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1 WW1 Distinguished Conduct Medal, to 7449 Sergeant H.E. RUCKLEDGE,

2nd Battalion, Leicestershire Regiment. One of 10 DCMs awarded to the 2nd

Battalion for Neuve Chapelle in March 1915. A VC action. (LG dated 3/6/1915).

Henry Elliot Ruckledge was wounded in that battle and died of his wounds on

31st March 1915. From Snaith in Yorkshire, he lived with his wife Eva Winifred

at 8, Martello Terrace, Sandgate, Kent. Pre WW1 he served in India and

is also entitled to a 14 star and bar trio. GVF/+, nicely darkish. £1,200

2 Knight's Batchelor badge, (reduced size post 1933), in its original red case

of issue, hallmarked for 1935. Unnamed as issued; family thought it was

awarded to BS Goudby, but no trace in LG. With Royal Life-Saving medallet

named to BS Goudby July 1925, and an oval enamelled CSMCC badge,

numbered 5573 on reverse. "Digna Sequi" - chartered society of masseuse

and medical gymnasts uniform badge. (??) Very light damage to some of

the red enamels on KB badge backing, ie missing. otw as issued. £450

3 British Empire medal, civil issue Geo VI to Gilbert E. BARRETT.

LG dated 5/6/1952. A Value Man at Oxford Gasworks. On pin, as

worn. GVF+ £165

4 British Empire Medal, civil issue, EIIR, named to Miss Frances Pamela

CREIGHTON. LG 30/12/1989, as Support Manager 3, at the

Home Office In its square RM red case of issue, and outer card cover. £165

5 British Empire medal, civil issue, EIIR, named to James Edward GREEN.

On pin as issued, in its RM red case. LG 13/6/1981, in Foreign &

Commonwealth Office. Workshop Superintendant, Smith Industries Ltd £165

6 Waterloo medal, June 18, 1815 to E.C. HUDSON, 54th Regiment of Foot.

Set on an ornate silver decorative top suspender. (as illustrated). Known then

as the West Norfolk Regt.This one is a very old re-named example. Hence

the attractive price. VF, a few v minor edge nicks. £700

7 Candahar, Ghuznee & Cabul medal, with reverse Cabul 1842 to

No 714 John WILLIAMS, HM 9th Regiment. With top steel clip and

large ring, with top silver suspender. GVF, nicely toned. Edge dig at

A of Victoria on obverse. £700

8 India General Service medal / 2 bars - Burma 1885-7, Burma 1887-89 to

320 Driver Fazil DARIO, No.1 Bty, 1st Bde, Ed Div., Royal Artillery.

About VF, some minor contact marks to obv., indicating more medals ? £180

9 India General Service Medal / bar Pegu to John LANGSTON, 18th,

Royal Irish Regiment. AEF, pleasing grey tone. £345

10 India General Service Medal / bar Sikkim 1888 to 383 Private F. CLARKE,

2 / Derbyshire Regiment. With copy of the roll, confirming his entitlement -

he was there (as were most of his fellow 2nd Battalion) from 21 August till

27 September 1888. There is also a b/w copy photo of the Sikkim survivors

taken in Derby 1938, on 50th anniversary of the battle, featuring ten old soldiers,

including Frederick Clarke, who wears 2 other medals also. This medal

has been re-named, possibly to re-place the original (sold, lost or pawned ?)

GVF/+ condition, priced accordingly. £225

11 Indian Mutiny medal , bar Lucknow to W'm CLAYTON, 97th Regiment.

Earl of Ulster's Regt. With original ribbon, sewn to old brass safety pin.

GVF, some contact marks to face and left side, indicating other medals

With copy of roll, confirming entitlement. (Post 1881, called the RWK) GVF £475

12 Crimea medal, no bar unnamed as issued. GVF/+ pleasing. £150

13 Crimea medal, no bar, unnamed as issued. Darkish tone, v sm ek at

8 o'clock on reverse. VF/+ £145

14 Turkish medal for Glory. (Medals Yrbk 120a). Unnamed as issued by the

Sultan. GVF, sm ek on rev. Very scarce. (List price £500 - £750) £275

15 South Africa medal (Zulu wars) no bar to 960 Private J. FOSTER, 58th Foot.

A baker, born in Southampton, John Foster joined in 1876 aged 18, and

served for 12 years until 1888. Copy papers show he was in South Africa for

two periods - Feb'y 1879 to Dec 1879, and again from Dec 1881 till July 1883.

