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Gilt and red enamelled order PPSH, with silvered wreath, at bottom "40 VJETORI",

uniface, set small red ribbon, chinese-style £15

5-pointed red enamelled star, featuring armed soldier, uniface, silver £15

Another, similar, but bronze. £10

Per Trimeri gilt medal - 2 soldiers advancing left. Sun's rays behind. Ribbon red/white £15

Per Clirimin e Atdheut medal, uniface. Armed soldier waving flag. Yellow ribbon £15

Selection of various Albanian medals all uniface, some with red enamels. Each ... £7.50

Order of the Crown, 1st class, gilt rays, set pommel on ribbon, in deluxe Van Larebeke

red case of issue; intact white and deep blue enamels both sides. £35

Another, 1st class, plain ribbon, £30

Order of the Crown, 2nd class, silver rays. conjoined Ls. with intact white enamels. £20

Another, set large silver crossed swords on ribbon £20

Order of Leopold II, in silver, 2nd class. Various with different devices on ribbon. Each .. £20

Military Decoration. 1st class, with gilt chevron on ribbon, point uppermost. £17

Civil Merit Decoration, 1st class, gilt, with intact white enamels both sides. £12

Civil merit medal, in silver, 2nd class. Same both sides. Black/red striped ribbon £10

1865-1905 gilt commemorative medal - bust of Leopold left with long beard, £7.50

Another, similar, but reverse dates are - 1865-1909. £7.50

Octagonal 'silver' medal, featuring the three Kings, rev. Dates 1830 - 1930. Centenary £12

WW1 Croix de Guerre, set oak-leaf with A on ribbon £20

WW1 Victory medal £12

WW1 Volunteers medal - Scarce Voluntariis 1914-18, on pin, as for wear. £25

WW1 Yser medal, getting scarce now. £20

WW1 Cross of Fire (Croix du Feu). Salus Patriae Suprema Lex. £14

WW1 Commemorative medal. £9

WW1 Deportee's Cross, Maltese type, interesting ribbon. 1914-1918 £18

WW2 Commemorative 1940-45; Lion's head over V set crossed swords £9

WW2 Medal of the Armed Resistance; scantily-clad female / Resistere 1940/45 £12

WW2 Air Defences medal - man holding up large shield / 1939 Servimus 1945. Gilt £30

African War Medal 1940-1945 ; uniface, 2 soldiers' head facing left. £18

Medal for Effort in the Colonial War 1940-45. Pro Patria Victoria. Uniface. £18

Red Cross medal, 2nd class, large format with much red enamels, both sides. £20

Another, similar, but 1st class, same red enamels, but gilt. Attractive. £30

Labor Valorem medal 1914-1918 1940-1945 Obv sword & wreath NAPG / NVOK

Available in 1st class - Gold, 2nd class - Silver, 3rd class - Bronze. Each £10q


Group of five medals, awarded to Todor Tomov PAPAZOV, with related award documents, his service book with photo in uniform, stamped up from 1955 to 1962; plus two medals awarded to his wife Toma Papzov, with her related award cards. Sold by the family. His medals awarded in the 1970s and 1980s; hers in the 1980s. £75

Order of 9th September 1944. 2nd class in white enamels, 5-pointed star, uniface. £20

Order of 9th September 1944. 3rd class in red enamels, 5-pointed star, uniface. £15

1941-1944 red enamelled 5-pointed star, set bearded head. 3A Hapodha Cboboda, heavy and chunky medal, uniface. Repair to one red point. Impressive. £18

Military Order of the Red Banner; HPG, Gilt, uniface. Red/blue/white enamels. £18

Medal for Labour Glory, 1st class, silvered, with gilt alternating wheat ears. HPG £8

As above, 2nd class; blackened wheat ears and reverse, as opposed to silver. £5

25th anniversary medal, gilt. Stylised woman in long dress raising wheat ear. £8

1878 100th anniversary medal, array of bayonets pointing up around broken chains £10

Silver and gilt order, rampant lion in central cut-out , below numbers 681 1944, uniface. £15

