austro-Hungary medallet, bust of Franz-Josef r. Arms and text on reverse, with

skinny purple ribbon. £8

WW1 Karl-Truppenkreuz medal; grey metal square-ish medal with tri-fold ribbon £20

Medal of Freedom - Silvered, rev. "Fur Osterreichs Befreiung". Obv Imperial eagle

instituted on 27/1/1976. "For services to the Liberation of Austria" £25

Large cased Order - Doyen d'Honneur du Travail; (in Flemish - Eredeken van de

Arbeid). Ornate gilt stylised A with black & red enamelled mallet, ears of wheat, set

on woven scarlet ribbon with 9 gilt lion's heads spread along. With photo of the

recipient - Jacques LEFEVRE, wearing it. Big dark green case. Rare £150

Black enamelled order of the crown, rev gilt 'A' Ribbon is red/green, set pommel. £45

Order of the Crown, intact white enamels both sides £20

Order of Leopold II, in silver with blue ring in centre. £15

Another, set large crossed swords on the ribbon £18

Another, set silvered laurel-leaf spray "L" on ribbon £20

Albert medal - 1909 - 1934, crowned A / Albertus Rex, his helmeted bust left £10

1865-1905 gilt commemorative medal - bust of Leopold left with long beard, £7.50

1830-1930 octagonal silvered medal, set three kings' conjoined busts left. £7.50

WW1 Victory medal £12

WW1 Yser Cross - very scarce now : not seen one for ages. £165

WW1 Yser medal, not seen so often now. £17

WW1 Commemorative medal £7.50

Another, set service bars on the ribbon, to denote length of service. £9

Another, set small enamelled red cross on ribbon, to denote war wounds. £12

WW1 Deportee's Cross, 1914-1918 on both sides. Unusual ribbon. £25

WW1 'Haricot Bean medal' - from the National Committee for Assistance and

Food Supply; obv crowned female bust left., rev CN and dates 1914-1918. £12

WW2 Medal for the Military Fighter of the War 1940-45. £9

WW2 Commemorative 1940-45; Lion's head over V set large crossed swords £10

Another, plain ribbon. £7.50

WW2 Prisoner of War medal - 1940 1945 with sword / chains and watch-tower £14

WW2 medal of the Armed Resistance - scantily clad female / Resistere 1940/45 £10

WW2 medal for Volunteers - Volontariis 1940-1945. Armed soldier with large V,

soldier is in uniform, holding long rifle in front of V and setting sun / bar Pugnator £20

Another, similar, but with no dates on reverse. (Awarded for Korea). Soldier is

mostly naked, holding short sword, standing behind low wall / bar Pugnator £20

Medal for Effort in the Colonial War 1940-45, uniface. Pro Patria et Victoria £15

African War medal 1940-45, uniface. Twin heads of Belgian & African soldier, left. £15

WW2 Medal for Defaulters - bronze patinated medal, defiant man - Forsan Victi, Nunquam

Servi - green ribbon set with 2 yellow stripes (no military assistance) £15

Another, with 2 white stripes (no work for the enemy) £15

Another, with 2 red stripes. (forced labour deportees, who returned before 1944) £20

FEDECAM medal, gilt, uniface. (In 3 languages), featuring a large harp. £5

Enamelled red & white blood-donors cross, uniface, featuring

a pelican pecking its chest, thus drawing blood. £10

Another, set bronze roundel on ribbon with similar pelican £15

Another, set white and red enamelled bar on ribbon, same pelican £20

Set of 2 gilt head-dress regalia : two badges for a Songkok hat. Made by Spink £5

WW1 War medal, 1915-1918, gilt. £15

1300 gilt medal, featuring a semi-naked girl warrior in front of stylised horse. £6

Military Order of the Red Banner; chunky medal HPG. Gilt, uniface. Red/blue/white £15

Medal for the the Red Banner of Labour HPG, Gilt, uniface. Red/blue/white enamels. £10

Medal for Labour Glory, 1st class, silvered, with gilt alternating wheat ears. HPG £10

As above, but 2nd class; blackened wheat ears and reverse, as opposed to silver. £7.50

Order of 9th September 1944 - 2nd class with white enamels, and swords. Uniface. £20

Another, 3rd class, with rich red enamels instead of white, no swords. Uniface £10

Set of 3 - Hammer & Sickle orders :1st, 2nd & 3rd class - gilt, 1/2 gilt, silver. £18

