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Tokens with Place Names & Prices

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Tokens with place-names and prices. (Shops, pubs, premises)

T1 Abingdon, R. Cornish, Nags Head Inn, 2d by SA Daniell, Birmingham 26mm Brass GEF £25
T2 Birmingham, Cathedral Bazaar token, Spend me as Sixpence 1928 / Diocese 22mm Brass EF £4
T3 Birmingham, Val Watkins, Albion Hotel, Aston Road North. 3d 25mm Brass EF £20
T4 Birmingham, John Harrison, 3s/- by Pitt (Holed) 28mm Brass GEF £5
T5 Another, similar, but 4s/- 28mm Brass GEF £5
T6 Birmingham, Bousfield Bros., 2s/- octagonal 30mm Brass GVF £10
T7 Blyth (Northumberland) Hedley Young & Co Ltd. 1/2d 25mm AE GVF £5
T8 Another, similar, but 1d 31mm AE GVF £8
T9 Burton-on-Trent, Hudson Bros. Ltd., Wholesale Fruit Market 1s/- 27mm Brass GEF £8
T10 Gornal Wood (Dudley), Robinson, Pear Tree Inn. 3d 25mm Brass GVF £8
T11 Another, smilar, but different proprietor - Eli Jones. 3d 25mm Brass GVF £8
T12 Gloucester, LL Anthony, Bridge Inn 2 1/2d, by Ford & Witts. Cntmkd SM 23mm Brass VF £30
T13 Grantham, Golding, Auctioneer. 3d 26mm Brass VF £7
T14 Leicester, F. Woodcock, 1s/- by R. Whitaker 25mm Brass GVF £8
T15 London County Council, Tramways Department. 1889 1d Yellow Plastic 22mm Plastic VF £5
T16 Norwich, Frank Price Norwich) Ltd., 1d 30mm Brass VF £6
T17 Bonus Check, W.F. Jackson. 1d 30mm AE EF £6
T18 Another, C & W. Ltd. 10s/- 35mm Brass VF £5
T19 Netherton, A. Scrivens, 1s/- Bracteate 23mm Brass GVF £5
T20 Wales, Senghenith & Aber(tridwr) Mid Glam Conservative Club,

Skittle Alley, 2d (only 2 known !!) Extremely Rare. 27mm Brass VF £60

T21 Leeds, Gelder Bros, Kirkgate. 6d "Bonus in Goods" both sides ND 25mm Brass VF £5
T22 Gibbon's, Brunswick Stores. 1d Rev. Blank 18mm 26mm Brass VF £5
T23 Biggleswade (Beds.), E. Chew & Son, 3s/- / Tea Dealers, Family Grocers & co. 26mm Brass VF+ £8
T24 Newcastle-on-Tyne, Rowland Blaylock, 1/2d / Blank 25mm AE EF £6
T25 Sheffield, John Banner Ltd., 1d / JB in rectangle. (scalloped edge) 28mm Brass VF £6
T26 Sheffield. John Banner Ltd. 1d, scalloped edge. Rev. JB in rectangle 31mm Brass GVF £9
T27 Unknown Locality, Ranger's Dividend Stores, set of four checks :

3d, 4d, 6d and 3s/-, Bracteate Tin VF £9
T28 As above, but set of 3 checks, 4d, 6d and 3s/- Bracteate Tin GVF £6
T29 E. Shepard Ltd., Gateshead and Branches, 1/-, as Todd, (Flan 23) 26mm CuNi VF+ £8
T30 Gateshead, E. Shephard Ltd. Gateshead & Branches 1d (Neal flan 24) 33mm WM VF £6
T31 Gateshead (Co. Durham) M. Robson & Co. 1d (same both sides) 32mm AE VF £7
T32 Palmers Dining Rooms. 1d in centre. Uniface 27mm Brass GVF £25
T33 London, Pears Canteen. / 1d. By Neal 22mm AE VF+ £10
T34 Dudley, Worcs. John Baker, Potato Merchant. 3d. Stamped on rev. 27mm Brass VF £9
T35 Dudley, Worcs. John Baker, Potato Merchant. 1/6d Stamped on rev. 27mm Brass VF £12

T40 Birmingham, Coleshill St., Concert Hall, Rodney Inn 3d View of Hall MG521 31mm AE VF £12
T41 Birmingham, Winson Green Road, Smiths Arms. 2d 25mm Brass GVF £25
T42 Unnamed stock check; Birmingham, Philip Vaughton. 4d, within wreath / blank 25mm Brass VF £10
T43 Liverpool, British Workmen Public House Ltd., Cocoa Rooms, 1d. Scarce 28mm AE VF £15
T44 London, German Athenaeum, 3d. Rare 25mm Brass VF £30
T45 Nottingham, C.W. Tooley, R.M. 6d 30mm Brass GVF £18
T46 Sunderland, Hedley Swan & Co., Joplings, 1d 31mm AE VF £6
T47 Swindon, Bartrop & Co. 23, Farringdon St. Tools, Ironmongery,

Cutlery, Grates. 1/2d 26mm Alu Unc £5
T48 Standish (Wigan) Boars Head. 2d 26mm Brass NVF £8
T49 Wisbech (Cambs)., Clayton & Young, by R. Neal 1 1/4d 28mm Brass VF £10
T50 Wisbech, A.E. Daisley, 1 1/2d 24mm Brass EF £6
T51 Wisbech, R. Bath, 1 1/2d 25mm AE VF £5
T52 Birmingham, J.V. White & Co. Ltd. 1s/- / large 1/- 24mm Brass VF £6
T53 York, S. Maurice's, 6d. / large 6d 26mm Brass EF £6
T54 York, S. Maurice's, 1s/- / large 1/- 26mm Brass EF £8
T55 Advertising Ticket - Awarded for Freeman's Baking & Custard Powder -

around bust of Edward VII as PoW (?) / Freeman's Pudding Powder - "Try it". 22mm Brass VF £4
T56 Value stated check - J. Benton & Son. 6d. Uniface. 25mm Brass VF £4