Also states "Zulu & bar : South Africa 1879". VF+, but re-named. £225

16 Afghanistan medal 1878/9/80, no bar to 1050 Private J. SHALLCROSS,

2 / 15th Foor (E.Yorks). With copy of roll, confirming entitlement. GVF £200

17 India medal / bar Relief of Chitral 1895 to 4877 Private W. LEAVER,

2nd Bn, Seaforth Highlanders. GVF+, dark tone. Confirmed on the roll.

William is also entitled to a Boer War pair, QSA/5 bars & KSA/2 bars. GVF £230

18 Jummoo and Kashmir medal / bar Chitral 1895 in bronze, unnamed as issued.

Clasp marked "Gurney London" on reverse, as always. GVF, scarce £560

19 Khedive's Sudan medal in silver, set six bars : Firket, Hafir, Abu Hamed,

Sudan 1897, The Atbara, Khartoum. Named in arabic script

About EF, bright. £450


20 QSA / 5 bars : CC, OFS, Tr., SA1901, SA1902 to 20485 Lance/Corporal

R.N. TURNER, 2nd Coy, Imperial Yeomanry. With copy of roll, confirming

entitlements. Rowland N. Turner served with the 2nd (Wiltshire) Company,

1st Battalion, Imp. Yeo. GVF/+ £185

21 QSA / 5 bars : CC, OFS, Tr., SA1901, SA1902 to 135 Trooper R. BELL,

SAC (South African Constabulary). Pleasing GVF/+ £175

22 QSA / 5 bars : CC, OFS, Tr., SA1901, SA1902 to 6372 Private T. BINNS,

Shropshire Light Infantry. Thomas Binns, a tram conductor from Rochdale

was with 4th/ Ryl Lancs Regt in India and transferred to the SLI. With set

of copy papers, confirming his service record. Discharged in 1904. GVF/+ £195

23 QSA / 3 bars : CC, OFS, Tr., to 5112 Private F.K. SMITH, 6th Dragoons.

Hint of ghosting on reverse. GVF, darkish £145

24 QSA / 2 bars : CC, SA1902 to 5946 Private J. MARSHALL, Worcs.

Regt. VF/AVF. (He arrived and went home again!) £130

25 QSA / bar CC to 4907 Pte W. BRITCHFORD, 2 / Yorks Light Infantry,

GVF, plus paperwork, confirming bar. £120

QSA / no bar, to :

26 54 Private G. WEST, Burghersdorp Town Guard. GVF/+ £125
27 982 Trooper A. CLEMENTS, SAC (South African Constabulary) AEF

(entitled to 5 bars, as - CC, OFS, Tr, SA1901, SA1902) £125

28 QSA original bar - Paardeberg. GVF £30

29 Africa General Service Medal / bar Kenya, to E.5447 Inspector

(R) (W) I. OWENS, presented court-style. EF £150

30 Territorial Force War medal, in bronze, to 864 Sergeant James SOAN,

1st London Regt. With MiC, confirming details and entitlements.

(Only awarded a BWM in addition). Later Ryl Fus & Worc R. GVF/+ £230

31 WW1 Casualty - Canada Memorial Cross, with original thin purple ribbon

and black case to - 108163 Corporal P.A. CONNEW.

Sold by the family. His wife Joan (nee Trew) was deaf and dumb; they

lived in Farnaby Road, Bromley. GVF+ £125

32 WW1 Victory medal - unusual Mint specimen disc (ie no top suspender)

possibly "escaped" from the Royal Mint when minted. Unnamed

and just the disc itself. About Mint £15

33 Naval GSM / 2 bars : Palestine 1945-48, Near East to C/KX 89019

L.S.M. E.E. LEVERIDGE, Royal Navy. EF. £200

34 General Service medal, Geo V, set 2 bars : S. Persia, Iraq to 1126

Sepoy Chanan SINGH, 15 Sikhs. GVF/+ £140

35 General Service medal, Geo V, set 2 bars : Kurdistan, Iraq to 243A,

L.D. Karam SINGH, 11th Lancers. GVF/+ £125

General Service medal, Geo VI, bar Palestine 1945-48; to

36 4000082 AC1 W.H. WHITEHEAD, RAF, on pin as worn, with

its card box of issue. GVF/+, toned £75

37 General Service medal, Geo VI, bar S.E.Asia 1945-46,

unnamed as issued. Abt EF, slight contact marks at left of obverse,

suggesting once with WW2 group of stars/medals. £65

Campaign Service medal / bar Borneo to :