Set of 3 - Order of Saints Cyril and Stanislaus - (Founders of the Bulgarian Cyrillic alphabet) : 1st, 2nd & 3rd class - deep red enamels, pale blue, and white enamels. £20

1918-1948 30 years commemorative £10

FMNO medal, silvered. Za zasluhy O Csla. On pin £10

1955 - 1985, cased medal to commemorate 30 years of rule. Gilt, with red centre

featuring mountains, buildings and animals. Reverse with 1985.10 and descriptions

in four languages. In case, with plastic lid and card outer by Jiangzhang. £15

Korea service medal, uniface, features map of Korea; red enamels £5

Multi-buy - 10 of these…………. £40

Long Life of Peace medal, presented to North Koreans by the Chinese

people's consolatory group; 25/10/1953. Bronze, with red colour. Ref 943 £4

Multi-buy - 10 of these…………. £30

Cased medal - Banner der Arbeit, 3rd class, rich red enamels, plus ribbon bar. £20

Artur Becker medal for DDR Jugend, in gold, set FDJ crest on ribbon, plus ribbon bar £7

Another, in silver, as above. £6

Another, in bronze, as above. £5

Order of the Lion, in gold, set bar with script, set from ribbon (half purple, half white)

plus matching ribbon bar, in plastic-lidded case. £10

Similar, but in silver, ribbon half white, half purple/yellow/purple. Cased + ribbon bar £8

Commemorative Medal of the Winter War 1939-40 : Kunnia Isanmaa. £12

Military medal (medaille militaire) dated 1870 blue enamel ring intact.

Rev - Valeur et Discipline. Often seen in British WW1 gallantry groups. £25

WW1 Commemorative medal, set red/white striped ribbon £12

WW1 Victory medal, official issue. £18

WW1 Croix du Combattant (Combattant's Cross) £15

WW1 Croix de la Valeur Militaire (Cross of Military Valour) £15

WW2 Escapee's medal "Medaille des Evades". £10

WW2 Croix de Guerre, dated 1939 on rev., set 5-pointed star on ribbon £20

Another, as above, no star. £17

Another, set 5-pointed star, with photo of recipient (Monsieur Ernest BILLET)

with his OCM membership card, stamped up for 1945. "Resistant Actif". £35

WW2 - War Commemorative medal; gilt cockerel / Guerre 1939-1945 £12

WW2 Medal of Liberated France - dated map of the country with date 1944. Reverse - La France a ses Liberateurs. Gilt. Ribbon is multi-coloured rainbow, £15

WW2 Cross for Combattant Volunteers (Resistance), gilt, with Vichy Cross £23

Silver medallet from the Ministere de l'Interieur, dated 1921 - for Employes Communaux. Obv - French Marianne with Republique Francaise. £24

Franco-British Association 1940 - 1944, rich red enamelled cross (both sides) with

crossed swords. Ribbon (red/white/blue) set the Vichy cross. £38

Prisoner-of-War medals and documents - to Charles GOMBAUD, from St. Ciers

d'Abzac, in the Gironde. He was taken PoW on 23/6/1940 in the river Moselle

area. Full documentation for his service, plus the two medals he won - WW2

medal for service (Cockerel), set bar Defense Passive, plus Combattant's Cross.. £60

National Defence medal, - Armee Nation. Marianne on obv. Gilt, Scarce £15

Kuwait - Liberation of Kuwait medal, standard issue, as awarded to British troops, £10

Another, in deluxe hard plastic case by Bertoni of Milan, for Italian officers. £15

Saudi Arabia - Liberation of Kuwait medal, as issued to UK and US troops £15

1940-41 War medal - Bust of King left; Rev. 6 lines of land campaigns. £7.50

Marine / Navy LS/GC medal - Voor Trouwen Dienst. / W in pulled-back drapes. £23

Volunteer medal - Patriae Servire libertas, issued in 1958 £18

WW2 Cross for Order & Peace (Orde-Vrede), set 2 bars : 1948, 1949. By Tack. £20

Another, as above, no bars on ribbon. £15

WW2 War Commemorative Cross; Bust of Queen, no bar. By Tack of Breda £15

N O C medal in bronze; obv Voor Alzijdige Vaardigheid. Greek head r. £20

Cased medal - 1945-1970, uniface; gilt with green central wreath, dates in centre £18