Gilt medal, 40 years commemorative of socialism; Lion on map on 5-pointed star. £10

WW2 Commemorative - 1945 - 1975 9 May HPB of Victory over Germany. £5

Korea service medal, uniface in bronze, with map of Korea; red and 2-tone yellows. £8

Long Life of Peace medal, presented to North Koreans by the Chinese

people's consolatory group; 25/10/1953. Bronze, with red colour. Ref 943 £4

Various - selection of 10 different revolutionary medals, most with short ribbons. Each... £7.50

Civil Defence faithful service medal (Fur treue Pflichtefullung), GILT £10

Civil Defence faithful service medal (Fur treue Pflichtefullung), SILVER £7.50

Order of the Lion, in gold, set bar with script, set from ribbon (half purple, half white)

plus matching ribbon bar, in plastic-lidded case. £9

Similar, but in silver, ribbon half white, half purple/yellow/purple. Cased + ribbon bar £7

Foreign Legion mounted group of seven medals, in 2 overlapping rows, as : Medaille

Militaire, National Order of Merit, 1963, with turquoise enamels on both sides, WW2

Croix de la Valeur Militaire, set 2 bronze stars on the ribbon, WW2 Commemorative

medal, Cockerell / set bar Liberation, silver Medaille d'Outre Mer / set 2 bars -

Extreme Orient, Dien Bien Phu, Gilt indo-China medal, set red enamelled star on

ribbon, and gilt commemorative medal "Operations Securite et Maintien de l'Ordre",

set gilt bar Algerie. A splendid-looking array of medals, reflecting his career.

Sadly, no name to go with it. (Sold by us a few years ago, now back as a swop/deal. £150

Oeuvre des Vieux Militaires 1900. Lovely Officers gilt uniface. White enamels and crown £35

Gilt & white enamelled star : Merite Agricole 1883. Ribbon green with red edges £35

Gilt medal for Security & Maintenance of Order / set bar Algerie. Helmeted Marianne £20

WW1 Victory medal. £25

WW1 Croix de Guerre, dates 1914 - 1918. £25

WW1 Cross of Military Valour "Croix de la Valeur Militaire". £18

WW1 Commemorative medal, helmeted Marianne left. Ribbon multiple red/white stripes. £15

WW1 Croix du Combattant (Combattant's Cross) £20

WW2 - War Commemorative medal; Gilt cockerel / set bar - Liberation £25

Another, as above, but set 4 (!) bars : Extreme Orient, Liberation, Mediterranee, and

Atlantique. With extra long tibbon, to accomccodate all the bars. £75

WW2 Croix de Guerre, rev date 1939, set oak-leaf on ribbon £35

WW2 Croix de Guerre, rev date 1939 £30

WW2 Cross of the Combattant Volunteer of the Resistance. Gilt cross. £20

Gratitude medal, gilt, set 3 bars : 1939-1945, IndoChine, Afrique du Nord. "Medaille de Reconnaissance de la Nation. Obverse has facing Marianne in flowing hair. £30

National Defence medal - a selection of these medals with a variety of two bars, in silver or gold ; a choice of 10 different medals and bars ............. Each £20

National Defence medal, gilt, with 3 bars : Intendance, Troupes Aeroportees, Legion Etrangere. Warrior-style Marianne 2/3 right. Armee Nation around revolutionary cap £30

Medal for the Confederation Europeenne des Anciens Combattants - gilt star with red and white enamels. Ribbon is blue with circle of 12 gold stars. £20

Kuwait - Liberation of Kuwait medal, standard issue, as awarded to British troops, £10

Another, in semi-rigid dark blue case, with ribbon bar £12

Another, in deluxe hard plastic case by Bertoni of Milan, for Italian officers. £15

Saudi Arabia - Liberation of Kuwait. (issued also to US and coalition troops £18

Saudi Arabia, cased military medal, with matching miniature; gilt roundels & dots. £20

Another, uncased, just the full-size medal. £10

Sainya Seva medal, set bar Jammu & Kashmir, named £15

Videsh Seva medal, set bar Bhutan, various names. Ribbon pale blue/white stripes £15

50th Anniversary of Independance medal 1947 - 1997. No ribbon £10

Al Merito silver medal. Features She-wolf with twins Romulus and Remus suckling below. On plinth with legend - S.P.Q.R. Date 1902 stamped on ribbon. Scarce £60

WW1 Commemorative medal; helmeted & moustachio'd soldier left .Winged Victory £15

Gilt 25 years long service star - R I intertwined on obv, XXV on rev. £40

Patrick Pearce medal, to commemorate 50 years of the Easter Uprising 1966-1916 £25

See further list of Japan medals at end of foreign listing.