38 F.4274714 LAC B.A. HEARTY, RAF. Court-mounted, as worn. GVF £75

39 Korea medal, in silver (Canada issue) to W.R. OSECKI, 11121 'E'

With set of copied papers. GEF. (20,000 issued) £150

UK medal for KOREA, to :

40 22526545 Private J. DEVINE, A.C.C. 1953 obv. GVF (Catering Corps) £120
41 22345076 Private G.W. DITCHBURN, REME. 1953 obv. GVF/+ £110
42 22251614 Private W. PHILLLIPS, RAOC. 1953 obv. GVF+ £120

43 United Nations medal for Korea, set bar Korea. UK original issue £30
44 United Nations medal for Korea, set bar Korea. Modern issue, set pin £15


45 Naval LS/GC medal, Edw VII to James BALDWIN, Cd Boatn.,

H.M. Coast Guard. GVF £80

46 Army LS/GC medal, Geo V, bar Regular Army to 1022133 Bombadier

S. PIGGOTT, RA. Mounted on pin as worn. GVF/+ £75

47 Army LS/GC medal, Geo VI Indiae Imp, bar Regular Army to 6002829

Private S.E. SHARMAN, Essex Regiment. GVF+, darkish £70

48 Indian Army LS/GC medal, Geo V, to 8806 L-Daf Nand RAM, 2 Lrs. GVF+ £65

49 Royal Air Force LS/GC medal, Geo VI (FidDef ie post 1949) to

653472 Sergeant J. MAGUIRE, RAF. GVF, dark tone £75

50 RAF Long Service & good Conduct medal EIIR, (2nd obv) to

Corporal D. JAMES, (V4273123) , RAF. On pin as worn AEF £65

51 Volunteer Force LS medal, Victoria, unnamed as issued. On pin as worn £45

52 Volunteer Officers' Decoration, Victoria, set top oak-leaf bar brooch.

Hallmarks R = 1892. VR Nicely toned. £140

Efficiency medal, Geo VI, bar Territorial, Indiae Imp:

53 6550543 Private H.W. KENNEDY, RAOC. EF/+, bright £50
54 3449311 Corporal R. MATTHEWS, REME. (Initial 'R' corrected). GVF £45

Police LS & GC medal, EIIR, on pin, in Royal Mint blue case, to :

55 Constable Timothy J. WELLS. EF £45
56 Sergeant Ernest S. JONES. EF £50

Special Constabulary medal, Geo VI, INDIMP to :

57 Reginald W.E. SYMONDS. AEF £20
58 Henry J. BAILEY. With paperwork, confirming him as a Special. Born in

1899, he was living with his mother and brother Herbert, a shepherd in

Wantage. He was a general farm worker, and unmarried. £25

59 HONG KONG - Royal HK Police Commemorative medal (Mdls Yrbk 280B)

unnamed as issued, with matching miniature, in its Spinks case of issue.

Mint, and with attractive toning to both medals. Scarce. £400

60 Women's Voluntary Service medal, in modern green case. (on pin as for wear) £23
61 Another, in original Royal Mint green case, on pin as for wear. £25
62 Territorial Force Imperial Service badge (Mdls Yrbk 234A) - TA badge with

"Imperial Service" on bar; reverse pin defective. GVF £15

Imperial Service medals :

George VI Indiae Imp.

63 Harry Bertram PHILLIMORE. GVF £30

Elizabeth II (post 1953).

64 Ernest FREEMAN, cased as issued. EF £30
65 George Joseph GANNON, cased as issued. EF £30
66 Albert Edward LAWRENCE, on pin as for wear. EF £30
67 Robert Geoffrey RAMSBOTTOM, cased as issued. EF £30
68 Mrs Marjorie Beatrice RICHARDSON, on pin as for wear. EF £30
69 Samuel Belfield STIMPSON, cased as issued. EF £30

Coronation & Jubilee medals.