Cased Elnoksege medal in silver; 5-pointed red enamelled star wit compass etc £25

General service medal, set bar Naga Hills, named to 13813562 Sepoy Bisan DASS

A.S.C. (MT). Court-mounted, as worn. £15

United Italy medal 1848-1918 Victor Emanuel. Disc only £6

African campaign medal - V E king of Italy & Ethiopia / Africa Orientale. £15

Another, set rare leaf-entwined sword with 'FERT' on hilt. £30

WW1 War Merit Cross (Merito di Guerra VE III). £15

WW1 Commemorative medal; helmeted & moustachio'd soldier left .Winged Victory £12.50

People's Service medal, Medalja Zasluge Za Narod, gilt; figure in star & flag. £7.50

1945-1975 Commemorative medal for struggle v fascism. Gilt, 30 Godine Pobede ... £10

Commemorative medal for Foundation of State - 10 years : 1941 - 1951 £5

Commemorative medal for Foundation of State - 20 years : 1941 - 1961 £6

Commemorative medal for Foundation of State - 30 years : 1941 - 1971 £7

Commemorative medal for Foundation of State - 40 years , Bust of General Tito. £10

National Defence Decoration, 3rd class, uniface. Cheap red on obv. + ribbon bar £15

UN medal for Korea, UK/US issue, of recent times. £12

Service medal, gilt with red 'enamels', galloping horseman r. Set chinese-style £5

Army medal in bronze for Peace & Freedom : Haeren - For Fred og Frihet. £9

Independance medal, for 50 years. Gilt bronze. Star & Crescent. £7.50

Service medal in CuNi, set bar Siachen Glacier (in script). Uniface £7.50

Service medal in CuNi, set bar Kashmir 1964-65 (in script). Uniface. £7.50

Medal for the Escalation War - 2001-02, (issued to Army, Air Force & Navy). £5

Polonia Restituta white enamelled cross, dated 1944 in gilt reverse. (4.5 cms wide) £25

PRL service cross in gold, rich red enamels, cased as issued. Uniface £15

Another, loose as above. £12

PRL service cross in silver, same rich red enamels, cased as issued. Uniface £14

Another, loose as above. £10

PRL service cross in bronze, ie 3rd class. Uniface. £8

PRL commemorative medal for 40 years - 1944:1984, Walka Praca Socjalizm. £8

Red Cross medal, in silver, rev. stamped P.C.K. Deep red enamels £8

Red Cross medal, in bronze, rev. stamped P.C.K. Deep red enamels £6

1944 - 1954 Commemorative medal for 10 years of liberty since 22 / July. Uniface,

red/white enamelled flag held by 3 soldiers. Hung from red enamel suspender X £12

1966 - 966 Millennium commemorative medal, silvered. Virgin and child, no ribbon £5

Mounted pair to D.A. ZAMBUKA B., as Rhodes For Service medal in CuNi, and

Zimbabwe Independence medal in shiny bronze (no. 16162). £40

Rhose "For Service" medal in CuNi; marked Specimen on edge. £30

Zimbabwe Chief's Aide oval medal in brass; coloured green/yellow/red/black £10

Crusade against Communism medal. £15

Hiva medal, 1873 military Journey. Obv cypher A II (for Alexander). £50

Police / Prison service medal in silver. Obv. Head of Alexander III. £45

Medal for the Caucasus, 1871. Bust of Alexander II right £45

Set of four medals from Russia and Ukraine, all with supporting award booklets, named to the recipient - KUSHNIR Pyotr (Peter) Vladimirovich, as : 1918-1968 anniversary medal, 1945-1985 anniversary medal, Labour Veteran medal, plus Ukraine 50th anniversary of Liberation enamelled badge. ........ £35

Mounted group of six - WW2 Victory over Germany, 1945-1965, 1945-1975,

Labour Veteran medal, 1945-1985, 1945-1995 Commemoratives. No back pin. £36

Mounted group of three - Jubilee medals : 1945-65, 1918-78, 1945-85. £21

Mounted group of three - Labour Excellence, Labour Distinction and Labour Veteran medals. First two with intact red enamels. £30