Order of the Rising Sun, 8th grade, in its black laquered box of issue. £50

China Incident medal 1937, cased as issued £35

Another, loose,no ribbon £25

War v Russia, 1904/1905. with ribbon and reverse hooks. (ribbon a little tired). £30

30th anniversary of Victory over Fascism 1945-1975, gilt. Hand holding rifle & torch £10

40th anniversary of Jugoslav Army, gilt, featuring bustof TITO on obv. Set pin £10
KOREA / South Korea

Syngman Rhee medal, for Korea war, set pin. £15

Another, as above, in its blue papered box. £20

Order of the Defence of the Realm - Pangkuan Negara. Lovely white enamelled and

mounted Order, with its matching miniature, in its Garrard Case. With attribution name

taped to bottom of case : Maj. R.G.H. SEMMENCE. £150

Pingat Jasa Malaysia medal, cased with its miniature and ribbon bar, official issue. £65

Independance medal date 1st October 1960, with miniature £20

Another, different ribbon. £15

(Nepalese medals feature a locally-made top suspender of crossed kukris).

Air Force LS medal in silver : Akash seva Patak. 2023. Scary face. Rev. Flag, no ribbon £40

Silver medal for the Coronation of King Birendra, dated 2031 = 1974 , no ribbon. £30

45th anniversary medal of the Founding of the State . 1970-2015. Silvered, no ribbon £10

Medal for the War with India, cyphers for Army, Navy and Air Force. £15

Independance medal 1947, named to Muhammad SHARIF, F.C. 54 £10

Polonia Restituta Cross, in white enamels. Rev. 1944 £25

Silvered service medal - winged eagle on map : Za Zaslugi Dla Obronnosc Kraju. £8

Cecil Rhodes service medal, in CuNi, named to 520611F GD N. MAYOVOMA. £20

1941 medal for the Crusade against Communism. £30

Red enamelled 5-pointed star gilt, uniface, set blue enamel top bar : Fruntas in

Intrecerea Socialista 1967. £25

Cased medal for 20th anniversary of Liberation 1944 - 1964. XX 23 August. With

original award document for same medal, named to MILDNER Iulius Zoe. £50

RSR Meritorious Labour service; hammer and sickle in wreath /

Pentru Merite Deosibite in Munca. Ribbon a little faded/ £20

Labour Veteran medal. £10

WW2 medal for the Defeat of Germany 1941-45 £10

WW2 Assiduous Labour Effort in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-45 £10

WW1 Jubilee medals for 1918-1968, or 1918-1978. Each £7.50

WW2 Jubilee medals for 1945-1965, or 1945-1975. Each £7.50

WW2 Russian Convoys medal 1945 - 1985, also awarded to British Naval personnel £10

WW2 Jubilee medals for 1945-1995, or 1945-2005 or 1945-2010. Each £10

WW2 Jubilee medal for 1945 - 2005, with named award card. £15

Blockade of Leningrad medal 1944 - 2004 £10

Blockade of Leningrad medal 1944 - 2009, cased £15

Police 200 years medal, cased £15

Army Commemorative medal 2017, 100 years. Cased £15

Air Force Commemorative medal, bust of Margrelov r. Parachutists. Cased £15

Russian Fleet 300 years, cased. £15

Georgy Jukov medal, 100 years anniversary : 1896 - 1996. Gilt. His bust £10

Lenin medal, 100 years anniversary 1870 - 1970, set short ribbon £7.50

Leningrad medal -- to commemorate 250 years. £10

John Chard medal (1961), 12 years service in the Citizen force. Unnumbered. SA33 £40