70 1897 Jubilee medal (Mayors & Provosts) 1897 issue in silver. With

old ribbon. (Mdls Yrbk 296). GVF++, nicely toned. £240
71 1902 Coronation medal, for Hong Kong. Unnamed as issued. GEF,

lustrous. (Mdls Yrbk 305). Only 6,000 issued in bronze. £90
72 1911 Delhi Durbar medal, conjoined busts left. £90
73 1935 Silver Jubilee medal. GEF £35
74 1937 Coronation medal in silver, GEF £35
75 1953 Coronation medal £35
76 1977 Silver Jubilee medal in silver, on Ladies bow, in red RM card case £160
77 1977 Silver Jubilee medal in silver. EF, unnamed as issued £150
78 2002 Golden Jubilee medal. EF, in white card case of issue £55
79 2012 Diamond Jubilee medal, in Royal Mint burgundy card case, as issued. £60


80 WW1 Ceylon Volunteer Service medal (Mdls Yrbk 172B), named on front to

H.R.S. MASSON. Henry was born in Ceylon but moved to England after

the War and settled in South-East London. GVF/+ £130
90 WW1 Memorial plaque - miniature size ( 8 cms in diameter) - can be

engraved with name of a casualty, where the full-size is missing. £10
100 WW2 King's badge, for War wounded/invalided. £7.50
111 Another, but in miniature, as button-hole. £15
112 WW2 Silver A.R.P. badge, Man's issue. (Lapel/button-hole )Hallmarked £10
114 Another, later, base metal issue. £7.50
115 WW2 Silver A.R.P. Badge, Woman's issue (Pin rev.) Hallmarked £10
116 National Service medal (Award Productions). Mint, cased. £25
117 Another, as above, just the medal. Mint £20

119 UN medals - we still stock most of the UN issues -

but none with bars….. Each £7.50

121 Scottish & North Irish Yeomanry medal 2018 - new colours for a new regiment,

issued for the Guidon. Gilt, uniface, red/white enamels. On pin, cased. £20
122 Gulf War issue - Saudi Arabia medal for Liberation of Kuwait - in green

hard case, as issued, plus matching ribbon bar. (Mdls Yrbk 205) £30
123 Gulf War issue - Kuwait Liberation medal, in soft plastic case plus matching

ribbon bar. 4th grade. ( Mdls Yrbk 206). £18

124 Russia (Soviet) Arctic Convoys medal (Jubilee 1945-85) - awarded to

125 British Naval forces for Murmansk by the Russians. Mint £10
126 Russia (Soviet) Jubilee medal 1945 -1995, Mint, sealed as issued. £7.50
127 Russia (Soviet) Jubilee medal 1945 -2005, Mint £7.50
128 NATO medal, bar Former Yugoslavia. Mint £10
129 NATO medal, bar Kosovo. Mint £10
130 NATO medal, no bar, for Macedonia £8
131 NATO medal, bar Article 5 (one central gilt stripe) - Eagle Assist £12
132 NATO medal, bar Article 5 (two central gilt stripes) - Active Endeavour £12
133 NATO medal, bar Non Article 5 (for the Balkans) £12
134 NATO medal, bar OUP - Libya/Libye £12
135 NATO medal, bar Non Article 5 (one central silver stripe) for the Balkans,

in dark blue hard acrylic case, with matching ribbon-bar. £15
137 NATO medal, bar Ex-Yougoslavie (French issue), as above, presented in

dark blue hard acrylic case, with matching ribbon bar. £12

Odds and Ends.