Mounted pair - 1945 - 1965 Jubilee medal, plus Kiev's 1500 th anniversary. £15

Defence of Moscow medal. £42

Labour Veteran medal. £7.50

WW2 - Medal for the defeat of Germany, 1941-45 £10

Georgy Jukov medal, centenary medal of his birth 1896 - 1986. His bust right. £8

Lenin 100 years Commemorative - his bust left with dates - 1870 - 1970 £9

Jubilee medal for 1918 - 1968. Nice touch of red enamels £10

Jubilee medal for 1918 - 1978 £7.50

Jubilee medal for 1945 - 1965 £7.50

Jubilee medal for 1945 - 1975 £7.50

Jubilee medal 1945-1985, also known as Russian Convoy medal (40 years);

Awarded to the British Navy, who also participated. £10

Jubilee medal 1945 - 1995 £7.50

Jubilee medal 1945 - 2005, recently issued. £10

Army LS medal for 10 years £7.50

Kiev - medal to commemorate 1500 years. £10

St Petersburg medal to commemorate 300 years - 1703 - 2003, gilt. Bust left. £10

Blockage of Leningrad commemorative medal 1944 - 2004. City view. £10

Leningrad - medal to commemorate 250 years. £9

Chernobyl medal - awarded to those who took part in the clean-up. £7.50

Liberation of Kuwait medal, as issued to UK and US troops £15

Modern medal "For Service with the Military Advisory and Training Team - Sierra

Leone" / Coat of Arms; on pin as for wear, plus matching miniature. Cased £25

Order of the Crown - orange-red enamels both sides; black castle, set with pommel £40

Red Cross medal in white enamels - La Suisse Romande - A.N.D. de Lourdes,

with further red and bluse enamels, made by Moret of Paris. White/black ribbon £35

Service cross, green/yellow striped ribbon; upright sword on 4 coloured rings. £15

Medal of Honour, 2nd class; uniface, gilt. Galloping horseman. £20

Medal of Honour, 3rd class; uniface, gilt. Similar to above, but smaller. £15

Medal for the Foundation of the Ba'ath party -8/3/1963. Gilt flaming torch, enamels £15

WW2 service medal, featuring a charging elephant. Crude metal (Ali, lead, tin) £10

Mounted pair, as - Freeman Safeguarding medal, 2nd class, and Chakramda medal 1960's - for 15 years Military or Police service. £40

2014 - Donbas War : Russian Military Intervention Combat Participation medal. £15

Another, set incorrect tri-fold Ukraine ribbon. £12

Gilt service medal, cyrillic script around shield on sword / leaves & berries. £7.50

60 years Commemorative of WW2 - dated 1944 - 2004. Gilt £7.50

10 Air Force Distinguished Service medal, cased as issued, plus ribbon bar & pin. £50
29 Army Commendation medal. £10
34 Army Achievement medal, cased with ribbon bar & enamel lapel pin. £7.50
34 As above, but bulk buy !! Ten of these medals, all as described. £50
42 Army Good Conduct medal. £10
53 Ribbon-bar only award - Outstanding Airman of the Year. £3
68 Medal for Humane Action (ie Berlin Airlift) £15
69 National Defence Service medal £7.50
69 Another, in card box with ribbon bar £10
74 Vietnam Service medal, on pin, in dark blue card case, with ribbon bar £15
74 Another, on pin, uncased. £12
75 South-West Asia service medal £12
77 Humanitarian Service medal. £15
104 UN MultiNational Force & Observers medal £20
106 Gulf War - Saudi Arabia - Liberation of Kuwait. £12
107 Kuwait - Gulf War - Liberation of Kuwait £9

Spanish Campaign 1898 - Marine Corps £12

Spanish Campaign 1898 - Navy £12

Virgin Islands Commendation medal. £12

For Service in the Spanish War. £12

Indian Wars medal - Army. Indian with spear astride horse. £15

82nd Airborne Division medallion - America's Guard of Honor. Parachutes landing

over map of America. Honor Loyalty Duty Honesty. Bronzed. £5

Iwo Jima medallet - 50 years 1945 Flag Raising 1995. 25th issue of the Havasu $ £7.50

Second Nicaraguan Campaign 1926-1930 - Marine Corps £12

Second Nicaraguan Campaign 1926-1930 - Navy £12

Unofficial Afghanistan Campaign medal - "For service in Afghanistan" £10

Korea Defense Service medal; central dragon / Korea map, crossed swords across. £12

West Indies Campaign 1898 - Marine Corps £12

For Service on the Mexican Border !!! (Could be re-issued now !!) £15

Ribbon bar - for the Congressional Medal of Honour, £10