Police medal for the 75th Anniversary. (1988), Gilt. SA47 £25

Defence Force LS/GC medal Bronze, for 10 years service in the citizen force. SA30 £30

Police medal for Faithful Service 1963, unnamed as issued. SA44 £30

Police Faithful Sevice medal in silver, named to - 17304 (V) N/I/Sers NTSHATSHA, BM £40

Pro Patria medal blue enamels, numbered 15342 on rev. Bar CUNENE set on ribbon

This bar for operations into Angola in 1976 £45

Pro Patria medal (Mdls Yrbk 37) blue enamels, no. 171295 on rev. No ribbon SA37 £35

1936 Spanish Civil War medal, gilt circlet. (Incorrect ribbon) £20

Tri-lingual octagonal medallet - 1940 German/French/Italian Red Cross donations. £15

Bravery medal, cyrillic script around shield on sword / leaves & berries, with named

award document, issued in 1999. £15

50 years anniversary badge, with red, blue and yellow 'enamels', pin on reverse.

with award card, unnamed. Award issued in 1994

60 years Commemorative of WW2 - dated 1944 - 2004. Gilt, with named award card. £15

15 Ribbon bar - for DFC £5
22 Purple Heart, with ribbon bar. £50
24 Meritorious Service medal £20
28 Joint Service Commendation medal, cased with ribbon-bar & enamel lapel pin £25
29 Army Commendation medal. £10
29 Another, in small case of issue, plus ribbon bar and enamelled lapel pin £15
34 Army Achievement medal, in small case of issue, + ribbon bar & enamelled lapel pin £15
41 Combat Readiness medal £15
42 Army Good Conduct medal. £10
42 Army Good Conduct medal, with ribbon bar. £12
43 Navy Good Conduct medal £14
49 Naval Reserve Meritorious Service medal, cased . £15
49 Another, loose. £12
53 Ribbon-only award : Outstanding Airman of the Year. £5
58 China Service medal £12
60 Women's Army Corps Service medal £15
66 Army of Occupation medal, set bar Japan £20
69 National Defence Service medal £5
69 Another, cased. £10
70 Korean Service medal £12
70 Korean Service medal, on card with ribbon bar £18
73 Armed Forces Expeditionary medal £12
74 Vietnam Service medal, on pin £10
74 Another, in card case of issue with ribbon bar £12
75 South-West Asia service medal, in blue card case of issue £15
75 Another, loose. £12
77 Humanitarian Service medal. (ie Berlin Airlift) £14
77 Another, in blue card box of issue, plus ribbon bar £18
79 Armed Forces Reserve medal, with ribbon bar £15
106 Gulf War - Saudi Arabia - Liberation of Kuwait, plus ribbon bar. £15
107 Kuwait - Gulf War - Liberation of Kuwait £10
107 Another, in dark blue plastic case, plus white card slip outer cover and ribbon bar £12

a Cuban Pacification 1908 Navy £12
b Cuban Pacification 1908 Marine Corps £12
c Dominican Campaign 1916 Navy £15
d War with Spain 1898 Army £15
e Spanish Campaign medal 1898 Navy. £13
f Second Nicaraguan Campaign medal 1926-1930. Navy £14
g Defense Logistics Agency medal, awarded to ..... For Meritorious Civilian Service,

a silvered shield under eagle set on gilt arrowed and floral back. £15
h For Service on the Mexican Border £15
k Pennsylvania WW1 National Guard Victory medal, Mint. Bust of William Penn,

on pin as for wear, plus ribbon bar. In original white card case of issue, by Davidson £18
l Merchant Marine WW2 Defence medal. £15
n Commander's Award for Civilian service medal; triple triangles around star. Unusual £20
p Korea Defense Service medal, on pin, with ribbon bar. £15

Gilt uniface medal, featuring crossed rifles over anchor; white & green enamels, on pin £10

Merite Civique medal, in silver. Shape reminiscent of Belgian similar ones. £5