144 St. John's Ambulance Brigade silvered blazer badge, with 2 fold-in reverse pins £7
145 WVS Civil Defence red enamelled pin badge, made by Butler, B'ham. £6
146 NRA Rifle Clubs skeletal oval badge in bronze, featuring archer & rifleman

set bar dated 1911, blue/white ribbon; rev. Donegal Badge R.Chiesman £10
147 Brass oval badge, dished, with raised letters C S A. 7.5 cms wide. £9
148 Gugnunc blue enamelled pin badge - W L O G (Wilfriedian League of

Gugnuncs). - 1930's club for children, with Uncle Dick at Daily Mirror !! £6
149 WW1 Peace medal, rev. Birmingham. GVF £5
150 Set of 4 items for ROSPA Safe Driving awards - bronze medal with red enamelled

triangle and set 5 year bars for 1963/4/5/6/7, also another gilt star with red

enamelled triangle and set 5 year bars for 1968/9/70/71/72. (one for 5 years,

other for 10 years); with corresponding round pin badges in black and red

enamels - one for 5 years, other for 10 y ears. Plus little green card box for

medals, dated 10 Mar 1973, (with name TT Lee written on lid). £20

The King's Medal. Awarded by the LCC, as : Each ... £5
171 bar 1911-12 to E. Hunter.

172 bar 1913-14 to A. Bromwich

173 bar 1913-14 to A Boyce, gilt, set 2 bars

174 bar 1913-14 to S Slanks, plus 1 bar

175 bar 1914-15 to IID Bartlett

178 bar 1919-20 to DV Chapman, set 1 bar

COPY Medals, - useful space-fillers.

179 Victoria Cross (VC) - presentable specimen. £15
180 George Cross, mint condition copy £20
183 Queen's Sudan medal, dark, struck in bronze £15
184 Khedive's Sudan medal. (top suspender loose) £12
185 Territorial Force Efficiency medal, Geo V. VF £12
187 1914 Mons Star, bright £10
188 Another, crudely struck £5
189 1914 Mons star, named on reverse to : 8731 Sjt T. Pattison, 2 / R.W.Fus :

Well-known copy. (See Howard Williamson's book, Vol. 1, pages 26/27). £12
190 UK Korea medal, struck in CuNi. Bright £15

192 WW2 Star - Atlantic £5
193 WW2 Star - Pacific £5
194 WW2 Star - Italy £5
195 WW2 Star - France & Germany £5
196 WW2 Star - Burma £5
197 WW2 Star - Arctic Star. (real one is quite elusive) £12
198 Copy bar to the GSM medal - Canal Zone £5
199 Iraq War medal (Operation Telic) - bar 19 Mar to 28 Apr 2003 £7.50
200 2002 Golden Jubilee medal £10
201 2012 Diamond Jubilee medal £10

MEDAL Album, in a choice of colours, with six (6) PVC pages & white card

interleaving. (six medals per sheet) Choice of - Red, Green, Blue..... £17

Extra pages with white card ........ Each £1

PVC medal envelopes, full-size + top flap. Per 50… £5 Per 100… £9

MEDAL Ribbons, per 6" strip:

WW2 and later… £1.50 WW1 to 1939… £2 Pre WW1… £2.50

WW2 Medals.

202 1939-45 Star EF…… £10
204 Atlantic Star EF £30
205 Africa Star EF £15
206 Italy Star EF £15
207 Pacific Star EF £40
208 Burma Star GVF £17
209 France & Germany Star EF £20
210 Defence medal EF……… £17
211 Defence medal VF……… £12
212 War medal EF……… £10
213 War medal VF……… £7.50

214 WW2 Africa Service medal, in silver, to N14349 J. MOHLAMINYANE. £25
216 WW2 India Service medal 1939-45 (Mdls Yrbk 187) GVF+ £15
217 South Africa Silver medal for War Services, unnamed as isssued. EF £45
218 WW2 silver rosette £7.50
219 WW1 silver rosette (ie roses to sew on Mons ribbon) £7.50
221 WW2 oak-leaf emblem £10
222 WW2 BARS - all nine copy bars available……………… Each £3
223 WW2 bar - Bomber Command (copy) £5
224 WW2 bar - France & Germany £15
225 WW2 bar - 8 th Army £15
226 WW2 bar - North Africa 1942-43 £15


227 Revolver - modern reproduction of the Doc Holliday .45 revolver, by the

Franklin Mint. Excellent copy, with working parts (but not to fire bullets !!)

presented on a wooden hang-up frame. £75
228 Sports Starting Pistol, by Webley & Scott, original condition, Mark 3, calibre .22

seven shot, with instructions sheet, and in its original card case. With spare

quantity of shots. (Sold in the 1950s for £2.5.0) £45